Road from Skinny Manlet to Swole Freak

Hi all. I created this log to motivate, inspire, and track my progress.

I’m a 14 year old male, 5’5" and 122.5-125 lbs depending on the day. Bodyfat I’d estimate to be 13-15%, arms and shoulders are very lean but not crazy striated or anything, and abs are clearly visible when flexed and I see the outline regardless. Vascularity in arms and shoulders 24/7, in upper chest and calves as well post workout.

No supps except Xtend and maybe creatine mono.

So the goal is to be big and somewhat lean. Lean enough to look lean with my shirt on.

I enjoy the gym so I work out 3 hrs a day. Progressively overloading every workout.

Today 7/25/2016

Barbell Back Squats (150 lbs for 3,3,2) Shoot I wanted 3x3

Overhead Barbell Press (70 lbs for 3x3)

Conventional Deads (225 for 3,3)

Dumbbell Low Incline Bench Press (40s for 11,8,6)

Hammer Strength Iso lateral High Row (160 lbs for 10,8,8,8)


Dumbbell Walking Lunges (30s for 20,20,14)

Standing Leg Curl (55x11,11,11)

Seated Angled Calf Press (70x12,10,8)

Selectorized Chest Fly (80x13,12,10)

Dumbbell Laterals (15s x 14,12,11)

Face Pulls (70x20,18,17)

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns (90x ?)

Machine Crunch (10 sets to failure at 40 lbs)

Tire flips and treadmill walking

Rope Pressdowns (80 lbs x 10,10,10) superset dumbbell hammer curls (25 x 12,8,6)

Post workout meal: 2 chicken salad sandwiches, cheese

Was that all one workout? You’re going to have to quadruple that post-workout meal or else you will burn out very quickly.

In all seriousness you should look into some existing peograms that are proven to work. Just going to the gym and doing everything under the sun for 3 hours will turn you into a gym bro with no gains real fast.


I eat a lot of meals though, basically a high protein “see food” diet.

Weight is relatively stable right now but that’s a really good thing to keep this bulk going for years. 1 lb a month is great.

The main movements (squat, press, dead, Db bench, hs row) will always be in my workout so I’m not just doing random movements.

Hey guys do you have any recommendations for programs to up my strength and mass quickly ?

strong textOk Ive come up with a program to run consistently. My goal is to achieve a 225 lb bench press before the end of the year.

Massive Bench and Squat Program…


  • Bench Press (3x5)
  • Barbell Bent Over Row (5x5)
  • Incline DB Bench Press (3x8-12)
  • Rear Delts (6x12)
  • EZ Bar Curl superset Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extensions (4 supersets)


  • Barbell Back Squats (3x5)
  • Romanian Deadlifts (5x5)
  • Goblet Squats (4x10)
  • Lateral Bounds, Long Jumps


  • Bench Press (3x5)
  • Press (3x5)
  • Rear Delts (6x12)
  • DB Lateral Raises (4x10)
  • Barbell Shrugs (6x12)


  • Paused Squats (7x3)
  • Good Mornings (5x5)
  • Leg Extensions (4x10)


  • Same as Monday


  • Same as Tuesday


Rest !


  • Bench: Add 2.5-5 lbs every upper workout
  • Squat: Add 5 lbs every Tuesday and Saturday
  • Paused Squat: 5 lbs every Thursday, nowhere even close to failure though just DE
  • Press: 2.5-5 lbs every week
  • Good Mornings: 5 lbs every week

8/1/2016 Workout

Upper Day…

  • Bench Press (100x5,5,5)
  • Strict BOR (100x5,105x5,110x5,115x5,120x3)
  • Incline DB (40s x 7,7,5) - Missed rep range :confused:
  • Rear Delts (65x12,12,12,12,12,12)
  • EZ Bar Curl (60x5,5,5) superset Overhead DB Extension (35x10,12,10,10) very weak on the ez bar curls today

I was wondering if someone could estimate my body fat percentage…


Bump for body fat estimate please ! Am I lean enough to bulk ?

You might as well upload them right into the post instead. But in any case, yes, you should be eating enough calories to gain bodyweight each week.

You need to do a lot more researching and a lot more lifting. You’re a 14 year old kid. You shouldn’t be trying to design your own training program, or supplement “stacks” … You need several more years in the gym and learning about proper nutrition getting bigger and stronger as your body develops. You shouldn’t be worrying about your physique either, you literally JUST hit puberty.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re here which is a good start. Better than where I was at 14. If you are smart and don’t get wrapped up in too much of the BS that floats around you can be VERY STRONG AND JACKED by the time you are 20. Forget “bulking” … Learn about proper nutrition and follow an accepted strength program. Don’t use supplements until you need to.


honestly dude, you have such a long way ahead of you. Just like max13 and Chris both said before, don’t worry about ANY the aspects you seem to think are important when starting the iron game.

Honestly, i believe you need to find someone who knows what they are doing in person and have them help you. If you do not have a family member or a coach that has experience, you could quite realistically ask someone who is in your gym. The biggest, strongest and most in shape guys seem to be silent meat heads, but just like on this site they WILL help you.

You need actual instruction to learn proper form, safe technique, and why certain things work when others don’t. Trust me, finding someone to help you this early one will save you a shit ton of time, possibly years.

And again, eat real food, lift consistently, and you do not need supplements right now.

Workout 8/13/2016

Stats: M, 5’4", 120.7 lbs, 25-26.5" waist (depending on time of day)

  • Barbell Back Squats (135x5x3) - Is this the correct notation for “3 sets of 5 with 135 lbs” ? Anyways, these felt moderately heavy, porbably could have done 12 reps on the first set.

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press (105x5x3) - About 2-3 reps from failure on the last set.

  • Incline Barbell Bench Press (95x5x3) - About 2-3 reps from failure on the last set as well.

  • Upright Barbell Rows (65x5x3) - New exercise

  • Barbell OHP (65x5, 70x5x2) - 2 reps from failure on the last set, probably

  • Barbell Shrugs (155x5x3) - I suck at shrugs

  • CGBP (95x5x3) - My favorite exercise for tri’s besides incline skullcrushers

  • BB RDL (165x5x3) - Nothing else to say here

  • Wide Grip Chins (BWx5,4,3) - Probably switch to neutral grip next time

  • BB Curls (55x10x3) - Bic3ptz kurlz 4 da gurlz

  • BB Reverse Curls (45x10,45x9,45x8)

  • BB Wrist Curls (45x10,65x8) - Too much strain on wrists, will not do next time.

Post WO Meal - plateful of chicken breast, 5 eggo waffles with strawberry jelly and lite syrup

Weight x sets x reps

You’ve got good intentions. I’d suggest:

  1. Pick an article here on TNation about diet and eating to gain size and work with that. Get your parents to cooperate simply because it’ll make your life easier since they’re the ones doing the shopping. You need precisely zero supplements at your age, so don’t worry about them. Learn the basics of cooking too, that’s a worthwhile investment.

  2. Go with Starting Strength for a good while (three months at least). It’s pretty much been written with you in mind. When you reach the end of the period where SS is productive, switch to Texas Method or Greyskull LP. Keep doing that until it stops working. Then move to 5/3/1. That’ll last you as long as you want.

  3. Be consistent, don’t program hop like 99% of your mates will and just keep chipping away.

Workout 8/15/2016

Stats: 5’4", 122 lbs (creatine), didn’t measure waist today

  • Barbell Back Squats (145x3x5) - +10 lbs

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press (110x3x5) - +5 lbs

  • Incline Barbell Bench Press (100x5,4,3) - +5 lbs but failed

  • Upright Barbell Rows (70x3x5) - +5 lbs

  • Barbell OHP (70x5, 75x2x5) - +5 lbs

  • Barbell Shrugs (165x3x5) - +10 lbs

  • CGBP (100x3x5) - +5 lbs

  • Chins (BWx5,5,4)

  • BB Curls (60x3x10) - +5 lbs

  • BB Reverse Curls (45x3x10)

  • Will do RDLs and wrist curls later.

Ive had a post-workout snack of 42g protein worth of beef jerky but haven’t had a meal yet.

I have a big question. For bulking (gaining lean mass) is it better to follow a low carb approach with refeeds (like the anabolic diet or dave palumbo), or a standard high carb high protein low fat approach ?

Workout 8/17/2016

Stats: 5’4" 124.6 lbs (creatine and full digestive tract), waist 25.5"

  • Barbell Back Squats (155x3x5) +10 lbs

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press (115x3x3) +5 lbs but missed reps

  • Incline Barbell Bench Press (100x3x5) - got all reps this time

  • Upright Barbell Rows (75x3x5) +5 lbs

  • Barbell OHP (75x3x5) 75 lbs and got all reps

  • Barbell Shrugs (170x3x5) +5 lbs

  • CGBP (105x5, 100x2x5)

  • Chins (BWx3x5)

  • BB Curls (65x10, 65x8, 65x6)

  • BB Reverse Curls (50x10, 50x2x8)

At age 14 and with a shit ton more natural growth ahead of you, I would just eat as much as you can fit in your mouth. Seriously, don’t worry about nutrient partitioning or any of that crap until you have to. Just eat a lot of wholesome food with as much protein as you can. Beef, eggs, milk, rice, and veggies.

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How can you not love this guy?

But I agree with what the other guys said.Getting in the gym and doing a million exercises is gonna leave you weak,tired and without the gains you so hard worked for

For starters go with a very basic program,like 5x5,build a base and get comfortable with the basic movements.You’re gonna do them for so long that practicing perfect reps at such early stage is essential
I get that you’re a young guy looking to get swole,so add some arm work at the end,but no more than 3 sets of curls and 1-2 sets of extensions for high reps imo

When you stall,you can pick a program that gives you more room to play with accessory work,like 531(yogi’s gonna get mad if he sees I suggested 531 before him lol)

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body fat estimate please ?
and is a 4 lb. gain normal after starting creatine ?

Not sure on the bodyfat but not something you should be worried about yet. I get, ironically, exactly 4 lb from creatine.