Road to 180 kg Bench

Hi everyone, hope your doing well!

As you can see in the title, i’ve set an rather aggressive goal of 180 kg/396 pounds in the bench press. I’m currently 15 years old, i just started bulking and bodyweight is sitting at 69 kg at 172 cm tall. I’ve been ‘‘training’’ since March 2016, but i bounced from program to program and i’ve made very little progress.

I started starting strength 3 weeks ago, and have made some decent progress.

I currently Bench 55 kg X5 adding 5kg a week to my bench.

I have decently short forearms (26cm) so i figured I should try to develop my bench to the best of my ability. Looking to hit my goal sometime next year at nearly 100 kg bodyweight.

Todays session:

All lifts done beltless:
Squat: 115 kg 3X5
Deadlift 130 kg 1X5
Squat rack hold: 160 kg 3X6 sec
3X6 Pull ups
3X8 Triceps extension
3X15 DB Shoulder press


An admiral goal, although at this stage you’d be best off trying to develop everything to the best of your ability, and it might help to recognise that time-frames with this sort of thing don’t work in years, but in decades. I look forward to following your progress.


A very admirable goal but the timeframe is massively unrealistic. Why not shoot for something 100 kg by this time next year at 80 kg bodyweight? That’s a huge increase in your bench and a decent jump in bodyweight. I’m not trying to rain on you your parade, but you are simply not going to add 31 kilograms of mostly muscle in a year and definitely not an extra 110 to 120 kilograms on your bench in that time either.

Work to get strong all over. Do assistance work and eat to get bigger. You’ll get your 180 kg bench eventually, maybe not at 100 kg, probably in at least five years and most probably seven or more.


I remember a time when I was this idealistic haha. Just listen to the people who’ve commented above kiddo. That or don’t and bench 180kgs at the age of 16 at 100kgs bodyweight, be our guest.


Thanks for the insight everyone, i really appriciate the feedback. Like i said, i’ve set an very agressive goal and my plan is to do starting strenght until i stall, and i will then evaluate my progress and see if i’m still going to persue my goal of 180 kg in the bench.

Happy training everyone!

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Yesterdays session:
Squat: 123 kg 3X5
Deadlift: 140 X5
OHP: 20 kg 3X5
Chin ups: 3X5 with 2,5 kg
DB floor press: 3X8
Face pull: 3X12

Thinking about switching to sumo deadlift and low bar squat. Anyhow, my bench is coming along peace by peace. Got a crancked up shoulder, but rehab is going quite well. Been sick for a week so bodyweight is sitting at about 66 kg, but i’m sure i’ll be able to blow it up pretty quickly.

Looking forward to setting some big pr’s in the weeks to come.


Todays session:
Squat: 127,5 kg 3X5
Finally i’m able to train a bench variation, shoulders feeling good:
Floor press: 70 kg 3X5
BOR: 52,5 kg 3X5
Curl: 30 kg 3X8

Hoping that i can start doing flat bench pressing soon.

Happy lifting!

Don’t believing in your dreams, also eating a lot might help

Todays session:
Squat: 3X5 @140 kg
Bench: 3X5 @ 75 kg
Curl: 3X6 @ 35 kg
Pull up: 3X5 @ 12,5 kg

Bw sitting at 73 kg

Deadlifted on Saturday, tried 150 kg and got 3 reps. It seems that i’m built for squats but deadlifts sucks for me.

Will keep you updated.

Do you have any videos of your squat cause that’s really good for a 15 year old at a bodyweight of 73kgs.

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Yes i have an Instagram account that i will start posting training videos on.
IG: Johannes_andersenn


Todays session:
Squat: 110 kg 5X5
Bench: 77,5 kg 3X5
Row: 70 kg 3X5
Curl: 40 kg 3X6

I’ve had to cut back on the squats due to a knee issue. Might start box squatting and build up from there and just max out using the box.

Hey guys!

So i’ve been playing around with teqnuice in the big three lately.
Since i have very good squatting mechanics i’ve moved my stance inwards since i can very easily maintain a very upright squatting position. I’ve also taken a wider grip on the bench and it feels good, i alredy have very short arms so i belive this was a smart move.
For deadlifts, well i suck at deadlifts because i’m a short lifter with long torso and short arms, but i’ve found a way to work around this. Since i natrually exsell at the squat, i’ve now taken a squat stance deadlift and it’s working like magic.

I’ve also switched up my training to doing 5X3 instead of 3X5 to better learn the teqnuice and ingrain the motor pattern. So while i’m still capable of doing fives with a lot heavier weights, i will be working my way up to the regular strenght standards (3 plate squat, 2 plate bench, 4 plate dead) with my new teqnuices.

Todays session:
Squat: 5X3 @ 115 kg
Deadlift: 1X3 @ 130 kg
OHP: 3X5 @ 40 kg
Pull up: 3X5 @ 15 kg
Connective tissue work for shoulder and knees.

Will update soon and will post some lifting fotage on my instagram in the upcoming weeks.
IG: johannes_andersenn


Aside from your Bench Goal do you have any other goals for Squat, Deadlift and Press
Side goals as well like Row, pull ups

Anyway good progress

Yesh i do. I actually have reconsidered my bench goal, i will hit it at some point, but at a lower bodyweight.
Goals for Decemeber:
Squat: 210 kg
Bench: 155 kg
Deadlift: 225 kg
Bw: 90 kg
Aside from that, i want to row 3 plates at some point and do a 40 kg weighted pull up.

Just a quick thought of how you could visualise and track getting your goals.
With Squat you started around 120kg this year. (rough guess)
If your end goal is 210kg by December you will need around 22.5kgs each 3 months or quarter.
By now you’ll need a 142.5 kg squat.
By June you’ll need a 165 kg squat.
By September you’ll need a 187.5 kg squat.
Then in December you will hit 210kg.

I did this with all my Goals for this year. Hope it helps.


Todays session:
Squat: 132,5 5X3
Deadlift: 1X3 @ 175 kg
Pull ups: 3X5 @ 15 kg

Finally hitting some new pr’s on the deadlift!

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Todays Binch session:
Floor press: 5X5 @ 70 kg
CGBP: 2X6 @ 57,5 kg
DB press: 1X15 @ 20 kg
Plyo push up: 3X5

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Some OHP work today:
Overhead press: 8X3 @ 50 kg
Dumbell Z-Press: 2X15
Dumbell incline bench: 4X6
Chin ups: 5X5
Handstand push ups: 3X6

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I’ve set my goals to bench press 180 kg 26 July 2018.

Aim to be superhuman.

Happy lifting my friends!