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Ritalin Side Effects

Was wondering if anyone knows of any health risks from taking ritalin? It is prescribed but I am wondering if it has negative side effects. I have read that it is not good for the heart. As far as youth itcan stunt their growth.

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Common reported side effects are: difficulty sleeping (which can lead in turn to other problems); loss of appetite (thus its use as an appetite suppressant); irritability; nervousness; stomach aches; headaches; dry mouth; blurry vision; nausea; dizziness; drowsiness; motor tics or tremors

Less common side effects are: hypersensitivity; anorexia; palpitations; blood pressure and pulse changes; cardiac arrhythmia; anemia; scalp hair loss; toxic psychosis.

The only things you have to watch out for is not taking much caffeine while on it, and it can effect your sleeping.

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