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RLS Bust Question

I saw that RLS is on the list of busted suppliers. www.researchlabsupply.com was busted a while back, and I’m wondering if this is the company being talked about, or if it is www.researchsupply.net.

The latter is Research Laboratory Supply, Inc., and the logo is RLS. Are these companies the same, was one busted and not the other, both? I’m sure someone can clear this up.

I’m pretty sure they’re not the same.

Is RLS still selling? Those products are all legal to purchase, I imagine that’s why the website is still running.

This just in today from researchsupply.net:

No our business has not shut down, we are undergoing some changes, and some of our usual products have been taken offline for now, but for the most part all our lab supplies are still up for sale.

Thank you for choosing Research Supply for all your medical/laboratory needs.


Leo Tobar
Customer Service Department
Research Supply Inc.

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They are two different companies.