Road to 55 Feet

yesterday was conditiong (stairs) and agilitiy (jumpsore, ladder, and dyna disc)


basketball warmup 30 mins

dead 315x3x5 405x2x2 465x0

chins bw+45x5x3

hypers 90x3x8

armzzzz…rope pushdowsn 60x4x8 21s with a hold at the end 65x2

had a nice few days off didnt do anything besides stretch

team warmup for 30 mins

365x5 was planning on going up to 405 here but i didnt feel great today so i just went for another set at 365

good mornings 95x3x10

reverse hyper 90x2x10

team agility for 20 mins

yesterday was all conditioning and agility

miitary w/fatgripz 135x3x8 superset with facepulls 100x3x8

bench w/fatgripz superset with rear delt flies 25x3x20

dips bw(up to 247)x3x8

21s 65x3 45x1

overhead rope tri extensions 50x3x15

had some practices but had some computer issues and didnt write them down so no log


bball conditioning 30 mins

bw 35x3x3

straight arm pulldown 70x4x8

wide grip pulldown 140x4x8 iso hold on last rep of set

reverse hyper 90x3x10

landmine 70x3x8

short practice today…just agility and then conditioning

Congrats on the meet. What are people throwin down there in Maine? Do you have any major competition?

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Congrats on the meet. What are people throwin down there in Maine? Do you have any major competition?[/quote]

thanks man…I’m currently ranked 4th across all divisions in the state, the best throw is 51 and change. All three kids ahead of me are in my classification though (class B) the higher class (class A) is pretty weak for throws this year their best is a 47 footer. the classifications are only based on enrollment at the school however

today was squat day
365x3 easy
405x3 easy
425x3 easy
455x2 almost fell forward but i believe this is my best squat performance since this past summer

followed up with pause front squat 135x3x10

good mornings 95x3x8

did a few sets of bw chins and hanging leg raises

threw at the local college today…ill try to get a press day in this weekend at home with the barbell i have

had my best throw in almost 12 months on friday :slight_smile: 48 11 3/4

second event listed

started today with pt

3 different kinds of band rows and bw reverse flies some soft tissue on a roller and massage and then repeat of the exercises

after i went in and lifted with a fitness and conditioning class

military contrasted with plyo pushup sets of 3
155x3x6 PR

pullups bw 35x5x3

facepulls 100x3x8

straight arm pulldown 50x3x8

threw yesterday…snowday today so lots of chins in my doorframe

heavier conditioning day today did some light band work for my back and some pec stretches trying to get my elbow healthier

not my best meet…46 and change

pt in the am…100 chins throughout the evening

my elbow is starting to feel a lot better with increase pull volume

praying we dont have another snow day tomorrow so I can get a squat workout in

dammit snowday

woke up did a quick nerual charge circut consisting of hockey jumps incline pushups and bss jumps

went to physical therapy lots of rows reverse flies pec and nerve stretches

PM practice
warm up/mobility

power clean

Power Snatch

Pause Front Squat touching a 12in box 135x4x10

threw some arms in sicne i wont get to lift again until this weekend and I havent lifted for awhile
cable OH tri extensions 60x3x10
three sets of 21s 65 lbs
plate pinches 20(two tens)x2x failure

5 mins job and mobility work for warmup

did about 50 repetitions each of 3 different throwing drills

3 power throws all over 46 feet

3 full glides 49’ 52’ 51’ guesstimates based on the markings in the throwing pit at 30’ 40’ and 50’

brought down the throwing volume a lot because i think i overthrew last week and it my have been a reason for a decline in my performance

I will be doing another neural charge workout tomorrow about 2 hours before i throw just to further experiment

Neural Charge 3 rounds of 3 reps each
OH med ball slam
tuck jumps
incline plyo pushup

FG Military Press weighted pullup ss(bw 45x3)

FG kroc rows 85x2x25

wide pushups4x10

face pulls 110x3x8

thumbs down lat raises 20x3x12

FG barbell curls 65x5x10

OH cable tri extensions 50x5x10

half hour of full court basketball for conditioning

power snatch 155x2x3 175x3 feeling pretty dead not much explosion so didnt do cleans today

front pasue squat touching at 12in box

pistols 4x3 each leg

more back…trying to get it twice a week

inverted rows 3x10 3 sec isometric hold each rep

thib pulldown, straight arm pulldown supersets

160x4x8, 50x4x8

came home pounded down 7 eggs cooked in cocnut oil bw is down to 236-238ish and i feel much quicker
i can now consistently grab hold of the ten foot rim which i have never been able to do before. i’m really excited to hit it really hard the next 3 weeks before deloading for the state meet


pullups bw 45x5x3

inverted rows4x10

thib pulldown 160x4x8, sraight arm pulldown 50x4x8 superset

kroc rows 85x2xfailure not quite sure

barbell curl 21s 65lb