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Road To a 400lb Squat


Hello everyone. A lot of you on this part of the forum probably have a 400lb squat already but I bet there are some out there just like me who hope to one day squat 400 or more.

My best is currently a 265x5 at 180lbs ATG or very close to it. I can probably squat 300 but have no spotters to test my max( I do but my OLY coach won't let me...yet). So I have a LONG WAY to go and I'm cool with that. Currently have a few knocks on my left knee and ankle...oh well SQUATZ AND MILK :D.

The reason for this post is to see who is working to improve their squat number and is bellow 400lbs.


I am as well...currently at 245x5 at 172lbs. Trying to reach 400+, but not sure of the best way to get there...


current max unknown. 6 years ago it was 315 tho. im gonna assume its below 400 so there ya go


I will be going along with you. I have about 50 more lbs to go. Ive been hitting my lower back/abs/hamstrings really hard now and I am already feeling a difference. Its alowing me to stay more upright and such.

Good luck to you.


very interesting u post this cuz my goal for the end of summer is to get to 4 plates (405 lbs.) i can box squat (parallel or about 1 inch above) 350 lbs at 185 lbs. I know most ppl go atg or at least past parallel but i'm still working on my hip mobility and sitting back on a box allows me to use the muscles I want to develop for the vertical jump. Keep me up to date with your squat improvements and I hope we can both get to 400 by the end of summer!


im sittin at 370 with low bar and ATG.


This is what I am doing....

I started out this way:
5x3 Back Squat this way:
2 sets with 225 lb
1 set with 245
1 set with 265
1 set with 285

each set I put one extra 35 lb plate on each side and stood up for about 3 to 5 seconds for potentiation. Took the plates of and did my 3 reps ATG.


3x10 with 155 lbs ATG.


90 second Quad stretch (very painful).

Other training in the week consisted of moderate Olympic lifting and push/pulling stuff, etc. The next week I would try and add 10 lbs to each set, so starting at 235...if I couldn't go up to say the 295 I would cut it to a weight I could do and add 50 non-stop air squats to the end of the workout before the stretch part. I am not to 400 yet but have made excellent progress and it shouldn't be too long. I weigh 180 at 5'9.


If you think you can go to 300 + in training DO IT!. If you have a rack that allows you to dump the weight anyway. You just have to work up the courage and smoke the lift. Once you do that it will be alot easier to get use to heavier loads.


I hit 385 @ 179 about 4 weeks ago (up from 335 in April, thanks to the Smolov base mesocycle). Once I've finished the Smolov intense mesocycle, I expect to hit at least 415 (maybe 425).

If you really want to add some weight to your squat and are willing to put your other lifts on hold for 12 weeks, Smolov is a pretty good bet.


ru doing the full on smolov or the smolov jr. template?


Full Smolov. I've already finished the base mesocycle & switching minicycle, and am halfway through the intense meso.


5' 7" 195, did 295 for 2 reps. My best was 345 for 1 last Spring. I have the general 300/400/500 bench/squat/dead goal as an ultimate goal.

OP: What program and time frame are you going to use? Are you willing to gain weight to achieve this number?


Excellent question that one. I determined that that is the route I will have to take to make 400. I've done 385, but then lost almost 10 lbs and haven't gotten close since then.


I want to give Smolov a shot, but I cant give up basketball on sundays. with those two combined i wouldnt last a week! Think I'll give mmllcc's training routine a shot. Its a little higher volume than what i am doing but looks good. If i am at 245x5 now think i can max 350 by the end of august?


I'm willing to gain weight IF my progress stalls which most likely be the case. Time frame I haven't really thought about since I do Olympic Lifting so it depends on what my coach has me doing.

Maybe I'll post my progress here and if any of you want we can turn this in to "the road to a 400lb squat thread" or something gheyy like that lol.


i'll get in on this! i got 315x8 this week. i once had a 425 squat, but no longer.

i'm finding the saftey squat bar is helping my poundage a lot.


I'm basically in the same boat.. I've got a 305lb 1RM at 153lbs. It grows steadily, but will probably take awhile to add a hundred pounds.


I've done 315x4 with belt/wraps. I'd like to hit 405 sometime next winter.

training with 5/3/1


Tell your coach to put you on the Russian Squat Routine


I wish everyone in this thread work really hard to get that 400lbs squat. Squatting is really great! Train hard!

-- stallion