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Road Meals

I travel a ton for work and can not always prepare for all meals or may be away from my cooler for most of the day. Thought it would be an interesting thread to see what T-men eat when they are forced to improvise. Aside from a shake or bar which can usually be carried with you, but for argument’s sake let’s forgo these. Couple that come to mind immediately are jerky and nuts or Wendy’s spinach chicken salad. Both P+F essentialy, P+C seem a little easier. Anyways, examples anyone?

Smoked turkey legs!


i may get flamed here… but i believe the question is: what whould you do in a crunch when eating on the road.

-chose the grill chicken sandwich, you can throw the bun away if it is ‘white’ bread, or chose to eat it if it is ‘whole wheat’.

-skip the mayo/special sauce/secret sauce.

-deli’s sometimes offer tuna sandwiches. (which is better than a greasy burger).

-always chose milk over pop.

-the chicken salad is ‘sometimes’ a good choice. (preformed chicken is just chemicals).

-travel with your protein powder. use sandwich baggies to carry a scoop or two.

my 2 cents

For a P+F at Wendy’s I get the Chicken BLT Salad. With Ranch Dressing, it totals 590 calories, 42 grams fat, 15 g carbs (4g is fiber) and 34 g protein. I usually carry a protein shake around to make up the difference.

I couldn’t find the data on the Spinach Ckn Salad, but I seem to remember it was high in carbs, maybe around 20g? Anyways, the above is the only thing I get at Wendy’s for P+F.

For P+C at Wendy’s I get the Mandarin Ckn Salad with Low Fat Honey Mustard and a small chili.

At Subway, I get the Ckn Bacon Ranch wrap. Before you knock Subway, the wrap has 40g protein and high fiber. Unfortunately, like the above, the fat sources are not great, but we’re talkin about eating on the run.

Actually, for P+C at Subway I get either the Double Meat Club or Double Meat Ckn Teriyaki. Around 40g of protein each for the 6".

This is a good article on the subject.

“How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder, Even at McDonald’s” http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/recipes/foodonthego.htm

Thanks for the link, I will be sure to check that shiite out! I didn’t think the spinach slad had that many carbs. It has like two or three cherry tomatoes, spinach, romaine, egg, bacon, chicken(duh). Maybe the data you have includes the sweet and sour dressing and croutons. I either get the caesar or ranch usually. Yeah, I’ve used a lot of the things you mentioned. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Can anyone think of anything else a little more off the wall, like gas station food, etc. I’m trying to keep carbs at like 100g so P+F is about the only choice except post workout. Where are you Tampa?

I found myself in a crunch the other day and went to Boston Market. I ate a chicken. A whole one. Probably not so good, but maybe half a chicken is not so bad. There is some other stuff at Boston Market that is pretty decent as far as macro breakdown.

I eat those Tuna Selects that require no can opener and put it on top of Oatcakes (www.weescots.com). YUM!!! and totally satisfying and filling. I eat an apple to go with it and drink water. Also, throw about 1/2 cup mixed nuts in a baggie for a quick snack.

Also, be sure to carry some R-Lipoic Acid with you on the road to off set those excess carbs from those shithouse fast food stops. This stuff is a waist saver IMO.

Tupperware is your friend. I cut up a steak and munch on it. (it is an hour commute from my house to my gym, or work for that matter…) I also pack protien powder in small tupperware. As far as fast-food joints, find a BBQ shack and get shredded meat without the sauce. It is generally decent and without too much bad fat.