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Rising E2 During PCT Attempt

Hello everyone, I’ve done a couple of cycles, last one was on 2018 but erectile dysfunction ever since while t levels are optimal at 700, e2 at 30 and everything else normal…i’ve done multiple pct attempts which helped a bit but still didnt get me to where i was before cycling…the only problem is ed, libido is normal. for the last month i have been talking 10 mg nolva trying to get back to where i was erection wise and for the last couple of weeks i saw big improvement. no need for viagra and horny as fuck.but for the last couple of days while libido is still high i keep losing my erection with my SO during sex…I think that maybe e2 is rising even with such a low dose of serm…so i today i took 0.25 arimidex and i plan of keeping the nolva 10mg ed for another month along with 0.25mg arimidex per week since the nolva really did make a difference…what do you guys think?? thanks in advance

No. If your E2 is 30, tha is not your problem. Stop with the SERM, you’re screwing yourself up, and the arimidex is just going to make things worse. Your E2 is probably too low if anything.

i wasnt clear i guess…my e2 isnt 30 at the moment…i’m just saying that it was after the cycle along with 700 total t and i still had ed… now after a month of nolva its probably 2 times higher since nolva raises estrogen along with total t

I just got my bloodwork
LH - : 17.51 mIU/ml 1.7 - 8.6
Ε2 - : 47.89 pg/ml 27.1 - 60.7 pg/ml
PRL - 18.13 ng/ml 4.04 - 15.2
Total Testosterone : 9.38 ng/ml 2,49 - 8,36 ng/ml
SHBG : 40.65 nmol/l 16,5 –55,9

This is while taking nolva 10mg ed…What do you think is the reason for sudden drop in libido and ed. Estrogen, prolactin or both?
Thanks in advance

Prolactin is more likely.

ok thanks…i ll talk to my doc about taking some caber.although i think it is the e2…i’ve seen my prolactin go higher than that in the past without it having such a big impact…like day 20 of taking nolva super high libido and rock hard…and day 21 no morning wood and no interest in sex. Also i started aromasin 12.5 mg every other day to lower e2 to at least low 30s…is that gonna bring prolactin down on its own?

Are you under the impression that Nolva lowers E2? It does not. Also, interest and ability are different things, You can have libido and ED, or no libido and rock hard. I wouldn’t expect aromasin do do anything positive for you actually. Having an E2 in the 30’s doesn’t have anything to do with libido per se, and morning wood is not a predictor of anything. Many men can have morning wood come and go before they are conscious enough to take note of it.

i know nolva doesnt lower e2 it just blocks it on some tissues. it actually might raise it.and i think it did .thats why i said that i added the aromasin which actualy lowers it. also i have bloodwork from 2 months ago before starting the nolva and e2 was at 35…while prolactin was around 14…and thats why i think its e2 because its a big increase…and prolactin always fluctuates so its not reliable to especially when its not even that high

I seriously think that you just need to stop. All of it. If you have an ED issue, use some viagra for a while and have some patience. These problems can come from a lot of different things and fiddling with hormones is not going to help, especially if you don’t do anything for at least 8 weeks without adjusting. I get that ED is not good. I also get that it can happen to anyone and then it becomes a psychological issue on top of it. So just stop. Take some viagra or cialis as needed and chill.

bro i told you…before nolva good but not as good as before cycling (fyi last cycle was in 2018 so patience isn’t an option anymore). while taking nolva as good as before cycling…4rth week of nolva…sudden loss of libido and a little ed…how could it be anything other than hormones…plus its not the ed thats the major problem but the libido since without it even with viagra…sex doesnt feel that good. What should i wait for…i actually dont believe in homeostasis if the hpta is messed up…i left my body heal without taking anything from december 2018 to september 2019…and no improvement…after doing another 4 week pct in september…80% restored…i am just trying to reach 100% and for the weeks before the last one i did. Thats why i believe that if i lower e2 and maybe prolactin a little bit the problem will be solved. I m not gonna take huge dosages of aromasin just 12.5 EOD and i am going to lower nolva to 10mg EOD and keep that for 2 weeks and then bloodwork again. I also forgot to mention that all this time Total T hasn’t dropped below 700.thats why its so dificult to figure out the issue
Thanks for trying to help though

A lot of TRT guys actually complain about these problems when their E2 get too low, not too high. Have you considered a little trial of maybe proviron or anavar? Maybe you’re fighting the wrong battle, it’s a complicated system.

i know…its too complicated…but high e2 and low e2 have similar sides. Why would i try proviron or anavar…even if they did help it would only be temporary…and also taking more androgens to fix a problem created by androgens doesnt seem like a good move…plus no matter what people say proviron is an androgen and even if it doesnt shut me down it definetly wont do any long term good on the hpta… My only concern about taking aromasin now is that if i stop the nolva the lh will drop then the testosterone will and then estrogen too…and if i am taking aromasin they might drop too low which is even worse than high…thats why i want to continue nolva for 2 more weeks at lower dose along with the aromasin…the thing i dont know is on average how much time does it take to drop e2 with 12.5 eod aromasin from 48 to 35 or 30. 2 weeks 3 or more?

Those drugs work differently than test, thus the suggestion. I really think your reaction to halotestin would be interesting to know. These are non-aromatising so your E2 would at least not go up, but they also bind differently and cause massive libido gains in some people.

I am not on trt nor do i want to do any more cycles so what you are suggesting doesnt make sence…There is no androgen that doesnt shut you down…Dont give these suggestions to anyone else who doesn’t know much about steroids in here…its counter productive and dangerous. If i wanted to increase libido at all costs i would start another cycle but thats not the point

Honestly man, relax. Taking proviron for a couple of days would be suppressive but not induce shutdown, and it’s a suggestion for the desperate. And you don’t seem to actually leave anything alone for more than 3-4 weeks anyway, so it’s not like you aren’t throwing yourself a new curveball constantly.

i’ve done 2 pct’s since 2018. and both didnt involve anything that shuts you down so i am leaving it alone and maybe more than i should…also whats the point of taking proviron for a couple of days? even if i take it for a couple of months at 25mg a day and it doesnt suppress me there is no permanent benefit from it. I’ll raise the dht and block the shbg for awhile…not what i am looking for…a suggestion for the desperate would be trt along with proviron for life…
Also you missed the point…2 weeks ago i was 100% restored while taking nolva…and then while still taking it something went off…thats what i am asking help for…and now i have bloodwork that shows e2 on the higher end and prolactin above ranges…i think its pretty clear that one of the 2 or maybe both is the issue

I said I think prolactin is more likely. We’re right back where we started. But, my point with proviron or anavar was to see what it does to you. It would maybe help filter out what isn’t the problem.

Nolva specifically blocks E2 in breast tissue. It worked for a while. What happens if you up your dose of Nolva? Is it maybe that it works until the prolactin is more than the Nolva is helping with? Just taking a stab with that one.

So you say you think prolactin is the problem but you are suggesting that i take something completely irrelevant just to see what isnt the problem (you could say get a bloodwork for dht)…hmm i got some chemicals at my basement and i want to see if they cure covid19…wanna try them? lol…just kidding bro but i don’t think thats the issue…plus aromasin will raise dht by lowering e2 so…same result

I was thinking that the DHT element would be easy to check that way. But, long term aromasin doesn’t sound great either.