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Road to 180 kg Bench

Just a quick thought of how you could visualise and track getting your goals.
With Squat you started around 120kg this year. (rough guess)
If your end goal is 210kg by December you will need around 22.5kgs each 3 months or quarter.
By now you’ll need a 142.5 kg squat.
By June you’ll need a 165 kg squat.
By September you’ll need a 187.5 kg squat.
Then in December you will hit 210kg.

I did this with all my Goals for this year. Hope it helps.


Todays session:
Squat: 132,5 5X3
Deadlift: 1X3 @ 175 kg
Pull ups: 3X5 @ 15 kg

Finally hitting some new pr’s on the deadlift!

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Todays Binch session:
Floor press: 5X5 @ 70 kg
CGBP: 2X6 @ 57,5 kg
DB press: 1X15 @ 20 kg
Plyo push up: 3X5

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Some OHP work today:
Overhead press: 8X3 @ 50 kg
Dumbell Z-Press: 2X15
Dumbell incline bench: 4X6
Chin ups: 5X5
Handstand push ups: 3X6

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I’ve set my goals to bench press 180 kg 26 July 2018.

Aim to be superhuman.

Happy lifting my friends!

Todays session:
RGBP: 5X3 @ 50 kg
DB press: 4X6 @ 32,5 kg
Seated french press: 4X6
OH hold: 3X9 sec
Reverse hyper: 3X10

Putting up some decent numbers for your age buddy. The shoulder and knee pain comments are a bit of a worry though. Remember this is the body you will have for the rest of your life. Pushing through injuries (no matter how small) just for numbers is pretty risky especially at your age where you are still growing.

Being strong is handy but being fit, mobile and healthy throughout your whole life is rather important to.

Happy lifting mate!


Knee pain is mostly gone now butni shouldee is bothering me. I’m currently following the advice of Dr. John Rusin whom recommends to do various band pull aparts daily. Hopeing to start bench pressing within the next month.

Squat session:
Squat: 4X6 @ 125 kg
Front Squat: 5X5 @ 110 kg
Zercher holds
100 leg presses
Seated calf raise 5X10


So i was diagnosed with bicep tendonitis about two weeks ago and i’ve been seeing an ostepat who has really helped me clean up my banged up shoulders. Started benching yesterday, neaturam grip bar floor presses with 45 kg for 5X5. Officaly starting bulk today as well, i’ve pretty much maintained up to this point.

September: 125 kg Floor press
December: 155 kg Floor press
March: 175 kg Floor press

Depending on how my shoulders feel at that point i may transition to regular bench. Incredeble jorney ahead. Happy lifting everyone!

Not going to comment about your goals being unrealistic or what not but in my humble/unjustified opinion, fast progress in short periods of time is not only unsustainable, it’s usually detrimental in the long run.

Agreed, but I had to learn it myself as did most here, so it’s best just to let it run its course.

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I appreciate the feedback, one of the reasons i started this thread is to see what more experienced lifters have to say.

Todays session:
RDL: 3X5 @ 115 kg
Glute bridge: 3X6 @ 50 kg
Shoulder band work

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Yesterdays session:
Floor press: 5X5 @ 65 kg
DB Floor press: 4X8
Db rolling triceps: 3X5

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So i’m finally ready to start progressing. Tendonitis almost gone and yesterday i floor pressed 75 kg with NO pain. I’m also gonna adopt a 700 + grams of carbs diet, i’m interested in seeing how my body will react. Will try to keep carbs around workout time, and i’ll do a 24 hour fast every sunday to reset insulin. Anyway here is my meal plan:
250 g Salmon
A mountain of kale
1/2 Avokado
1 handful of almonds
Olive oil

2 scoops pea protein
2 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp fish oil

Pre workout:
200 g jasmin rice

Post workout
2 scoops pea protein
2 scoops maltodextrin
2 cups pomegranate juice
3 bananas
400 g jasmin rice

5139 calories, 210 g protein, 690 g carbs, 170 g fat



What’s your current height/weight?

I’m interested to see how your little experiment turns out, this is intense.

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Height: 172 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Yeah its crazy, i really want to see how my body reacts to a lot of carbs

$5 says that you’ll just gain a bunch of weight and if you’re lucky, 20-30% of that’ll be muscle.

I gained 10kgs in 2 months back when I was mid 60kgs (maybe 3/4 years ago?). I went up to 76kgs. Cleaned up my diet from then on but I haven’t went under 70kgs since. Then again, I ain’t exactly a good example since I do not have an appreciable amount of muscle mass. Bummer.


You’re getting plenty of protein for 75kg which is the important thing. I’m pretty excited to see how this turns out!

Holy fucking shit i feel so fucking amazing! I have so much energy and i finally are able to crush it again in the gym after months of joint pain and tendonitis. Yesterday i hit 35 kg X5 on the DB floor press. I’m weighting 74 kg today.

On sunday i will go on vacation for a week but i’ll try my best to get some work in and to eat a shitload of food.

The results of this diet change is nothing short of incredable.

Happy holidays everyone.

You lost weight eating 5000+ cals with nearly 700g carbs at a bodyweight of 165lbs? hmmm…