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Road to 3X Bodyweight Deadlift

Current stats:
Age: 15
Bodyweight: 63 kg
Lifting experience level: 6 months
Squat: 140 kg
Bench press: 70 kg
Deadlift: 160 kg

I’m currently recovering from a shoulder injury, so i’m unable to do any presses.
Just pr my deadlift with 30 kg.
My ultimate goal is to reach a 3X bodyweight deadlift.

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At that age and weight if those are legitimate lifts (not IPF standard, just squat to parallel, bench not bounced and DL properly locked out without hitching) triple bodyweight is nowhere NEAR where you could ultimately end up. You could go a fair bit beyond that if you’re consistent and intelligent about how you train and recover.

Just checked your instagram. There is a bit of a hitch, but apart from that it looked fine. Makes me think your squat and bench are OK too.

Keep at it. I’ll be checking back here periodically.

I agree. Deadlift did not look pretty, going to be switching to conventional deadlift beacuse of the amount of stress that the sumo puts on the hips. My conventional deadlift is very slow of the ground and are very smooth to lock out.

In that case, keep pulling sumo. It’ll help you off the floor with your conventional, or at least that has been my experience. Throw in some conventional deficit pulls as well.

Probably the biggest thing is to lot how often you go heavy. Arguably the best way is to use a training max to calculate your percentages (TM is 85-90% of your max); or if you don’t use percentages rarely go beyond 8 RPE (which would mean you have two clean reps left), and only occasionally go to 9 RPE.

My current goal is to get rid of all shoulder pain and cracking sounds in the shoulder. Then i will take my lifts up as high as possible.

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Yesterdays squat session:
Back Squat 5X4 @ 105 kg
Paused Front Squat 4X8 @ 70 kg
Split squat 4X8

Finished with some squat cleans at 80 kg.

I would highly recommend 100 band pull apart at every session, and also face pulls, done wonders for my clicky shoulders.


Yo im 14 and have been lifting for a few months and i dont know my numbers . I weigh 67 kilos am about 5ft5 and i need a good workout program i want to lose some fat and build muscle and gain strength. I want a six pack as well. I have a 4 pack but body fat covers it up so it is barely visible. I dont have much fat .

@duketheslaya this would be better suited to the beginner’s forum, not someone’s log.

In the interim:

TL;DR at your age just be active and eat loads of healthy food. Get good at push-ups, dips, pull-ups, jumps, bodyweight squats and bodyweight lunges. When you start training with weights pick one or at most two compatible goals (so NOT losing fat and gaining muscle) and work hard and consistently.

Thank you and yea il go to beginners cheers @MarkKO