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Road to a 405 Raw Bench


Man I was the last post two years ago and at the exact same weight im at now. Recently switched to on my toes and shoulder problems are completely gone. Looking for 405 before April.


Does benching on your toes allow you to get a bigger arch or change your torso angle or what?


Yea both and it seems to take a lot of the pressure off my shoulders. They’ve never felt better, crazy it made such a difference.


I might have to experiment with that. I have always benched with flat feet (heeled shoes though) at first because it just felt more natural and then I was competing in an IPF-affiliated fed for a while. Do you feel like you get less leg drive on your toes or is it similar?


Its definitely less leg drive. But since I my shoulders feel so much better the weights are moving even better than before.


Good luck on getting 405 this month, Vince! I may try getting on my toes as well. I’ve been benching flat foot so far with my feet more or less directly under my knees and knees and toes pointed out a bit. It seems like several other people in this thread have really emphasized that quality of back arch makes a huge difference.


im currently trying to hit 405 with a reverse grip best so far is 345 for 4.


Tonight marks 4 weeks since benching 315 for the first time, and I got 315x3 tonight! Very exciting! That gives and estimated 1RM of around 350, so 55ish pounds to go. Will check back in on this forum in another month or two.


So dam close. Keeps being just out of reach.


Damn, close lift Vince. You’re super strong for your weight class!

I saw that you have a training log on tnation. I was trying to make some sense of your training to compared to mine, particularly to compare volume. It was somewhat hard to make sense of your log though since you seem to vary the exercise selection a bit. It looks like you prefer to bench press twice a week. Seems like you consider regular bench press, dumbbell bench press, slingshot bench press, and dumbbell shoulder press to be your main exercises.

What sort of a training plan do you use and how much volume do you target? Do you deload periodically?


My training is kind of scattered most of the big lifts are planned while accessories go by what I’m feeling that day. Same with volume if I’m not too beat up I’ll shoot for mid to heavy weight for a few reps. I think my training is easier to follow in person than written. As for reloads I don’t really do them.


I see. Thanks!


Saving a spot to learn from this.


Here is your route…


Someday man… hopefully…


This week I maxed out on bench press and got 360! Here’s the video:

I feel like strength gains have been slowing down, and after two weeks of peaking leading up to this I’m getting restless and feel a bit bored in the gym. I’m planning to start a 2 month hypertrophy phase tomorrow, and after completing it I’ll resume the big push for 405 in late July.


Work your weak points.

Muscle confusion in training.

Diet, diet, diet.


This thread is a good idea. I’m in the same boat as you. In for answers.


It’s been four months since my last post on this thread when I maxed out at 360. During that time I completed 2, 4-week hypertrophy blocks followed by 3, 4-week strength blocks, and now I’m peaking for the big lift. Next week I plan to max out and attempt 405, and whatever I get next week I plan to try to beat the week after. We’ll see how it goes!

Most recent strength block PRs:

Assuming 5x5 PR is 80%, I should be able to hit 405.
340x5, assuming 5RM=86%, gives an estimated 1RM of 395.

These PRs were done at the end of an accumulation block, so I was somewhat fatigued when I did them. Given 2-3 weeks of additional supercompensation, peaking, and dropping fatigue, I think I should very likely hit 405. Will post the video when it happens!


Good luck!


Lol I bench 235 i dont belong here hahaahhaha.