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RMP: 23 Y.O. - 6' and 200 LBS


I don't really max out on anything but bench I can lift 315 several times. Deadlift I work out with 265 right now, but its on a platform for snatch grip dls. Squat, I usually work out with 350.






Your a beast bro!




Thanks man, I couldn't get over 175lbs before I started coming onto this site and started to take lifting a little more seriously.


Do you have any before pics? And how long was your journey to this point? I'm your height but weigh 180 pounds, but with some fat to share! I'd like to look something like you at 200 pounds...


Looking good man.. What changes did you make when you started seeing gains?


These were taken in sept/oct 06 despite what the calender in the background says. I was around 173 or so. Around this time I was going to my school's rec center a couple of times a week using crappy men's fitness magazine routines. I've been seriously training now for about 2 years.


have mercy

What changes did I make...hmmm. All these articles on this site that mentioned leg work being the greatest stimulant for growth intrigued me since I would do squats maybe 6 times a year. My programs in the past had no congruency, no balance. I went to the gym, but I think I was just kind of going through the motions, magazine A said I should do this exercise such and such amount of times, there was no intensity.

Different programs work for different people and I've found that I get the best results from full body training. But I like to add variety and progression into my training too, so I'll do 4 months of full body, and 2 or 3 split routines. I'm also always experimenting with new things for the gym, bought vibram five fingers and fell in love, bought ivanko ez grips and enjoy the thick grip, even gymnastic rings recently have provided great stimulus.


Great progress man. All I can say at this point is bring that deadlift up its weak compared to your other stuff.


Damn good work dude!


Good work bro. Looking thick. Just keep hitting those big lifts hard and eating a ton.


Good work!!!! Keep it up!!!


Highly doubt 265 is his max on dl...I imagine he could do a lot more looking at his back/legs..He prob does higher rep sets I imagine. His form could be an issue....


good job

you look like someone who could handle at least a 400 deadlift. 265 is weak as fuck you should work on that


Ya I was going over my workout log and I actually workout with the platform snatch grip DL @ 315. This is 5X5 and I guarantee my max for a normal dl is over 500.


Practice how to spread the lats in the rear double bicep dude. It think it would be quite impressive(even more so). Nice progress foe sure


lock, I appreciate the input man. Hey guys, if you rate me so lowly, mind leaving some constructive advice as well?


i dunno why your rated so low man, your jaacked up.
i guess people want HYOOGE to get above 7-8