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Road to 1746 at 195 RAW BigBen198s Compilation Video


6 months of training compiled into 1 video including the competition lifts themselves
this was my road from to a Pro RAW total weighing 195


Mate 2 words



impressive ! congrats man, ya strong as hell:) i see you like repping out bigger weights, part of the program ? or just as feat of strength ?


awesoem video


Could you go a little more into your training? Maybe some details.


serious strength and athleticism.


Here you go. He has a log on here.



It's a part of my personal program I like Max repping top sets, it builds confidence and mental toughness. I rep out every last set of squat, bench,, or deadlift in a workout the deadlift just usually ends up being the heaviest/most impressive haha


Great lifting, man.


Fantastic lifting buddy. You certainly know how to train hard! That is some insane beltless work and unbelievable deadlifting! I will definitely be following your log