Road to 42

Hey everyone, decided to start a log. Am a volleyball player, so mainly looking to increase vertical jump. will post more later. if you have questions/advice please pitch in.

Stats right now
6’3" 210 lbs
squat: 150kg
deadlift: 200kg
standing vert: 31"
approach vert: 36.5"

squat: 200kg
deadlift: 225kg
standing vert: 36"
running vert: 42"

first day of new block. sundays are my DE/RE upper day. I like to lift 4 days a week. as you will notice i don’t do any straight bar bench as of now.

push press: 55kg/5 x4
prone row: 55kg/6 x4
kroc row: 70lb/25
shoulder circuit: 15lb/12 x3
DB bench 70/6 x3
planks (front/sides/back): 15kg/20sec x3

OH MB throwdown: 4kg/10 x5
side MB throw: 4kg/10ea x3

facepulls: 90lb/15 x3

did 20min on the bike with HR between 120-130

tomorrow will be ME lower with box squat

just got back from the gym, ME lower day. all weights in kilos

Box squat 60/5 80/5 100/5 110/5 120/5 130/5 18" box (basically parallel
RDL 60/6 110/5 x4
bulg squat 40/5ea 50/5 x3
depth jump 18" to 33" 6sets of 5
rev hyper 110/10 x3

i do a modified westside i guess you could say. for my lower i do ME and DE but instead of 1RM every week i do 5rm first week, 3rm second week and 1rm third week then deload. for my upper i essentially have two rep days i guess, but do med ball throws three days a week. the reason is that i am not really trying to make one lift (i.e bench) stronger at the moment, and don’t feel it really benefits me the most.

been slacking off posting, wrapping up the semester of grad school. here’s the last 4 days.

pullup +10kg 6x5
incline DB bench 60/6 x3
lat pull 70/8 x2 80/8 x3 (trying them like the article)
cable crunch 170/12 x2
tricep pulldown 130/10 x3
OH rope tricep 90/10 x3
MB crunch 10lb./10 x6
seated side MB 10lb/10 x2

friday weight in kilos
DE squat (18" box) 80/2 x8 90/2 x2 100/2 x2
DE defecit DL 100/1 x2 105/1 x2 110/1 x2 115/1 x2 120/1 x2
GHR 15/5 x5
cleans 60/3 x3 65/3 70/3
repeat jumps 6x5
MB OH throw 4/10 x6
MB set 4/10ea x2

first two days this week

push press 52.5/5 x4 57.5/5 x2
prone row 57.5/5 x4
kroc row 75x25
sh circuit 15lbs/12 x3
DB bench 75lb/6 x3
plank 15/25sec x3
OH MB 4/10 x6
side MB 4/10 x4

box squat 60/5 80/5 100/5 110/3 120/3 130/3 140/3
depth jump (18" to 36", last set to 42") 8x5
RDL 120/5 x4
bulg squat 55/5ea x3
rev hyper 110/12 x3
side to side jumps on 12" box 3x12