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Road to an Undecided Impressive Thing

I also need to confess it was a grip rpe9, as in, I’d have maybe got the next one up before dropping the weight on my precariously positioned toes.

But I figured If I have to compete strapless I have to train strapless, and a grip fail is a lift fail.

I think its probably a combination of the two. With hindsight I always used too much training volume and my 257.5 PB was a shock because I hadn’t trained Deadlifts for a good couple weeks, but was probably a case of actually having time to recover and compensate for the previous training.


Have actually never heard that one before.

Its probably somewhere in guineapig’s stuff but he hook grips in comp and pulls volume/training with straps. The hook grip and straps pulls are actually quite similar and carryover well allowing him to pull from good positions without destroying his thumbs on high reps/volume. That’s him tho

Do the grip stuff as outlined previously but don’t be afraid to strap up when grip is holding you back.

Probably something like that. I think with good planning/programming the only surprises you should get a good ones e.g. a bigger PR than you were expecting.

Well thanks to you pointing me in the right direction I think I finally have strength programming covered, or at least a foundation thereof. Literally spent hours reading PLTW yesterday! After 10 years I feel like I thoroughly know my way around the bodybuilding literature but PL is a whole different rabbit hole to get lost in.

I have been looking at it actually, but having never done it before needless to say even warmup sets are pretty painful. Will see whether I can acclimate, though until recently grip hadn’t been the issue. I blame the chalk rules!

Thanks, I suppose it would have made sense to get the same reps with +20kg, 20:20 hindsight.

How do you deadlift mid 200s and not be able to hold onto 180 for a few?

What kind of grip slippage is going on? Is the bar rolling out your fingers or ripping up your hands? Which hand goes first?

I hook so I dunno the specifics but I think there’s an actual “right” or more effective way to grip the bar in your hands. I think it went something like “There’s a sweet spot lower in the hand/fingers” I dunno

I find with hook there’s two kinds of pain: crushing of the thumb and ripping/shredding of skin.

Other pains include like crushing where pressure is being put on honey bits and other structures that aren’t meant to be crushed and this is just plain wrong.

Shredding means the bar is sitting wrong in your grip and crushing as long as it’s not the bad kind is pretty much the same whether you pull 3 plates or 5+ so stop being a little bitch lol

As far as hook goes pretty much what he said above.

Also for chalk maybe liquid chalk which is no mess and comes in a bottle so gym staff won’t be suspicious.

I wish I knew man. Think it was back in March this year I pulled 250+ for a couple workouts in a row, all without straps (but with chalk).

Joined a new gym a few months back and they dont allow chalk, I can’t believe it’s all down to chalk but all of a sudden grip is letting me down.

I did stop deadlifting for a couple months in-between, so probably a combination of the two again. I know the grip is there and will come back though.

At the moment its a bit of a combo slip-rip, a pull mixed so not much roll going on.

Ha noted, it was definitely crushing pain not shredding, though in my defence it felt like the ‘plain wrong’ kind of crushing. I will nut-up and stop being a ‘little bitch’

You a powerlifter now motherfucker


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Buy liquid chalk and watch this video:

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I have a membership card and everything

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Might not be you bitching out then but maybe just your body telling you that you’re hooking incorrectly

Play with the hook grip set up a bit. There’s actually a lot of variation to how you can hook. Find the style that won’t crush the wrong stuff

The crushing pain IS the ‘plain wrong’ kind of pain.

I tried hook grip off and on with severe crushing pain in my thumbs. I have a relatively high pain tolerance and couldn’t figure out how other people (women and little frail looking men) were just dealing with this pain better than me.

I watched a few hook grip tutorials, but it finally clicked after watching one of Omar Isuf’s videos on the hook grip. I could attempt to explain it, but try and find that video. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not super comfortable but now it’s more of a ripping pain on the inside of my thumb (totally bearable) rather than the feeling that your thumb is in a bench vise (less bearable, more like torture).

My thumb is less under the bar, and more between me and the bar running along it. Yep, this explaining thing isn’t going to go well so try and find the vid.


Thanks Ill look it up!

Powerlifting Prep - Day 2

One arm KB Rows - 7 Mins - 32kg - 56 reps each side 12/10/10/8/8/8
KB Hammer Curls - 7 Mins - 32 KG - 48 Reps 12/8/8/8/6/6
AB Wheel Roll-outs - 7 Mins - 71 Reps 15/12/12/12/10/10

Down to 194 this morning after low carb day yesterday.

Holy glute doms batman. Todays pause squats are not going to be fun.

Also dealing with some pain in the upper sternum on pec contractions. Will have to see how I feel after warmup and might need to do some OHP instead of paused bench.

Bench felt so-so, sternum hurting on the negative so kept it light.

2 second paused Bench Press
110kg x 5 rpe 7
110kg x 5 rpe 7.5
110kg x 5 rpe 8
110kg x 5 rpe 8.5
110 kg x 5 rpe 8.5

2 second paused Squat
150kg x 4 rpe 8
150kg x 4 rpe 8.5
150kg x 4 rpe 9

Found a nice width on the squats tonight, felt much smoother than the first session. Feels like a few more sessions on technique will let me push the weight up quite significantly.

196 and very excited for a full week on my AR PNP program.

Pain in my chest still feels wrong, so if there is any pain tonight will take a week off benching and do an assistance lift, either Press, Close Grip or Decline. CG or decline if either doesn’t hurt, OHP if they do.

Powerlifting Week 2 - Day 1

165kg x 5 rpe 9 (will upload video when I figure out how to)
150kg x 5 rpe 7.5
150kg x 5 rpe 8
150kg x 5 rpe 8.5
150 kg x 5 rpe 9

Bench Press
132.5kg x 4 rpe 9
120kg x 4 rpe 7
120kg x 4 rpe 8
120kg x 4 rpe 8
120kg x 4 rpe 8.5
120kg x 4 rpe 9

Sumo Deadlift
190kg x 5 rpe 8.5
185kg x 5 rpe 8
185kg x 5 rpe 8.5
185kg x 5 rpe 9

Todays Squats.