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RIT Jared and Ripped Jeans

His comrades are VERY proud:

This link is to the 4/7/2006 issue of RIT’s weekly student magazine. The cover is a close-up of the man himself.


Are these, like, the Strongman groupies?!?

Just kidding man. Awesome coverage, congrats. “That’s why you look the way you do.” Excellent. (But, I don’t know if that’s Jared in the article’s picture. What exercise is he doing there, anyway?)

Nice article.

I’m assuming the man will pop in here eventually…

How many people are in the club?


Read the last line…Jared you didn’t have to ask, you’ve always been a monster in my book!

The irony is i met jared at Stronger than All and he specifically said he wasn’t going to post about it here because then he would also have to post how he did. Haha Jared, the secret’s out.

looks like a one arm DB clean and press

[quote]Minotaur wrote:
(But, I don’t know if that’s Jared in the article’s picture. What exercise is he doing there, anyway?)[/quote]

I was on the front cover of the print version. It was actually a 3/4 shot from my knee to my neck which basically showcased my ass and legs.

The funny part to me is that I was training for the “duck walk” so it actually looked like I was grabbing my cock. Then again I might be a sicko.

The guy in the picture on the e-version is the one and only Carlos Alfonso and he is definitely doing the one armed clean and press. Kind of misleading because the article is about me…

As for my “performance” at the STA, I strained my forearm on the first event of the chain yoke, and it was all downhill from there. I was shooting and had hit 455 x 16 on the axle deadlift in practice and came up with a whopping 2 reps at the STA. I guess some days you’re on and some days you aren’t.

Actually, none of the pictures are of him.

This article came out pretty recently too and it does have a picture of me.

Did anyone catch the picture of that “troll” lifting the beer keg?