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Risk of Scar Tissue Injecting Every Day?

Hi, guys.

I want to try daily injections to see how i will feel. I want to rotate only between my left and right Ventrogluteal muscle. I am using 29G 1/2" insulin syringe. Is there a risk of scar tissue and i need to find some other places to pin or should i be good?


There will be scar tissue there but to what end honestly? Ive never researched it but in passing, having been on TRT for nearly 3 years, ive never heard of this scar tissue being an issue.

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It seems like someone is putting this out there as an issue to freak people out. It’s not an issue. The possible damage from that tiny little needle is going to cause zero long term issues. You get more scar tissue in your lungs breathing rush hour air in one day than 30 years of injection could possibly cause.