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Road to 500lb Deadlift


Quick intro to me:
Age: 23
Training experience: 3 years
Height: 5’ 9
Weight: 72kg (158lbs)

Used to play a competitive team sport now like nothing more than training on my own! Ran 5/3/1 to do a student powerlifting competition November 2015.

Current 1-rep PR’s KG (lbs)
Squat: Comp 130kg (285) gym 140kg (330)
Bench: Comp 100kg (215) gym 110kg (242)
Deadlift: Comp 190kg (420) gym 200kg (440)
Press: 75kg (165)

Outline of plan (start out with Agile 8 each day)
Day 1:
Bench 5/3/1 without PR’s
Military press with 50,60 & 70% 1 rm each month superset with chin ups 5*10
Giant set of pushdowns, ez curl and face pulls

Day 2:
Squat 5/3/1 without PR’s
Deadlift with 50,60 & 70% 1 rm each month 510
Ab wheel rollout 5

Day 3:
Deadlift 5/3/1 without PR’s
Squat with 50,60 & 70% 1 rm each month 510
Ab wheel rollout 5

Day 4:
Military press 5/3/1 without PR’s
Bench press with 50,60 & 70% 1 rm each month superset with dumbbell rows 510
Giant set of pushdowns, ez curlbar and face pulls 3

Yeah pumped for this plan! Let’s make some gainsss!!!

Updated goals on post 54!!


Strong lifts! I’m doing BBS looking forward too BBB after.


Thanks man no where close to where I want to be but goals are set as of now! can see you are a pretty strong dude!


Haha I hear ya man, never near our goals its a ongoing process even when you reach them. That’s the beauty of training .

thanks for the comment I’m pushing just like you gotta be stronger.

Look forward to your journey !


What’s your nutrition looking like?


Haha ain’t it a bitch! Na but for real progress takes small efforts day in day out!

Got to move the little weight fast and powerful to not get humbled by those big weights you want to hit!


Currently eating to grow with 170 protein, 200 carbs and 60 fats. Getting it all through whole foods and enjoying the boost in energy I feel especially when in the gym!

Plenty of room to add meals and calories when needed!


Day 1:

All bench press is paused.

Bench press
58.5kg (130lbs) X 5
67.5kg (148.5lbs) X 5
76.5kg (170lbs) X 5

Shoulder press
30kg (65lbs) X 10 X 5

Superset w chin ups
BW X 10 X 5

Giant set 3 X 10
Barbell curl
Tricep pushdowns
Face pulls

Good session to start the shoulder press last set was hard but pushed through and really surprised with chin ups will try to add weight onto belt if I get another 5 sets of 10!


Day 2

Sumo deadlift (still working on form so have been quite conservative with training max)
80kg (175lbs) X 5
90kg (200lbs) X 5
105kg (230lbs) X 5

50kg (110lbs) 5*10

Hanging leg raise
BW 3*10


Day 3

Shoulder press
40KG (90lbs)
45KG (100lbs)
50KG (110lbs)

Bench press
45KG (100lbs) 510
Superset with dumbbell row
30KG (65lbs) 5

Giant set of:
Barbell curls
Face pulls


Day 4

Short on time so did 30 seconds rest between each set

65kg (145lbs)
75kg (165lbs)
85kg (185lbs)

Sumo deadlift
60kg (135lbs) 5X10

Hanging leg raises


Girlfriend wanted me to train with her later on in the evening, so did some really light glute work with her!



Day 5

Paused bench press
62.5kg (137.5lbs) X 3
72.5kg (159.5lbs)X 3
80kg (175lbs) X 3

Shoulder press Superset with chin ups
30kg (65lbs) X 10 X 5

Giant set of:
Bicep curls
Face pulls

Had to use a power rack to bench which wasn’t ideal but still felt good for paused 3 reps! Shoulder press felt strong, adding weight to a belt for the chin ups next time!


Day 6

Sumo deadlift
100kg x 3
112.5kg x 3
125kg x 3

50kg x 10 x 5

Hanging leg raise
BW x 10 x 3


Sumo felt fast and smooth, felt tired after work and kept loading the bar wrong!
Note to self #wakethefuckup especially for training


On a much more positive point nutrition is on point atm and found a local market that sells huge sweet potatoes at 6 for £1!


Day 7

70kg x 3
80kg x 3
90kg x 3

Sumo deadlifts
70kg x 10 x 5

Hanging leg raise
3 x 10


Day 8

Overhead press
42.5kg x 3
47.5kg x 3
55kg x 3

Bench press
50kg x 10 x 5
Superset w/ single arm row

Giant set of
Bicep curls
Face pulls


Day 9

Sumo deadlift
105kg x 1
120kg x 1
132.5kg x 1 x 3 (PR)

Have only just learnt sumo so have been extremely conservative with training maxes so the 132.5kg flew up so I decided to go for a couple more singles

50kg x 10 x 5

Hanging leg raise
BW x 10 x 3