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RMR Testing. How Many More Calories Should I Eat?

What’s up guys! So I went to my university’s exercise physiology lab and got my RMR tested by breathing through a tube into a machine for an hour without moving and my results was 2323. I’m 22 6’2 255 and about 20-22% bodyfat. My question is how many more calories should I eat than my RMR if I’m training 5-6 times a week? They told me that for my activity levels I should multiply my rmr by 1.75 which gives me 4065 calories just for maintainence. Lol Ive been eating 3500-3800 calories a day and even in those deficits I still began to gain weight so I have no idea how low I should go without hurting my metabolism. I eat fairly clean too my main sources of protein is ground beef, ribeye steaks, eggs, chicken, salmon, and my carbs come from brown rice and cream of wheat and also maltodextrin post workout with protein and lots of fat from nuts. I also have a cheat meal 1-2 times a week depending how intense and heavy I train. Sorry for the long read! Thanks!

Cut out the cheat meals until down to say 225-30 Replace the maltodextrin with a banana or something better like Surge Workout Fuel
Do one of these for training…

Tiny bit interested in all the cool things they used to measure your RMR but not really because getting a really accurate measurement of RMR has little practical value when dieting for body composition. All that accuracy is worth nothing as soon as a 1.75 generic multiplier is slapped onto it and you start tracking macros which is plenty inaccurate by nature.

Anyways going by your question it seems you’ve realised this too so we’ll get to the questions.

As many as you need for the scale to be going in the right direction at the rate you want. Eat at a caloric intake consistently for a bit and track accurately. Watch the scales and adjust accordingly.

If you are in a true deficit for a while then you’ll be losing weight. It’s that simple

If you’ve gained than you’ve over estimated or overeaten so adjust down. Drop 300-400 calories and see what happens. Probably also isnt helping that you have a bit of spread/inconsistency with your daily intake e.g. 3500-3800 try to be plus or minus 50 or closer to your target.

Thanks a lot for the input! The inconsistency definitely isn’t helping at all but I’m def gonna stick to a deficit and see how it goes 6 months later! Thanks again!

Thanks for the input bro! Def need to eat something small like a banana with my protein pw