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Road to 220lbs (from 176)


Okay guys! I am 176(Approx) as of today and i wish to build a body like mike tyson… this means that i am gonna have to put a ton of work in so lets go!

Im new to this whole idea of keeping track of calories and stuff so please bear with me! i will make sure to improve as i go on with this journey

OKAY today i didnt do much but i had some problems with the gf so heres my entry for the day~

-30 minutes of shadow boxing
5 minute plank
3 sets of 20 v ups
3 sets of 20 pushup

I ate about 6 beef wraps i made myself and a chicken breast with veggies… and dranks some milk plus two protien shakes im bad at this but will get better!

that was it but keep in mind ive been training on the weights daily for the past two weeks

Now when i go to the gym tomorrow i will weigh myself again and take a selfie every day and post it to track progress… any critique is welcome and please throw in advice if you have it

and of course ill post my lifts tomorrow my weight and estimated body fat


. Surprised to weigh in at 165.2 today… Possible the scale is broken but who knows…
Workouts were the following
4x6 bodyweight overhand pull ups
4x6 cable seated low row @ 115lbs
4x6 deadlift @ 140lbs
4x12 preacher curls at 75 lbs
3x10 hammer curls @ 60lbs
3x10 incline bench curls @ 40lbs

Finished workout off with 50 dips

Beans and beef for breakfast
Half a large pizza
Protein shake
More beans and beef

Shity diet lol but it’s progress in process


Shitty diet + deadlifts = Subbed


Quick post couldn’t make it to the gym for ten rounds on the heavy bag so workouts were as following
30 minutes shadow boxing
30 minutes running

Lifting tommorow.

diet was the following
3 beans and beef wraps

Beef, peppers, beans and tomatoes on nacho chips
2 litres of choc. Milk



4x10Db shoulder press @ 80lbs
3x20 db bench @ 80lvs
3x10 db front raise @ 40 lbs
3x10 db lateral raise & 20lbs
speed bag between sets
50 shrugs @ 80 lbs

2 beef n bean wraps
2 l choc milk
Chicken kabob
Roast beef sandwich



Workouts were

10 rounds on heavy bag (30minutes)
Half hour speed bag work
50 dips

Two eggs with beans
1l chocolate milk
Chicken kabob
1l choc milk
Gonna eat chicken breast tonight and more choc milk



Leg extension 3x10 @ 78 lbs
Legs curl 3x10 @ 152 lbs
Squat 4x6 @ 140 lbs
Split squat 4x6 @ 115
Leg press 4x6 @ 230
Deadlift 4x6 @ 140
Half hour walk to gym
Half hour back.

Diet(don’t have much to work with atm)
Eggs + noodles
Chicken strip(from work)
Can of beans and the last of my beef
Squeeze in a chicken breast tonight before bed

Mood(figure this will be helpful to record and try to control)

Tired and depressed but still optimistic


30min walk to gym

10 rounds on the heavy bag(hands were very sore and hard to open after)

30min walk home

Chicken soup(home made with diced chicken breasts added)
Mozzarella sticks at work(I know I know)
1l choc milk post workout
Chill tonight

Mood: happy and hungry! Feeling great about my training sessions and feeling the improvements


Bench press 6x12 @ 145lbs
DB Incline press 3x10 @ 90 lbs
DB Flye 3x8 @ 70 lbs
dips 4x10 160lbs
Tricep pushdown 4x10 @ 50-40-40-40

Today i weighed in at 160… thats five pounds less since i last checked… not sure if im borning fat or mostly muscle… gonna start eating more carbs
Diet todya was a disaster… i slept in and the gf ordered pizza.
I read for a few hours before work and ate the follwoing

Pizza pasta and wings…
came home tonight after workout and ate more pizza and what not. I did think about skipping recording my diet today but i figured i need to hold myself accountable by recording it.

Does anybody think my body looks fucked up? i find it looks disproportionate my left arm looks larger than my right? i did have a injury on my right shoulder before


Yesterdays workout

hour boxing
hour walking

Chicken stirfry 3x servings
1l milk

Todays lifts:
5x6 neutueral grips pullup
4x6 cable seated low row @ 130lbs
4x6 deadlifts @ 145
4x12 seated preacher curl @ 75lbs
3x10 hammer curl @ 40lbs
3x10 incline db curl @ 40lbs

eggs and toast
chicken stirfry
1l choc milk
3x chicken breast & rice with noodles


Late update…
Hour of intense boxing

Eggs and toast
Chicken stir fry
Chicken and rice

I have no money at all and I’m going to starve basically so my diet will be pathetic for the next bit


2 hours speed bag and double ended speed bag work
4x10 db shoulder pres @50lbs
3x10 db front raise @40lbstogain
3x10 db lateral raise @20
2x50 db trap shrugs @80 lbs