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Ritalin Vent



This is kind of a vent thread so bear with me.

Recently in a conversation with a coworker(whose child's teacher has suggested that he be checked out for adhd). Has dug up one of the things in my childhood that really pisses me off at my mother and hate the educational system in general.

When i was 10 i was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and put on Ritalin(which was the initial medication, i was later given other medications to fix the problems that that the initial "fix" caused). Whether i was add or not, i cant really tell but looking back on my report cards i never made bad grades, the only problems i had in school were behavioral (yelling, fighting, etc...) or in other words normal 10 year old behavior. My mom being divorced, lazy and being a pill popper(which ironically i had to listen to her peach about the evils of alcohol,marijuana, and tobacco while she took xanax, zolofts and other mindfuck drugs herself) found medication easier than discipline.

So from the elementary school until 8th grade(when i decided to just pretend to take the medication) once a day(one at home before school one during for me at least, im not quite sure what dosing was for others) sure me and all the other children (around 20 kids although im guesstimating from memory the vast majority boys) diagnosed with a.d.d, were called to the office to take medication, one thing to keep in mind is that im from a relatively small town in Alabama my elementary/middle school had about 500 students total so that's a fairly large percent of students diagnosed with a.d.d.

The primary purpose of the medication is to alleviate hyperactivity and cause the user to focus. In other words it turns users into zombies. When i took the medication i would spend most of the day zoned out(to the point i was oblivious to everything around me, to the point where i would come home with spit wads in my hair and not realize). And again being from a small town its not like going to college where you can ditch all the people you know and reinvent yourself, everyone remembers the past four years of you being a fucking zombie and never let it down.

As bad as the intended effect the side effects are just as bad. First of all there is a major decrease in appetite, before i was put on Ritalin at 10 years old i weighed about 85 lbs. which was overweight at the time i really loved to fucking eat, after i was diagnosed i ate maybe once a day rarely finished my meals, and at 14 years 5'7 when i finally got sense enough to spit that shit out i was up to a whopping 105 lbs. As soon as i stopped taking the medication my appetite came back but i was already really fucking emaciated and weak when i started football my freshmen year i could only bench press the bar. Although being so small sucked ive more or less fixed that but the thing i miss most is i remember being creative before being medicated i would draw and write stories(granted i was 10 and looking back over most of pre-Ritalin me's drawings and writing most of it is shitty but dammit at least i tried) , which soon after being medicated as much as i tried i just couldn't think of anything to write or draw anymore, i couldn't focus on any idea that wasnt laid out for me.

Ironically out of all the drugs ive had experience with the legal, Politically correct, government sponsored ones have been the worst.

So, if your thinking of putting your kids on Ritalin don't. And if you already have them on the shit be prepared for the fact that someday they will probably be compelled to Google the side effects or maybe just realize something feels missing and although they may not come out and say it at the very least they will resent you for it, if not outright hate you for even if they dont come right out and say it, its there.


You know not everyone reacts to Ritalin the way you did right? Zombie? Are you kidding me? It does the opposite. It turns me into the most alert and attentive person in the world, which is how most people respond to it. And it also helps me relax in class and not freak out after sitting down for 20 minutes. I am sorry you had more severe and negative side effects.


My cousin Paul, was on the drug growing up. When Paul would visit our cousin Bernie's house, aunt Crystal would take my cousin off his Ritalin. Paul's mom never knew Crystal did that, but Paul was a more alert kid with whom I noticed a difference. I was twelve at the time we moved closer to Paul, Crystal and the rest of the family.

The song 'Vitamin R' by Chevelle is about the drug.

My personal opinion, drugs of the prescription variety are a horrible medicine 'staple' almost, that is way over prescribed IMHO. Sure some kids need the stuff but get more than one opinion before you dope a kid up. Ask questions and make an informed decision. But that is just the advice of a gimp.


I would post more but I have to go to work. If you ever take the time to study the business side of Ritalin prescribing by schools you will be disgusted. Schools get extra money for every student that is on Ritalin.

As of 2003 what the school did to the OP friend is against the law. They are not allowed to give medical advice. Nor are they allowed to use coercion by telling parents their kid can't attend school unless they are drugged.


fuck that shit.


Ritalin is a ridiculous fiasco. I think ADD is an invented "disease".

How can you take kids from the age of five through their teenage years, put them in a chair for 7.5 hours a day with maybe a 15 minute recess in elementary and expect them to focus on shit they are being forced to learn?

When I was little, a doctor told my parents I had ADHD and prescribed ritalin. I hated that shit and refused to take it. I did ok through elementary and jr. high but always hated being stuck in a class room when my tree house was a short bike ride away, my bb gun was just sitting in my room, my dog was chilling in the backyard...

The last thing I wanted to do was listen to some old bitch drone on about continental plates and multiplication tables, so I mostly drew pictures of dinosaurs in my notebook and day dreamed about the fun I could have been having if I could have some how escaped from school.

In high school I realized the fact that I wanted to go to college and would need good grades to get in to a good school and I buckled down, did well and went to a large university where I completed an MBA. I didn't use ritalin, adderall or any of that shit, I just wanted to study, I had a reason. But according to some doctor, this shouldn't have been my reality. I needed drugs right?

Fucking stupid. Give kids a purpose they understand and watch their concentration zone right in.


LOL! Holy shit. You sound EXACTLY like me in school. Dinosaurs and all.


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You guys are missing out. I snore like a train, bordering on apnea, unless I position myself just right in the bed. Sometimes, I'm a little punchy the next day, as a result.

At various times, my wife (doctor) gave me adderal or provigil.

I can blast out 12 hours of work on that stuff, with no distractions of T-Nation bothering me.

Just work, work, work then look up and the day is over.

These are the drugs of choice for type-A people.

Obviously, you can't do that all the time, but when you need to, you need to.


Dinosaurs were fucking awesome. My parents let me paint a dinosaur mural on a wall in my bedroom. I covered the whole wall with a jungle scene, complete with an erupting volcano in the background.

The star of the show was a T-Rex of course, eating a Brontasaurus. I had Pteradactyls flying around and some herds of Stegasaurases and Triceratops in the background too. I drew the preliminary sketch during math one day in 3rd grade.

It ruled.


And the fucked up thing is these kids are going to grow up believing from a very young age that something is wrong with them and that they can't function normally with out drugs. Little addicts with weak self images in the making.

The reality is some one at home should be defining an age appropriate and clear purpose that matches the child's personality and desires.

Of course a kid should learn to "suck it up" and "get with the program" as these are life lessons but drugging a child because he doesn't naturally "fall in line" is damaging.

Fuck, kids who stand out from the crowd should be coddled and groomed to be the future system bucking leaders and innovators their personality lends itself too.


That is a good idea, and there used to be programs that actually did this, but it seems to have been set aside for an agenda which mandates conformity.

The district I grew up in has recently removed their tier placement system. Now there aren't variations in the challenge level of the classes. Just a homogenized system of turning out mediocre students.

It essentially puts kids who should be in advanced placements and accelerated learning classes in to the same class room as kid who are still on "Clifford The Big Red Dog".


I work in a bank and my office has about 8 plastic dinosaurs lying around and a dinosaur poster on the back of my door, all courtesy of clients. I do have other toys but the dinosaurs are always the most popular and people just keep adding my toybox.


I believe we call the classes you are referring to AP classes, as in Advanced Placement. My district did have AP, as well as "normal" and then some classes for challenged kids.

I was an AP student in HS, but this isn't really what I'm talking about.

As a kid, my parents were concerned about teacher reports that I wasn't paying attention, I was day dreaming, doodling (Which still pisses me off. I was creating dinosaur ART damn it.) et cetera.

The thing is, I could spend math mapping out my mural and then review examples in my text book and complete my hw just fine on my own. Had there been a program in place for kids like me, who could grasp school work but didn't like sitting still for 8 hours, I would have excelled much earlier.

Maybe a hands on program of some kind. In HS, we had pre-professional electives ranging from beauty school and auto-tech to engineering and architecture. It allowed kids to bring concepts to reality which really let them blossom as students and fully understand the subjects they were studying in real world scenarios.

Something like this should be in place earlier in the education system imo.

Maybe a future accountant enjoys sitting on his ass, minding his own business memorizing facts but a future entreprenuer for example, does not. He wants to move around and make shit happen, do and create. And why not let him if he understands the curriculum? By not allowing an outlet that actually moves students toward a path that suits them, the school system is failing a large number of kids, it is definitely not a matter of medication.


Awesome! And you play with them don't you? Make them fight each other? Maybe when you should be working?


Star Trek > Dinosaurs.


You need drugs.


Growing up, I was hyperactive, had advanced cognitive development for my age, and the aforementioned refusal to do work I didn't understand the underlying reasoning behind- which led to me refusing to do I disliked and/or wasn't good at (math);I promptly fell behind, and never really caught up due to lack of foundations and practice.
I didn't get diagnosed with ADHD till I was sixteen, but have found Adderall XR to be (as Jewbacca said) one hell of a get-shit done pill. That said, I don't think that being prescribed this kind of medication would have been particularly beneficial- I didn't pay attention because I thought it was boring, useless, and hard, and the stimulants would merely have immersed me that much deeper in my own dinosaur drawings (I wonder why young boys are so particularly fascinated by them?).

I think Houston hit it right on the head- you need to make kids understand why they should want to learn what you're teaching them, and make the material as applicable as possible to the real world. That and making kids that age sit for hours at a time is borderline cruel, and more than a little counter-intuitive to boot.


You guys are lacking basic knowledge about add/adhd. It's a made up condition that was invented to give a use to Ritalin. What they did is take a grab bag of the most annoying behaviors in children and said this magic pill will fix them.

What they never bother to tell parents is the drug they are feeding to their child is a methamphetamine whose chemical structure is almost identical to cocaine and that it is highly addictive. This is how millions of people have been turned into drug addicts.

Brain scan studies have shown the Ritalin users lose ten percent of their brain mass. It's a chemical lobotomy. In cardiac tissue Ritalin causes permanent changes at the cellular level. Anywhere from three hundred to three thousand children have had massive heart attacks and died while on Ritalin. No one knows the exact number because the reporting is voluntary as doctors are not required to report when they kill a child with Ritalin.

The schools get around five thousand dollars a year federal money for every child who is diagnosed as having add, to cover the "extra expense" of educating them. This is why schools were coercing kids onto Ritalin, because each one represented a payday for the school. Just like how the OP school had thirty kids lined up to see the nurse every day.

The schools were violating civil rights by demanding children be drugged or they could not attend school so they could get that money. That is why a federal law was passed in 2003 ordering the states to enact laws banning coercion on school children.


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