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If Rita hit's NO, which is not likely, but possible. The city is screwed. A three foot storm surge will break many levee's.

If it hits Texas, in the Galveston area, I think it will be a biggie.

Lot of the oil industry is centered in the most likely target area.

If your a praying man. Might want to say an extra one tonight.


They've already called for a mandatory evac of Galveston. Weathermen say she will be cat 4 when she hits. I've heard some talk of a cat 5.

Hurricanes should be banned during high school football season.


All the games have been moved to Thursday down here.


Now they are starting to cancel some.


I figured that they probably would - what with the evac orders and all.


when i first heard about the storm I thought it was no big deal but the more and I hear about the more concerned I become. its already a category 4 storm and the fucker is still three days away. I think I have come to the realization that this storm is going to hit and hit hard and do quite a bit of damage.

I live about an hour from Matagorda county, where the storm is supposed to hit directly. My happy ass is going to San Antonio tommorow. To all my fellow Texans on this board who live on the coast, What are your plans? Are you staying or going?


Just remember, Hurricane Rita is Bush's fault.


We are in Corpus Christi, so we should be on the "good" side of things if it does turn toward your direction. If it makes the turn early enough, we are going to head to McAllen. If it keeps coming straight this way, I'm heading to San Angelo. My wife is freaking out. Good luck.


I just had a friend over the other night who lives in Houston. They already have an evac plan. It's a scary time.

Her husband purchased over 40 MRE's on ebay and had them overnighted. He's stocked up on water and various other tangible needs. Finally, he bought a gun yesterday. I was shocked...that a boy from Texas didn't already have a gun in his home?

To my gulf family, be safe.


All of the School districts on the south side of H-town have been canceled. I will be harboring refugees (ie my sis-in-law) long before this storm hits. Looks like it will be an interesting weekend.


Hopes and prayers are with you all.

Stay safe.


It is expected to be a strong Cat 5 when it hits the coast. There is even talk of it being a Cat 3 by time it makes it to central Texas north of Austin -- so I am off to the store to make sure the family has plenty of food and water, since my job is rain or shine. I will be in the Dallas area on Friday, hoping I can get home Saturday.


Decided to head to the Valley. There's plenty of rooms in Brownsville and McAllen. I don't want to go inland and end up in a tornado or flood.


Ease on up to the panhandle - we probably won't get so much as a light shower out of Rita


As a survirvor of Katrina, I say take every precaution and get the fuck out of the way. She is now a cat.5 and may strengthen still. Don't get caught, leave!


Yeah, this meter maid is going to write a big ticket by the look of it.

Watching the talking heads on the tube they say it might possibly downgrade as it nears land, due to slightly cooler waters, but there is no way to be sure.

Anyhow, she bulked up to a cat 5 pretty damned quickly.

Stay safe.


Good luck and stay safe down there.


Hopefully those who are in danger will do what some of those in NO did not do: leave!

Stay safe you can rebuild later if you are alive and healthy.


they say that Rita should come inland about 250 miles. If that happens San Antonio will git hit with it. nothing like NO or any of the other Gulf cost towns. But bad enough for me.

hopefully it will die down some when it gets that far inland.

best advice to all. get the fuck out.


If you are stocking up on supplies, please do so now. My family and I went to Wal-Mart last night and all the water was gone, as were D batteries and good flashlights. Almost all the gas stations in San Antonio are out of regular and mid-grade gas. Only super and diesel were left. Some gas stations were already closed because they had no more gas. Please be safe and say an extra prayer for everybody.