Road to Brazilian Raw Nationals - IPF

Hey guys ! My name is Matheus (brazilian name), but you guys can call me Matt !

So, I’m powerlifting for about a year and three months. I train under the great coach Marilia Coutinho since I started in PL. I have an athletic background on martial arts, bjj and lil’ bit of MMA. The strength and conditioning scene here in Brazil sucks, specially on my city, which is an interior city in the state of Rio de Janeiro. I’m the first powerlifting competitor in the region.

So, on september 2017 I competed at the IPF state meet and won all categories possible. I’m a Jr 93kgs raw athlete and my competition numbers are :

Squat : 270 kgs / Bench : 170kgs / Deadlift 275kgs - I’m going to post the video with the marks on my first log day…

I had a not-so-ideal meet prep, but still packed some great numbers.

I’m going to compete the raw nationals on March 24. l was on kind of some vacation, cause I had some stress problems… So, I wanted to avoid injuries ad tke some time off.

I’m starting a new training cycle for the competition today (monday 8) and gonna be posting here daily ! Later I’m gonna post the split here with the first day comment !

I’m very excited, cause it’s my first experience with blog log. Hope you guys enjoy it !


Welcome to T-Nation.

I recently started a log myself to keep me on track get some feedback and help and have a joke with everybody.

You’re really strong and it’s good inspiration to push myself. Any chance of videos of your lifting?

Hey, bro ! Here it goes : IPF REGIONALS - HIGHLIGHTS - 3 MAIN LIFTS - YouTube

Well, I had some troubles with my personal life and I ended up deciding not competing at the IPF nationals, it’s only a month from now. I was almos 3 months without taking a hit at the pig Iron.

So, I decided to compete at the gpc nationals, on June. Thanks for your reply !

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