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Road to a 550 lb Deadlift


Was that still applicable to the patellar tendon? My issue is with the upper left side of my patellar tendon. It really now seems like the time of day makes it worse or better with mornings being slightly more achy. I was thinking about taking some glucosamine as well but maybe i will give that a try a couple times a day to see if it helps. Maybe even the front of my calves as well.


Ah patellar tendonitis. When I was 16 I played badminton, soccer and basketball at the same time and eventually came down with patellar tendonopathy. Dealt with moderate amount of pain right up until I decided to be proactive at around age 20. Do yourself a favour and don’t let the tendinitis turn into tendonopathy, because it’s a long road back. Backing off the weights is definitely the smart thing to do. I found the lacrosse ball helped more with pain above the kneecap, not patellar tendonitis (although it sure as hell is worth a try). I would honestly say that if it still hurts after a week, take some time off completely.


Should have clarified earlier. Patellar tendonopathy is the advanced stage of patellar tendonitis. Theres no inflammation, just a persistent achy pain. I still think a great start in your position would be some all around general leg stretches as well as foam rolling + lacrosse ball


Thanks man I will def take you up on that advice.


Had a nice kickoff to the weekend, got to shoot a 303 Bren machine gun and a bunch of other suppressed guns lol. Take my mind off my damn knee



Stop letting that thing manhandle you :wink:


Yea yea lol, I was actually on my tip toes and couldn’t properly load the bipod. Short problems


No lifting this weekend, taking it easy and drinking some beer gonnna let that knee take a rest.


July 4 2018

Superset squats and Deadlift
135 x 2
185 x 2
225 x 2
250 x 2/275 x 1
260 x 2/315 x 1
260 x 2/360 x 5 x 5 total sets

Blazing hot today that was tough but fortunately my knee is feeling better. Hope the trend continues


Top set:


Looks like I’ve come down with some patellar tendonopathy aswell (other side this time). I’m glad you’re feeling better. Have you given foam rolling and the lacrosse ball a go?


Dang man really? I hate to hear that, I’ve been foam rolling 3-4 times a week and using a lacrosse ball around the knee as well. I started to take some glucosamine and turmeric 3x a day too. Not sure if that’s helping but worth a try. I’d say it’s been like 3 weeks so I mean really I just cut out squatting there for a couple weeks and have started to gradually come back into it. I read doing some body weight squats with floss bands around the tendon can also get some blood flowing back in there to aid in recovery as well, maybe give that a shot. @idontbrag123


July 5 2018

Day 1 Week 1 Disbrow Bench Program

135 x 3
145 x 3
155 x 3
175 x 3
200 x 3 x 5 sets
205 x 3 x 3 sets
210 x 2 x 2 sets

Floor press
5 x 5 @ 165

Average Band Pushdown
5 x 12

DB laterals
5 x 12 @ 20 lb


Good luck with the knee mate, def take it easy with it, come back to squat another day, stronger and better.


I’m slowly pushing back now, today I have not felt any discomfort after yesterday’s session. Only sore lower back and hamstrings. I want to say I’m on the path back and will be going slow. The plan is to stick to sub 70% on intensity and slowly build back my volume. I may take a new approach on form and start working low bar more and rely on quad hypertrophy using single leg movements.


Reps man, reps. Keep them high for awhile, like 10+, preferably 15+. My tendonitis has always been it’s worse when I stayed in the 5 and lower rep ranges too long. I also believe that some muscles and tendons/ligaments need higher reps and TUT to actually strengthen.


Good point, that sounds like the way I will be shifting. Gonna hit squats tomorrow again can get some good cardio from high rep sets of squats lol


July 10 2018

AM session, disbrow Bench day 2

135 x 3
155 x 3
165 x 3
185 x 3
190 x 5 x 5 sets

Close grip bench
165 x 8 x 3 sets

DB Bench
1 x 15 @ 70 lb

Baby woke up, I’ll finish the rest of accessories tomorrow or Thursday


July 13 2018

Superset squats and deadlifts
135 x 3
160 x 3/185 x 3
185 x 5/225 x 1
225 x 3/275 x 1
225 x 10/315 x 1
380 x 3

Hamstrings were wound up so damn tight I couldn’t finish the session. Not sure why but I stretched and rolled out just before. It’s very frustrating but on a positive note I could rep out 225 on squat with no pain