Rizla Training And Transformation Log

The past 2 years for me hasn’t been great. I had some health problems and lost my mojo for training. I went from training 6 days a week to 2-3 with a lot less volume and intensity. My diet was pretty lame over that period, hardly eating and lost 35lbs, but somehow got fatter in areas. My profile pic was 2 years ago sitting at 210lbs. Things have got a lot better and I feel ready to start making up for lost time. This log I hope with some extra help and motivation from brothers in iron will be a great way to track my progress. So without further ado, lets get started … Happy new year!!!

Starting Stats
Age 37
Height - 5ft 7in
Weight - 175lbs
Bodyfat - unsure ( Fatass )

Starting Calories 3000
Protein 185g Carbs 335g Fats 90g

1000mg Vit C
10,000iu Vit D3
3000mg Fish Oil
Liver Support
5mg Cialis
Pre Workout
Protein Powder

I will be running a 4 month AAS cycle, but my total target is 5 months, so I will only be running my standard 125mg Test E TRT for the first 4 weeks. That will help me get started on my diet and training before adding anything else in. Will update as I go.

These will be my before pics taken 1st January 2019


Happy 2019 and Let the Gains Begin!!! Also you look jackkeedd, post your pic in the T-Transformation 2019.

Im same height. Also manlet lol.

What drugs can I take for height pls halp. @anon96032531

Cheers @vvfoo slept in on day one lol great start. Will get my pics on the T - Transformation 2019 today, after my first gym session of 2019.

Its known here in Ireland that the magic dust from a Leprechaun can increase ones height by up to 6 inches @guineapig… I’m still looking for the cunt for the past 20 years. In the mean time get yourself a good pair of 6 inch high heels, does the job.

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Jack af my man. Go get it

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Cheers @losthog, hopefully the health holds out lol

1st January 2019
Back , Traps , Calves

Diverging Seated Row
1 Set 30 Reps
1 Set 12 Reps
1 Set 10 Reps
2 Set 8 Reps

Diverging Lat Pulldown
1 Set 30 Reps
1 Set 12 Reps
1 Set 10 Reps
2 Set 8 Reps

Lat Pull
1 Set 30 Reps
1 Set 12 Reps
1 Set 10 Reps
2 Set 8 Reps

Back Extension
1 Set 30 Reps
2 Set 12 Reps
2 Set 10 Reps

Wide Grip Chin up
1 Set 15 Reps
3 Set 10 Reps
1 Set 8 Reps

Seated Cable Row
1 Set 30 Reps
2 Set 12 Reps
2 Set 8 Reps

1 Set 20 Reps
1 Set 12 Reps
1 Set 10 Reps
2 Set 8 Reps

1 Set 15 Reps
1 Set 12 Reps
1 Set 10 Reps
2 Set 8 Reps

Upright Row
1 Set 15 Reps
1 Set 10 Reps
3 Set 8 Reps

Calf Press ( Leg Press Machine )
1 Set 30 Reps
2 Set 20 Reps
2 Set 15 Reps

Seated Calf Raise
1 Set 40 Reps
1 Set 30 Reps
2 Sets 20 Reps
1 Set 15 Reps
Total Gym Session time 90 mins

It pains me to say there will be no deadlifts or squats during this entire transformation, in fact I haven’t attempted any since I put my back out for 6 months about 4 years ago.

My wife bought me an apple watch for Christmas, not really my thing, but to keep her happy I have decided to use it to track daily cardio stats. Not sure how accurate, but ill be ramping it up as the weeks go by starting out with goals set at a low output.

Watch Stats ( will only update this weekly )

Move goal 500 calories ( this is the entire days movement )
Distance 6.25 km ( Total )
Steps 8230

All that was achieved just from walking around the gym, house and a 15 min walk with the dog, no cardio yet.

250 trenbologne sandwiches daily
Also femur lengthening procedures work a charm

In for your log aswell @Rizla81 welcome mate :ok_hand:


Lol cheers @anon96032531

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Are you from Scotland mate?

Noticed the flag on the fridge in one of your pics

N.ireland mate. Picked them magnets up years ago after a trip over to Scotland.

Scotsman ? @ChongLordUno

Yes mate. Glasgow.

Few Scottish lads on here

Good to know @ChongLordUno . Means if I’m looking top class drugs I know who to contact lol
Got a few mates from another forum from Glasgow, its a great city.


Day 2
Biceps , Triceps , Forearms

Manual Preacher Curl
1 Set 25 reps / 2 Set 12 Reps / 1 Set 10 Reps / 1 Set 8 Reps

Cable Preacher Curl
1 Set 30 Reps / 1 Set 12 Reps / 1 Set 10 Reps / 2 Set 8 Reps

Standing Barbell Curl
1 Set 15 Reps / 2 Set 10 Reps / 2 Set 8 Reps

Standing Cable Double Bicep Curl
1 Set 12 Reps / 2 Set 10 Reps / 2 Set 8 Reps

Tricep Pushdown
1 Set 25 Reps / 1 Set 12 Reps / 1 Set 10 Reps / 2 Set 8 Reps

Seated Dips
1 Set 15 Reps / 2 Set 10 Reps / 2 Set 8 Reps

Tricep Extension
1 Set 25 Reps / 1 Set 12 Reps / 2 Set 10 Reps / 1 Set 8 Reps

Close Grip Bench Press
1 Set 15 Reps / 2 Set 10 Reps / 2 Set 8 Reps

Reverse Curl
1 Set 15 Reps / 2 Set 10 Reps / 2 Set 8 Reps

Wrist Curl
2 Set 25 Reps / 2 Set 20 Reps / 1 Set 12 Reps
Total Gym Session Time 90 Mins

Tough day… was still pretty sore from yesterday, but blasted through it. Slight wrist sprain towards the end, though should be fine for tomorrow. Keeping intensity quite high, very little breathing space between sets. Might have to slow it down a touch, getting too old for this shit lol. Have managed to stay out of the cookie jar… that’s a PR!

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Haha I’m not your man for that.

If we were having this conversation in the 1990s then maybe things would have been a bit different :joy:

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Here here, back in the day they were top notch, there laced with all sorts of crap these days. Can’t beat the raves from the 90s, they were proper nights out :joy:

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Day 3
Recovery Day

Took the day off, them past 2 days knocked my pan in. Still hit my Watch Stats for the day with a 60 min walk with the dog. Calories seem too low, might increase to 3,300 for start of next week. Most of my walks either end, or start at Carrickfergus castle… This was the invasion point of William the 3rd when he first set foot in Ireland in 1690. It was first built by John De Courcy in 1177… One of the best preserved castles in N.Ireland. Great cardio area, it stretches along the seafront for miles.


You a blue nose mate?

Ha! no mate, I live among them though. I’m actually a non religious person, an atheist.
Got good mates on both sides. The gyms around my way are pretty much mixed, no one really bothers anymore lol. I like some of the history, but not in a religious way.

Ha I seen the 1690 and had to ask

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