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Road Back to Awesomeness After Nerve Injury


Lactate-inducing day:

Round 1 (3x through with no rest)
15 push ups
12 DB squats (25 lb)
12 DB rows (25 lbers)
12 SLDL (25 lb DBs)
15 bicycles

Rest 2 min

Round 2, 3x through no rest:
15 DB shoulder presses (25 lb DBs)
15 walking lunges (15 lb DBs)
10 ring pull ups
15 KB swings (35 lb KB)
15 sit ups

Round 3, 3x through no rest between rounds
15 DB curs (25 lb DBs)
20 calf raises (25 lb DBs)
15 tricep kickbacks (15 lbs DBs)
15 mountain climbers
15 lat raises (12 lb DBs)

Total time: 27 minutes.

Then, 25 min on Airdyne.

Thoughts: Very hard!


Week 2, Day 1

5 rounds:
BP 225 x 6
Weighted push ups (+45 lbs) x 8

2 min rest

Weighted pull ups (+35 lbs) x 6
Rear delt raises (45 lb DBs) x 8

After: 12, 10, 8 of reverse curls and DB curls

4 hour later: Airdyne sprints 15s (all out) x 5


Week 2, Day 2

(Lacate inducing workout)

Round 1 (3x)

SG HP: 3x8 (115 lbs)
3 way DB swing (35 lbs)
5 HLR knee to elbows
(rest 75s between each time through)

Round 2 (3x through)
Whip snatch x 6 (85 lbs)
10 burpees (these suck)
(rest 75s)

Round 3 (3x through)
Continuous clean and press x 4 (115 lbs)
10 vertical jumps/ 10 BW squats

25 min. bike ride after for cardio

Notes: It is hot as hell here today. Did it at 11 am, when it was “only” 85-88 degrees. Also got my son to join, using DBs and following along. He’s in HS, but hasn’t really gotten into lifting much. Was nice company.

Notes 2: My plan is to finish 4 weeks of this. It is hard as hell, but only 4x a week. Each workout really requires me to get up for, compared to the “punch the clock, but effective” workouts I’m used to from, for example, 531.


Okay, so I had to at least “pause” the CT program I was doing. It was simply too intense, and the workouts were exceeding my ability to recover. I had planned on sticking to 4 weeks, but had to be honest with myself and ask “why?”.

So, today was a typical 531 workout for me. Tried and try.

Squat day:

531sets and warm ups done as Zerchers: 85, 115, 135, 145, 165, 185 (5’s PRO, with jumps done between).

BBB sets done as back squats @ 165 l bs. 5x10.

Supersetted all the way through with 5x12 weighted ring dips (+18 lbs) and 5x12 inverted ring rows.

Total time = 34 minutes (not counting 10 min warm up and mobility).

Whew, that was easy compared to the workouts I had been doing. But, I must admit, much more enjoyable. I never really thought too much of CNS before, but those workouts were taking a toll and I was struggling to get myself up for a given workout.

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Another flavor of 531, taken from jimwendler.com (Rhodes version):

531 high pulls (did these instead of cleans): 5 times: 65 lbs, 85, lbs, 115 lbs, 125 lbs, 115 lbs (messed up on where I was), then 145 lbs 10 times. Supersetted with med ball throws.

Back squats 5x5 FSL at 165 lbs, supersetted with 5x10 ring rows.

Circuit (4x10 of each):
RDLs at 115 lbs
10 ring pull ups
10 DB presses (45 lbers)

Thoughts: Nice change, but I prefer other templates. Specifically, I like doing BBB as the supplement, and finishing the assistance as supersets during the main lift/supplement. There’s something mentally less satisfying about finishing your programmed lifts and then have a circuit to do.

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Smoky around here today because of the fires, so had to make do inside. Took in a 45 lb weight vest, ab wheel, and two 45 lb DBs.

Weight vest circuit 5x through:

12 push ups
12e DB rows
15 squats

DB circuit 3x through:

10 DB presses
10 hammer curls
10 ab roll outs

Finished with 100 band pull aparts (4x25)

Total time = 35 minutes.

Not the most intense workout, but still get some work in.

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Another indoor workout due to smoky air. Getting tired of this!

While watching football and NBA playoffs:

200 push ups
200 curls (with 25 lb DBs)

Done as 10x20.

100 Single arm lat raises (first time I’ve done this) with 25 lbs (50/arm)
100 band pull aparts

Took about 42 minutes.

Smoky on 9/15/2020


500 KB swings (done in sets of 30-35)
50 BW squats
50 roll outs
100 bicycles

Took about 32 min. Also did 15 min of yoga in the morning.

Note: 9/15 workout was done on 9/14.


Zercher squats: 5’s PRO: 95, 115, 135, 155, 175, 195 lbs. BBB 5x10 back squats at 175 lbs.
Superset with 5x12 weighted ring dips, 5x12 inverted rows.
Biked for 20 minutes outside.


BP 5’s PRO: 105, 135, 155, 165, 195, 215 lbs. Then a PR set at FSL: got 25 reps at 167.5 lbs! (can’t say it’s a PR, because I never tried AMRAP at that weight. Still, I had 25 reps as my goal and hit it).

Superset with 3x10 DB high pulls (120 lbs total) and 3x10 rear delt raises (45 lb DBs)

Then, a weight vested circuit: 5 x through of:

12 push ups (dead stop at bottom, explosive up)

12 DB curls (with 35 lb DBs, variety of styles)

12 squats (I know, not much here but had a big squat day a couple days ago)

Total time. 40 minutes

Biked outside 20 min.

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I’ll post a conditioning day (I usually don’t if it’s just airdyne or something basic)


Ab circuit 3x:
Banded crunches x 12, L-sit hold x10s, bicycles x 20 (rest about 60s between the circuits, no rest between exercises)

3 rounds of shadowboxing, 3 rounds of hitting the bag

Fat gripz reverse curls with 65 lbs: 14, 12, 10 reps.

Bike around town 20 min.


OHP 5’s PRO: 55, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115. Superset with 6x10 pull ups.
Widowmaker: 95 lbs x 20 reps.

Shoulder complex (3x through)
45 lb plate raises x10
25 lb lat raises x10e
Band pull aparts x15

100 push ups

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Pull day:

SG High pulls: 3x5 at 145 lbs
High pulls: 3x5 at 185 lbs
Clean pulls: 3x5 205 lbs
Shrug pulls: 3x10 at 225 lbs


Day 1 on Zombie Apocalypse (don’t know if I’ll run the program, but giving it a try for some structure):

Warm up: shadowboxing, calisthenics.

Wide grip muscle snatches: 5x4 at 105 lbs

BNP in sets of 5: 65, 85, 95 105.
OHP in sets of 5: 105, 115, 135
Push press (I’m no good at these) in sets of 5: 115, 135, 150

Continuous set with 80 lbs:
11 BNP, 10 OHP, 10 push press.

Notes: took about 40 min. I am not at using my legs or push press, I feel. It always feels strange and slow to do a workout with supersets. It’s hard to just “rest” between sets.

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Day 2 Zombie Apoc.

Warm up: shadowboxing, calisthenics/mobility ~10 min.

5x through:
High pulls (135 lbs) x4; KB jumps (35 lb KB) x 4

3x through:
Muscle snatches x3 (100 lbs) walk 50m with it overhead after 3rd rep

3 through for time:
10 ring rows
20 ring dips
30 push ups
40 walking lunges
50 squats
Time = 19:30

Total time = 48 min.


Z.A. Workout 3:

SG High pulls at 135 lbs: 5x5

Continuous Ramp:
Zercher DL (5 reps each): 65, 95, 135, 185.
RDL (5 reps each): 185, 205, 225
DL (2 reps each): 225, 275, 325, 345

Mechanical Drop set at 155 lbs:
Zercher DL x10, RDL x10, DL x 10 (minimal rest - 5 sec or so - between these)

Total time ~45 min.


  • That mechanical drop set kicked my ass!
  • Zercher DL’s don’t feel very different than zercher squats. I started with bar below knees, so the first rep is different.
  • My grip is feeling it from this program.
  • I like this much better than the “War room strategies” from Thibarmy I tried but gave up on. Those work outs were so brutal, and really just not fun. These are hard, but fun.

Looking forward to taking tomorrow off.

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ZA Day 4

Back squats at 155 lbs x2 then vertical jumps x2 (10 rounds, 30 s rest).

(The hard part) With 115 lbs:

Zercher Full cycle 5 reps, then ~50m zercher walk. Set bar down. Deep breath.

5 reps of power cleans (with poor form, as usual), then hod the rack position and do a ~50m walk with it racked.

Rest 5 min, then repeat for a total of 3 rounds.


10s airdyne sprint, 10 push ups, 10 vertical jumps, 10 BW squats. Rest 15 sec. Repeat 6 rounds.

Notes: This was the most challenging of them so far. The Zercher full cycle is then carry is tough, both on the strength, heart rate, and just mentally. You really do need that full 5 min rest, which I thought was more than I needed when I read it.

The ending was hard, too. It called for T sprints, but for logistical reasons I just did the airdyne sprints for 10s. Supposed to only take a 15s break between sets, but that extended to 20-30 seconds.


Last of the ZA workouts:

3 rounds of:
10 overhead Med Ball throws
10 plyo push ups
10 Med Ball slams
10 vertical jumps
(minimal rest between, 1-2 min between rounds)

Continuous squats ramp in sets of 5:
Zercher: 85, 115, 145, 185 lbs
Front: 115, 145, 185
Back: 185, 225, 255 lbs

Mechanical drop set with 65 lbs (2 rounds):
Behind neck presses x15
OHP x 15
Push press x15

15s airdyne sprints x 6 (2 min rest between)
45s airdyne sprint x1

2x50y farmer’s walks with 120 lbs

Total time = 62 minutes

Notes: My zercher is at least as strong as my front squat, so note really a “continuous” ramp for my squats. The workout was longer than typical for me, and felt like it. Next week I will superset the explosive moves with the squats, 531-style. I would like to get it done in 55 minutes or so.