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Road Biking When Cutting

Hey guys! I am about to start my cut soon, I’ll be doing full body reverse pyramid training 3x a week and I was hoping I could be on the bike 3x a week as well.

monday: deadlift and ohp
tuesday: 30-40min at 60-70% of mhr
wednesday: bench and row
thursday: 30-40min at 60-70% of mhr
friday: squat and chin ups
saturday: 45-60min at 60-70% of mhr

Basically I’m doing Berkhan’s leangains program but he advises against doing cardio but being on my bike is not to consume more calories but because I enjoy it. If I just eat more on my cardio days, lets say 300 if my Garmin Sportswatch is to be trusted and not go all out then would this be fine?

I used to ride to work when I was trying to drop weight, I ended up very, very lean (abs veins). You’ll be fine.

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how many miles (kilometers) did you do in a week? how did you adjust your calories? I really have no idea how many calories I burn during a ride. Maybe just calculate a maintenance, subtract 500 and then add few hundred calories based on my sportswatch?

Apple watch or get a heart rate monitor. I’ve used both of those to track calories burnt. It’s hard to guess how many you burn. It depends on so many things, your current cardio fitness, the terrain, the weather, your effort, how much coasting you do, and your current physical maku-up.

125-150km per week. I was doing the Get Shredded Diet from this website at the time. I just used the recommended calories from that article (2200, from memory).

It was really tough going. I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t trying to get very, very lean.

I got Garmin Vivosport which should be a good one. The winter is coming and I’ll be using winter tyres so I won’t be hill climbing or anything like max effort, just training my basic cardio.

I won’t be hitting 100km per week with 42mm wide winter tyres but I’ll just go with my Garmin watch for the start and watch how it goes from there. thanks for answers both of you!

Add 200-300 kcal to your diet the days you go biking and you will be fine. From a bike enthusiast :wink: