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Rise Of The Slaya- Strongman Edition




Here is what I have in my bag and use on a regular basis:

  1. Long lifting straps for axles when needed.
  2. 10mm double prong belt
  3. Thick neoprene knee sleeves for squatting and runs (these get sweaty and smelly just fyi)
  4. Oly lifting shoes for ohp and squats
  5. Two pairs of regular cloth elbow sleeves, one for ohp and zerchers and one for stones. I have hairy arms and these save my arms
  6. Mouth guard as dental work is expensive
  7. Weight belt since my gym’s sucks
  8. Wrist wraps as I have pretty bad carpal tunnel so it helps a lot pain wise

That’s pretty much it. It’s quite a bit but they all have their purpose to make sure I don’t have to take a lot of time off from lifting due to an injury


Todays training
So tired but good session apart from not cuing on push press and stuff

Facepulls amd lat pulldown
Lazy lifter

Axle push press 55×4 pr

45×8 Pr

Did pin presses. Decided i hate them and tried out something i saw in a vid of @Alpha’s. For overhead stability

4×4 with kettlebell on bands. Worked great for stability and forcing/keeping form/Cued up. Keeping these in.
Supersetted with towel pullups

Lat pull downs 3×12
Tried out dumbell lawnmowers aka paul carter trap exercise. Shoulder didnt like but worked traps and upper back alot.

Rear delt machine thingy 3×15 liked this machine.

Fat gripz hammers 3×8
Facepulls 2×15


Does this help your knees stay safe when doing yoke?

Thats a good idea

Avoiding injury is essential


do you put a 600 lbs prowler on your back and run with it?

Yoke is 1000000000x worse than prowler pushes. Prowler pushes are pretty much the easiest thing I do in my training. Yoke is the worst.

Ok, so as far as equipment goes: I’ll start with wrist wraps. That was pretty much the first thing I ever bought, even before a belt. It’s a good idea, mostly because they are cheap. I recommend not getting the stiffest ones you can find. Find some with some give. You’re not moving weights that require very stiff wraps, they’ll just be uncomfortable.

I don’t think you need a soft belt. I use one, but I’m also 34 years old and totally broken down, lol. I use my soft belt in the following ways: front carries, stone loading, and under my hard belt for log and axle press. I use it on the presses because I kept pinching my skin on the cleans, and i just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. I use it on carries and stones for the obvious benefit of support without restricted mobility. It’s nice to have, but something you don’t need right away, UNLESS you’re doing a lot of axle clean and pressing already. Then I’d probably look into it.

To be honest, most of the equipment I own is because my joints hurt. Neoprene sleeves are a good example of that. They’re something of a luxury, and probably not necessary at your age. Sleeves won’t really do much for performance. They just keep my joints warm between sets/events.

As others have said, straps are necessary. The only thing you can’t really go without in strongman. I only own figure 8’s. I don’t believe the brand matters at all. Mine are cheap, and I’ve lifted 800 lbs with them. I think they’re pretty much all coming out of the same factory.

EDIT: forgot to mention my thoughts on ‘regular’ straps. I don’t like them. They’re not appropriate for deadlift medleys, because it takes too long to wrap them around the bars. Figure 8’s are far more efficient. They also won’t slip on high reps. I’ve also seen regular straps slip completely off an axle bar that didn’t have knurling. I saw a guy miss 540 with regular straps in a comp, make the jump to 580 with figure 8’s, and get the lift. Don’t be that guy. Figure 8’s are better, period. I would only use regular straps if figure 8’s were banned.

oly shoes are not necessary. Just another luxury. Flat, hard soles are all you need. You can try different shoes for events like yoke and other moving events. People have different preferences on that.


They’re a bit more pricey, but I’d look into ‘approach’ shoes if this is the road you’re curious about going down.

The soles tend to be made of the same type of material but it’s an actual shoe. I’ve owned several pairs of climbing shoes and I’d think even my most comfortable ones would be inappropriate for a pushing/pulling event.


A lot late to the party here ( “lot” was a typo, but I find it more appropriate)

Straps, neoprene sleeves, and a good belt are what I use every lower body session. I belt in for farmers carries,m and yoke, but never for front-loaded stuff.

Yoke is a lot tougher than the prowler, but I like doing it a whole lot more. For the Same reason I think front squats are more fun than a stationary bike lol


I think it does but it also makes me feel my knees more which is a very weird thing to say. However, I have an issue where my normal walking has my knees pretty locked out. In order to avoid this on yoke as to avoid a tear, the sleeves allow me to feel where my knees are at and if they are starting to lock out. Hope that makes sense


Well good point lol.

I’ll have a look around and see what i can find!

Okay for now i wont get one

Yeah joint warmers doesn’t sound like something i need at this stage

I was scared mine might snap or something. Good that i dont have to buy a new pair. My figure 8’s should be good then

i have regular straps but never used. Good to know for comp if figure 8’s are banned i have some.

I have some $3.50 shoes from Target that are flat and work good lol


Merry cake day


Todays training/Tnation Cake day :ok_hand:
This was shit as fuck, Well the whole day was and so is sleep lately and really stressed out from school etc blah blah.


Lazy lifter
Facepulls and lat pulldowns
4×2 doubles

Felt a little twinge/ Tweak because on the eccentric i dont lower properly and basically the bar gets away from me so puts strain (bad) on back. Shut deadlifts down after that. Rest of session was ok though but hard to get through, wanted to leave.

Heres a pic on the eccentric, as you can see bar had zero contact with body during lowering hence the erector thingy

Need to lower slowly like yall have suggested and remember keep bar in contact and hinge at hips then knees

Front squats
These sucked… front rack was being retarded, knees were too. Changed my stance and feet were pointed out more after some sets and fixed knee problem. Got up to my sets i was supposed to do and couldnt even rep out what i was meant to.
Did 55×10 tho Pr

Still wanted to leave.

Romanian deads
Focusing on hip hinge

Yep wanted to leave even more and sleep

Goblet squat
Core was fried by then so these were kinda useless. Didnt feel in quads at all. Will change next week to something else. 2×15

Bye gym… wait no way!

Ab wheel 2×8 (Core fried so some were eccentric only reps)

Back extension 2×12

Yay i completed it




Keep it up!
Happy cake day :+1:


Thank you!


There fixed that for you.

Happy t nation day Duke.


Lol. Nobody got strong by being a pussy

Thanks simo


Happy cake day.
What program are you following?


Complains about not going heavy enough

sets PR

Just kidding bro, nice grind

Trying slowing them down and going for constant tension. Sucks wayyyyyy more but my quads are always pumped afterwards


None. Just doing upper/lower and adding weight/Reps etc.

Its like this atm
Axle press

Deadlift/Front squats

Close grip bench
Incline work

Ssb squat
Stones) Next week will be zercher and farmers. Friday is new this week because I’m not going to strongman class now.
Posterior chain

Weekends off and wednesday. So far thirsdays and mondays have been going pretty good. Same with tuesday front squatting but deadlift is the most annoying thing. Pretty awesome gains across the board since ive been back training.

And thanks!


I was meant to do 70kg 5×5 but just one of those trash days lol. (55kg set was planned as well btw)

Thanks! i want to get to 60kg×20. Higher rep front squats suck ass

I’ll try that. By constant tension do you mean not locking out


Damn, solid weight dude. I’m sure you’ll get it next time

Yuck :nauseated_face:

Yeah, if I go for constant tension it’ll usually be from around parallel to almost locked out. The only problem I have with doing goblets this way is by the third set my back seems to give way first