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Rivalus Encharge Creatine


Has anybody tried this product? Good/bad? Been using the GNC Amp amplified creatine and getting decent results I guess. No stomach/cramping issues anyway. Appreciate any thoughts.


The only creatine I have ever tried is ultra micronized creatine monohydrate. It works great and is cheaper than dirt.


Please stop with the creatine Questions. They are driving me nuts. I have almost stopped looking at T-Nation because all I see is Creatine this, Creatine that. Use the search feature. WAIT use your bloody brain befor it leaves or goes rusty.


You probably should stop T-Nation if it's that bad that you get upset over a question! Looks like your brain is gone with your spelling too.


You should probably stop T-Nation then if a question puts you that over the edge!


Creatine monohydrate is cheap and mixes easily. There's no point in spending extra on a formula that pairs creatine with carbs - all you need to do is take your plain creatine with some sort of meal, whatever that might be. There are carbs everywhere and they are cheap - you don't need to pay a premium price for them at GNC. Even a no carb protein meal stimulates an insulin response, and that's what you want.


It's because creatine products are all hype for the same thing that does pretty much the same thing regardless of brand. Creatine does not change per manufacturer (unless were talking quality) and there is no secret creatine formula that trumps the others. So creating a thread for creatine is useless, especially since this has been covered a lot