Rising Dusk's Training Journal


New to the forums. I have been training for one year. My goals are to compete on stage within the next three to five years. My final goals are to reach 180 lbs at 5-7% BF. I am 19 years old and am 69 inches tall.

Current Diet:

3,900 Calories @ 35% Protein / 45% Carbs / 20% Fat

Current Training Program:

Waterbury High Frequency System by Chad Waterbury (WHFS) :: 8 Weeks
Waterbury Method (WM) :: 4 Weeks
10x3 FFL or BBB :: 4 Weeks

Current Weight (lbs.) / Waist (in.) / BF (%):
(Will be updated weekly.)

Start - 169 lbs / x / x
Week 1 (WHFS)-
Week 2 (WHFS)-
Week 3 (WHFS)-
Week 4 (WHFS)-
Week 5 (WHFS)-
Week 6 (WHFS)-
Week 7 (WHFS)-
Week 8 (WHFS)-
Week 9 (WM)-
Week 10 (WM)-
Week 11 (WM)-
Week 12 (WM)-
Week 13 (10x3FFL or BBB)-
Week 14 (10x3FFL or BBB)-
Week 15 (10x3FFL or BBB)-
Week 16 (10x3FFL or BBB)-
Week 17 (Off)-

Diet Information

Meal 1:
1c Oats, 1s Whey Protein, 3s Eggs, Animal Omega, 5g Creatine Monohydrate, Vitamin

Meal 2:
1c Oats, 5s Egg Whites, 3s Eggs

Meal 3:
2s Whey, 1c Oats, Vitamin

Meal 4:
6oz Eye of Round, 1c Brown Rice, 6oz Green Beans

4oz Chicken or Tuna, 1c Brown Rice, 6oz Green Beans

1s Universal Torrent, 6oz Eye of Round, 1c Oats, 6oz Green Beans

Meal 5:
1s Casein Protein, Animal PM

Totals - 3,900kcals @ 35%P/45%C/20%F

Please feel free to critique my diet I will be using for the duration of WHFS. I am a firm believer that your diet is going to control the majority of your results. Anyway this program starts tomorrow. For the 16 weeks I will follow a very strict diet like the one above and make adjustments as I see fit.

Before Pictures

Before Pictures Back

Waterbury High Frequency System - Phase 1 - Day 1

A1) Back Squat : 4x6, 60s, 185#

A2) Bent Over Row : 4x6, 60s, 110#

B1) DB Military Press : 4x6, 60s, 45#

B2) Lunges : 4x6, 60s, 45#

C1) Seated Calf Raises : 4x6, 60s, 135#

C2) Incline Bench Press : 4x6, 60s, 115#

Workout Notes:
Great workout. Totally kicked my ass compared to my previous split routines. After reviewing my lift numbers I had no business on a split routine. Hopefully joining this site will help me progress in the right direction.

Workout Grade:

Conditioning, conditioning, and conditioning. This workout really pushed me to the max. My Squat was fantastic considering it was nearly ATG, my BoR was lighter than normal but the explosive movement felt great (alot of room for improvement here), the DB Military Press was good however I used my legs a tab bit to much. This brings me to my bench press. I have never inclined benched before with a BB. I have no idea why I can’t bench more than this. I can incline DB 70’s… I guess its a technical issue. I may get a video up for critique so you big monsters can laugh at my puny bench presses. Anyway, see you guys tomorrow.

WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 2

A1) Deadlifts 3x12, 75s, 225#

A2) Decline Bench Press 3x12, 75s, 135#

B1) Chin-Ups 3x12, 75s, BW

B2) DB Tricep Extension 3x12, 75s, 50#

C1) Seated Calf Raise 3x12, 75s, 90#

C2) Reverse Crunch 3x12, 75s, BW

WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 3



WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 4

A1) Back Squat (Wide Stance)
3x12, 75s, 165#

A2) BoBBR (Palms Up)
3x12, 75s, 135#

B1) BB Military Press
3x12, 75s, 65#

B2) DB Split Squats
3x12, 75s, 25#

C1) Standing Calf Raises (Feet Angled Out)
3x12, 75s, N/A

C2) Incline Bench Press (Wide Grip)
3x12, 75s, 95#

WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 5

A1) Deadlifts (Sumo Stance)
4x6, 60s, 275#

A2) Dips
4x6, 60s, BW+10#

B1) Pulldowns (Palms Down)
4x6, 60s, 140#

B2) BB Skulcrushers
4x6, 60s, 70#

C1) Seated Calf Raise (Feet Straight Ahead)
4x6, 60s, N/A

C2) Swiss Ball Crunches
4x6, 60s, N/A

WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 6


WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 7


WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 8

A1) Back Squat (Narrow Stance)
5x6, 60s, 185#

A2) BoBBR (Palms Down)
5x6, 60s, 155#

B1) DB Military Press
5x6, 60s, 45#

B2) DB Lunges
5x6, 60s, 45#

C1) Standing Calf Raise (Feet Straight Ahead)
5x6, 60s, 3 Plates

C2) Incline Bench Press (Narrow Grip)
5x6, 60s, 135#

WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 9

A1) Deadlifts (Narrow Stance)
3x12, 75s, 235#

A2) Dips
3x12, 75s, BW

B1) Chin-Ups
3x12, 75s, BW

B2) DB Triceps Ext
3x12, 75s, 55#

C1) Seated Calf Raise (Feet Angled Out)
3x12, 75s, 70#

C2) Lying Leg Raises
3x12, 75s, 12.5#

WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 10


WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 11

A1) BB Back Squat (Wide Stance)
4x12, 75s, 165#

A2) Bent Over BB Row (Palms Up)
4x12, 75s, 140#

B1) Standing BB Military Press
4x12, 75s, 65#

B2) DB Split Squat

C1) Standing Calf Raise (Feet Angled Out)

C2) Incline BB Bench Press
4x12, 75s, 105#

WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 12

A1) Deadlifts (Sumo Style)
5x6, 60s, 285#

A2) Dips
5x6, 60s, 20#

B1) Pull Ups
5x6, 60s, BW

C1) Seated Calf Raise (Feet Straight Ahead)
5x6, 60s, 140#

C2) AB Complex

WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 13


WHFS - Phase 1 - Day 14


WHFS - Phase 2 - Day 1

BB Back Squat (Wide Stance)
Worked up to 245#x5.

Flat BB Bench Pres (Wide Grip)
Worked up to 175#x5.

Lying DB Triceps Extension
Worked up to 40#x5.