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Risking my Safety by Publicly Attacking Pump & Dump Scammers?

I got caught up in a what turned out to be a pump and dump, or pump and dilute scam on an OTC stock I thought I knew about. I cannot prove, but speculate with good reason, that a specific hedge fund is responsible. For revenge, I’ve waged an aggressive counter-attack against the pumpers, by bashing them relentlessly, a.k.a. posting the correct information and analysis. But it occurred to me some time ago that this may actually be dangerous, that these people may have ties to organized crime, and could track me down somehow. I did submit a complaint to the SEC, but I don’t think they care about this. Thoughts?

Is this scam directly affecting you and your livelihood?

You make a lot of poor decisions. You may consider adopting a policy that, whenever you think something is a good idea, do the opposite of that idea.


I lost money in it. You don’t scam me out of my hard earned funds and just skate.

I have no idea what any of this means - my best guess is you bought a faulty toilet valve and didn’t keep the receipt or something - but I fully support any retaliation.


Is a meathead forum the best place to ask this?

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You tell that to the underworld assassins when they show up to collect the bounty on you!

That stuff doesn’t happen in real life. It just doesn’t.

Except my old buddy. He was killed over a drug debt, but that was just street level thuggery.

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I just came here for the pump and dump.


Is this beta-orbiting?


i just came here to find out which version of pump and dump we were talking about.


My thoughts are that the SEC takes market manipulation very, very seriously and, were your suspicions true, there would be other hedge funds, investment banks and professional investors on the wrong side of those deals who could provide plenty of evidence of foul play.

Have you considered that it might be the case that their analysis differing from yours is because they have access to more/different data or, gasp, that yours may be wrong?

People make different calls on stocks all the time, and the fact that you lost money on a stock doesn’t mean that the people who made money on it cheated you.

As to your question,

With all due respect I doubt they are thinking about you at all.

The best way to start the day…

Not sure if you really don’t know, but I’m on the BOD of now three NYSE companies and participate in certain advisory groups for the NYSE, so I take this stuff seriously. I’ll give a serious answer.

The classic “pump and dump” is a group gets a sucker list and hypes up penny stock it owns (usually Canadian or some other stock market — it’s really near impossible in the NYSE or NASDAQ for regulatory and capital reasons – UNLESS you are Goldman or the like, and they do it all super-legal).

After they get a fair rise out of the sock – say from .05 to .10., they dump their stock at $.10 (that they didn’t sell directly) and move on to the next group of suckers.

There’s a scene in the Sopranos where Christopher is put in charge of a boiler room.

Got a call like this the other day to invest in a Hollywood movie. So they do still exist. Usually oil wells, real estate, movies, gold mines, etc. Non-public deals. Or off-off-off Wall Street shelf “registered” crap.

OP: @huslinbriks what’s the stock and what’s the information? Otherwise, I’m calling bullshit.


Lol, Same here.

The SEC doest care about companies this small and invisible. I don’t think there are a lot of other institutional investors who are in.

Looks speculative as all heck, but a quick look indicates they squeaked out of Chapter 11 and are no longer a “Q” company.

What is the specific lie you claim they are making?


It looks like he’s mad at auctus fund and ostensibly their internet personas “Sportynorty” “wenchunchen” and “mammoth_package”.


Are those real names, because they all crack me up?

Yeah. They’re from the report a few posts up.

Kinda cracked me up too.

Like “Oh, I like to follow Jim Kramer and Motley Fool.”.

“I’m more of a Buffet guy.”.

“Not me Bros. I get my stock tips from Mammoth_Package on reddit!”.