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RJJ and BHop Get at Each Other


On the radio. Shit starts at the 6:50 in part three. BHop is gettin' interviewed and Roy calls up. Fuckin awesome.

"That's Roy. Trust me that's Roy. Ain't nobody talk as fast as Roy."


wheres the link son??


I hate to sound like and idiot... but who's bhop? RJJ is roy jones jr?




Bernard Hopkins


this is probably some grade A shit talk..



SHIT! Can't believe I forgot it. Here it is.






West Florida represent. I love both these guys. What's funny is BHop is like RJJ lost to Calzaghe, but so did he...



lets see, with all the regulars on this board, who complain about "a certain level of intelligence" that is acceptable to even be worthy to post here??? I mean really, dont even pretend that many of you dont come off as snobs, it is almost as bad as the steroid forum, lol.

bhop and rjj are the well known "call names" of two of the best boxers/fighters in history, two future hall of famers for sure. Roy jones jr. and bernard hopkins.

and dont give me "this is a mma board", it is not, it is a board for all combat sports.


Why does Roy Jones talk about himself in the third person?


Because he's awesome enough that its allowable.


Beershoes gets a pass because he actually does train and work hard. We just gotta educate him a bit more.


True story.

And he talks really fast.