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Risto Shoes?


I know I've searched and read all previous threads and I've read mixed reviews on every brand of shoe out there. Thinking about buying a pair of ristos...am I dummy? Was thinking about getting the trainers too just because my other pair of regular sneakers are falling apart. Yay or Nay?


I bought the Risto Linea Blanca since it has a removable insole. Of course, the whole purchase was pointless because 1) my arch supports made my feet way too unstable in the shoes, and 2) the size I bought was too big.

Anyways, they DO seem like really good shoes though. Haven't lifted in them but I can tell by walking around in them that they are solid, and they have a real wooden heel, which is cool. But they are also heavier b/c of that.


Yeah I'm a little sketched out about that sizing system. Did you size as per instructions and then round up? I've read that the weight is a downfall, but is it really a significant weight?


2 lifters @ my gym have them. They said they were tight initally but the leather stretched out after a couple of sessions. They look slick and like they are built to last. I have Do-Wins that I have used since 2005 that I will probably get another 7-8 years out of, also have the Adidas Powerlift Trainers, they have a pretty short heel that is made of rubber. It has a little give to it but not enough to throw you off on a lift.


well I'm a tall/big guy in general so the weight of the shoe doesn't bother me, but for a smaller guy it could be annoying. Nothing wrong with the Rogue Do-wins IMO, still one of the greatest shoes ever made.

On the size system, yeah it's a bit shitty. I rounded up (size 45 instead of 44) and it was too big, and now I can't return it because it's been two weeks and I totally forgot about it... my fault but son of a bitch. Off to ebay you go.


Just curious what size do you normally wear? I'm 6'3 I wear a size 13 normally, and measured as per the instructions (12.25, fell between 12.13(46)-12.40(47)) rounded up to 47. I'd rather just nail the sizing down the first time.


My ristos from two years ago fell apart. I don't know if they have fixed the issue. Heel cracked and eventually came off the shoe. I screwed it back on with a drill.


Yeah that was mentioned in the reviews I read, I'm fairly certain that issue has been fixed though. I also read the do-wins fall apart pretty easy too...broken straps and such.


I normally wear US 12 or EUR 44, which always fit me on almost every shoe I've tried, lifting or not. On my Risto's it says EUR 45, US 11.5, and is a tad too big.