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Road to ABPU Drug Tested Nationals 19 - Chasing my 700kg


You missed one, right? A lighter one, towards the end. You’re carrying a lot of fatigue, it happens. I wouldn’t worry.


Yea it was the back off sets, and it probably doesnt matter as much as I think it does… really annoyed me though!



235kg 2x2, 225kg 2x2

Comp Bench
115kg 5x1

120kg 5x1

Really light session today, didn’t push anything too hard. Everything felt / moved nice so hopefully thats the little break I needed to get back to the heavier weights next session!



Comp Bench
140kg 2x1, 130kg 5x2

Very short session today! Was supposed to do 2 sets with Slingshot and totally forgot :joy: was half way home when it clicked that I hadn’t done them, no matter.

Had a couple of tips from Jim Nuttall regarding my bench and things felt really good after making some small changes, heres hoping for something good come meet day



Bodyweight 89.3kg on waking.

240kg 2x1, 250kg x1

Pause Squat
185kg 3x2

Mixed bag today, my first 240kg deadlift pulled me forward and made the lift extremely hard, so I took it again and it moved well! Pulled 250kg after just to prove something to myself. I would of liked to have pulled it without the shitty 240kg pull, as the grind for that rep took a lot out of me.

Last heavy Deadlift is done now until meet day, heavy Squat and Bench next week then its just going through the motions after that.

My body feels battered, I’m ready for my deload now.



Comp Bench
142.5kg 2x1

And thats it! 3rd single at 142.5kg I felt a pop in my right shoulder, followed by pain. Had to bail on the rep and my spotter saved me, called the session after that!

Hopefully nothing serious but I suppose we’ll see how it feels tomorrow.


Well fuck.

Any bruising? How’s it feeling now?


No bruising, its a bit stiff and feels sore if I raise my arm overhead. Think thats me done benching until comp now, maybe do some light stuff to keep it moving depending on how it feels over the next few days.


That’s not so bad then. Good. I had a similar thing happen in 2016 or 2017 at a similar time. Didn’t get the bench I wanted in meet, but was only 10 kg off on my second and missed my planned third by not a whole lot.


Its just a confidence knock more than anything I think because now I dunno how its going to effect me come meet day, if at all! I’ll just play it by ear and see how it feels on the day, I’ll low ball my opener and see how warm ups feel, can always push it up if needs be


Hey man. Only just come across your log. Good luck with the qualifier, hopefully Ill see you at bodypower!

Major squat envy. Assume you are competing classic? You going for 82.5 or 90kg?


Thanks man, and hopefully! :+1:

Yea first time Classic Raw, I did bear Knee last time and its just awful!

I’ll be doing the 90s, I’ve never done a water cut or anything before so I’ll just compete where I sit now (probably hit the Sauna next Friday for an hour just to make sure but that’ll be it!)

What class will you be in man?


I’m 82.5kg naked knees, though Im 88ish atm. Don’t have a choice unfortunately, I didn’t do a qualifier and my invitation is only for 82.5.

Which qualifier are you doing?


Heh naked knee is horrible!! I’m doing the 1 in rotherham on the 10th feb (its actually hosted at the gym I train at)

We’ll be on the same day at Bodypower then, think us manlets are on the Friday


I train bare knee and have never actually used wraps, so I didn’t fancy trying to learn how to do them properly for maximum effect on top of learning all of the other powerlifting rules, regs and idiosyncrasies.

Not long then! Your lifts should qualify you pretty easily though so don’t go crazy. I know its tempting to go balls out when you get to a comp, but remember the goal is to qualify, so easy openers.

Featherweight boi for life.


Yea I’m not worried about not qualifying, its not a high total to get to Brits, but I won’t be going easy either… theres no way I’m turning up just to qualify, when the Squat record is in reach, and maybe the total depending how everything goes!


By all means smash it on your second and thirds, and Im sure its all within your plan, but just don’t risk bombing is all I mean.


Ah yea, no worries there! My opener is always something I’ve done for a triple



265kg x1

255kg x1

Ok so I thought Saturday was my last heavy deadlift, turns out it wasnt! Squat felt good, pretty comfortable considering its a 10kg PB and the 1st time I’ve had that weight on my back! Still using 2.5m wraps because I just don’t have any 3m wraps!

Deadlift moved nice considering I pulled on Saturday and it was straight after Squats, feeling confident now!



Slingshot Bench
140kg x1, 150kg x1, 160kg x1

A little stumble with 160kg but overall things moved nicely. I had a massage yesterday on my Forearms and Shoulders so Bench probably wasnt the best idea today but I got some work done! I would of liked to have gone a bit heavier but I’m still very sore.