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Road to ABPU Drug Tested Nationals 19 - Chasing my 700kg



200kg x1, 180kg 2x1

100kg 5x1

195kg 3x1

Feeling very fatigued at the moment, but its deload time so I’m happy about that! Need to get myself recovered and on point for Sunday!



80kg 5x1

50kg 5x1

100kg 3x1

Not much to say really, did a bit to keep the body moving, just waiting around cor Saturday to weigh in at this point.

Bodyweight 89.8kg this morning, so I won’t have to do much to make sure I make weight, just watch my fluids tomorrow night.


All weighed in at 87.6kg, enjoying all the food I’m allowed now :joy: just relaxing now for tomorrow!



Well, what can I say! Absolutely over the moon with today!!

I went 8/9, with 24/27 white lights! I got a comp PB on every lift and total, took a British Record in the Squat, and qualified for the Brits in May!

Squat: 240kg x1, 262.5kg x1 (PB and British record), 275kg Fail (was over confident)

Bench: 140kg x1, 150kg x1, 155kg x1 (PB)

Deadlift: 240kg x1, 260kg x1, 272.5kg x1 (PB)

Total: 690kg / 1521lbs

Wilks: 446


That’s pretty fucking awesome. Good work.


Thanks mate, obviously a little disappointed with my Squat but I let my ego talk me out of what I’ve had planned for the last few months!! Reigned myself in after that!

Brits is 13 weeks away, so I know what I need to work on to get my 700kg total!


Nice job man, congrats on taking that record and the PRs


Thanks a lot mate!



200kg x1, 170kg 2x5

180kg 3x3

Chins / Pullups
BW 6x5 (alternated set to set))

4x10 unsure of weight, just light

Felt good to get my body moving in the gym again, I’ve been stupidly sore since Sunday, and while I still am its easing off day to day.

The road to the Brits at Bodypower starts next week, so need to get myself right and hit the ground running, as I’ll be on the platform 12 weeks on Friday!



120kg x1, 90kg 2x3

Hammer Curls
10kg DBs 4x15

Side Lateral Machine
25kg 3x10

Elbows are still a bit sore today from the weekend, so didn’t do much. I’m going to see how they get on, I’m contemplating doing my Accumulation Block with the Bow Bar on Squats, see if my Tendonitis sods off!


Strong bench work, and solid arch you got going on. How do you find doing Squats and deads on the same day?


Thanks man, Bench is slowly getting to where Id like it to be.

I don’t find it too bad for singles, and low volume / deload stuff, but generally I dont do my main Squatting and Deadlifting in the same session.



207.5kg x5, 195kg 2x5

140kg 6x2

BB Row
100kg 5x5

BW 4x8

Still not 100% from the comp last Sunday, but I’m slowly getting there. Lower back is still a bit sore! Good Squat session today, not a PB but its not far off PB territory so I’m happy with that.

I was advised to add speed pulls into my program at around 50% as my deadlift variation, todays were a little over 50% because I’m a little lazy with loading sometimes, but I think they moved quick enough.


Strong squat session, keep it going and they looked clean,


Thanks man, they felt decent considering I’m still sore, hopefully next week I’ll be firing on all cylinders!



Bow Bar Bench
103kg 4x7

Flat DB Press
40kg 3x8

+5kg 5x7

+20kg 3x8

Face Pulls
32kg 4x10

Benching with the Bow Bar is hard work!! I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad, very surprising. I do like it as a variation though, so I’ll push this up and see where it takes me!

Added more Upper Back work this block as I feel its a lagging area, the Face Pulls felt great tonight.


the Bow bar looks like fine, would you recommend it for training instead of the regular?


Its certainly harder then a normal bar, and my shoulders know about it today! Seems like a good variation but I wouldnt drop normal Bench altogether.