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Risk Of Hair Loss - Test Only Cycle - Age 40+

5 foot 11 inches
190 lbs
12.1% Bodyfat
40 - age

What’s up guys. I am at least a year out from what would be my first cycle (standard 500mg/wk test only w/ AI, HCG, and PCT) – based on the conventional wisdom that I should first reach my genetic potential before even considering a cycle. My mission during this time period is to educate myself on all aspects of risk/reward so that I can make an informed decision and fully understand what I’m getting myself into.

My question relates to hair loss on a Test Only cycle. Here are the consensus facts that I have gathered by reading many posts on the topic (feel free to correct me if wrong):

• Some lose hair on a cycle, some do not – test cycles, though not as bad as some steroids, do carry this risk
• Those who do experience hair loss from a cycle tend to be individual who are prone to male pattern baldness from genetic factors – the test only accelerates the hair loss that inevitably would have occurred during aging
• Finasteride or Dutasteride are options to take to combat hair loss on cycle, but most agree that the risk of serious, long lasting side effects is too great (risk outweighs reward)

See attached photos – I just turned 40, and have essentially experienced little to no hair loss. However, I have four older brothers; one bald, one almost bald, one with moderate thinning, one with no hair loss, dad has no hair loss. My genetics seem to be a mixed bag.

Here are my questions / concerns:

• Does my combination of age and lack of existing hair loss put me in the very low risk category should I choose to run the cycle?
• Has anyone experienced or observed accelerated hair loss in 40+ aged men as the result of a test cycle who are NOT prone to MPB?
• Any other thoughts, experiences, or considerations?

Thanks very much!

i doubt one cycle will make much of a difference… however, nobody really does one cycle.

i do have to ask: does hair loss at 40+ matter that much to you?

Good question - I think it matters a lot more to me than the average 40 year old.

I’m really lucky to have a hot 32 year old wife who is in great shape and takes really good care of herself… She would love me no matter what, but she is pretty open about how she finds baldness exceptionally unattractive.

That also ties into the Finasteride side effects. We currently have an awesome sex life,and it would be a huge scene if that were to be compromised. She knows I am considering a cycle in the future, but I’ve had to work really hard to convince her that the risk are very manageable, and the whole process is relatively safe.

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If I was in your shoes, with a 32 year old wife I would make sure you both as a couple are either finished having kids or decide not to have kids before you start steroids. If you both want kids you obviously don’t want to do something that will negatively effect your chances of conception.
Yes some men do get their women pregnant whilst on cycle, but some also lose their fertility either temporarily, or even permanently from steroids. Hcg on cycle will be your best defence.

Back to hair, you aren’t going to know until you try a cycle. My hair was pretty lush before starting my first cycle in my mid fourties. By the end of the first 10 wk cycle I was noticing thinning of hair at the front and around my temples. The hairline stayed the same, but there was less hair per square inch, than on the rest of my head. Off cycle most the hair grows back, but that’s just me, others will lose it and might not get the regrowth ever. By the time it grows back I’m ready to start another cycle, and I start thinning again.

With test prepared for new hair growth on your back and shoulders.


Hair loss is a funny one.

I am almost 30 and recently took the decision to shave my head. My hair has been slowly thinning since i was in my early 20’s. I don’t have any bald patches its just receded and thin on top when compared to the sides.

I have done 3 cycles over the last two years, 2 test only and 1 test and tren cycle. These cycles did not increase my hair loss in any way.

A guy i know at the gym has an incredible head of hair and when he runs androgenic compounds it falls out in clumps. He stopped taking them and it grew back.

Point being is that its impossible to say how it will effect you and based on the two anecdotal examples above it doesn’t always seem the case that those with MPB are more likely to lose hair on cycle, although logic would suggest that this is the case.


Thanks very much for the replies…

Beyond_Beyond - I neglected to mention my family situation. I already have four sons, age 12-20, and got a vasectomy about ten years ago.We are definitely done having children. No judgement, but it really concerns me when I see guys in their twenties looking to dive into the AAS deep end and potentially changing the trajectory of their lives.

I’ll wait to hear more replies, but I’m starting to think that I should investigate Propecia / Finasteride further. The risk of sexual side effects is in the 3% range, and in most cases reasonably quickly reversible (pros). However, there are rare cases where impotence, low libido, etc last for up to 40 months (cons). Does anyone have direct experience with Finasteride? Especially those in middle age? As an antiandrogen how does it interact with the test cycle?

Many of those who weigh in on the finasteride discussion seem to be just repeating the “word on the street” warnings, rather than sharing direct experience. No harm in that, but I’ve read a couple of medical journals that state that the risks are generally overstated, and might occur in individuals who had less than optimal sexual health before starting the medication.

Thanks all!

Any other observations on hair loss during cycle?

Any first hand experiences with finasteride?


i’m pretty sure there are tons of threads about people trying to fix the sexual side effects from that on this forum…