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RM Numbers: What's Decent?

IÃ?´m 20 years old 180 (about 12% bf) and iÃ?´ve been lifting seriously for about two years now but I only started doing real “staple” exercises like pull-ups, squats, deadlifts,etc. about a year ago (funny how that works). Lately IÃ?´ve been asking myself: What is “respectable” in terms of how much weight one needs to be lifting on the basic exercises? ItÃ?´s not that my primary goal is to fit the weight lifting communityÃ?´s standards for decent strenght, I just want to know so that I can objectively assees my own strenght and my limits.

Unfortunately, people where I live (South America) are not that into lifting so compareing myself to most of the guys around my age is pretty much useless (rarely do any of them bench more than 135 lb and none of them squat or deadlift). Any thoughts?

My lifts:

Bench press: 205x6
Squat: 235x7
deadlift: 315x5
pull-up: 10-11 BW

You are doing fine man.

Keep pushing yourself and adding weight to the bar.

This is a decent guideline

There is no perfect answer to that.
My guess would be:
Bench 1.5x BW
Squat 2x BW
DL 2.5x BW