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Rise Of The Slaya- Strongman Edition



Duke, it’s jfallon9. Also, it was on the news here in America. Because that’s so important :joy:


My boi


Hey there!


Nice to see you back man!!


Grip training
Forearm stretches
Couple sets of 10 with trainer
Couple sets of fast closes with the no.1

3 sets of negatives on the 2

More small sets for technique

Hand bands


Grip training
Warmup with forearm stretches, sets of ten on the trainer and sets of 5 on the 1.

3 sets of negatives with the 2 ( i force it shut like an overcrush then keep it almost closed with one hand for 5-10 seconds and if it opens up a bit thats when i end the set.

Iso hold with the 1

Almost closed the #2 with my right hand. I’m trying out more frequency with one day off, one day on with miniscule volume to save my elbows. If you want to get better at something like closing the 2 i don’t think doing negatives once a week is going to help.


Life update
This is something i had to do i had to and i know it’s what’s best for me and my wellbeing. I need to be close to my family, best mate, friends and i need to follow my goals which i can’t do when I’m stuck in bumfuck at stupid ass boarding school (prison) and when I’m at home i get abused (verbal/mental) thankfully not physical because although she tries she can’t really physically abuse me… i was staying in Perth for the last week and i decided i can’t go back to all of that. I’m just fucked up and i don’t want to be under this mental fuckery and continue getting worse and die before I reach 20 from stress because that’s how i feel.

I’m staying at my best mates for a while and sorting out my life, and where i’m going to live and do but the main thing is i have lots of support from my friends, family down here and I’m going to be alright and get things on track.



I have a few things to say about what it took me to recover from personal issues in my late teens and early 20’s, and how I’ve learned to be a better person. Some of this may not be totally applicable to you, but I enjoy telling stories, so you get all of it.

I was an alcoholic and drug addict. Not sure if you’ve read where I’ve said that in other posts, but figured I should preface with that. I was in Alcoholics Anonymous for about 2 years, and during that time, I learned some of the absolute most vital life lessons I’ve ever learned.

The first thing is to surround yourself with people, places and things that keep you in a positive headspace. It also means getting rid of the negative people places and things. I had to leave a lot of ‘friends’ behind while I was in recovery, because they were triggers for me.

Next, I learned to accept the things I couldn’t change, find the courage to change the things I could, and the wisdom to know the difference. You’re going to encounter a lot of roadblocks that can’t be overcome. People won’t always act the way you want them to. You’ll also find yourself in situations where you know what the right thing is, but it will be easier said than do to do what you know is best. And then you’ll find grey areas, where you’ll just have to make the best decisions you can, and trust that you’ve done what needs to be done.

Which brings me to the last point. Even through all of this, you will never escape negativity completely. You know what I’ve achieved in Strongman. You should also know that I constantly encounter people who say things like ‘are you sure you should be doing that? Is that healthy? You’re going to end up in the hospital or worse. Maybe you should back off on the training. You’re getting too big. Etc etc etc’. And all of this is after I’ve reached a world-class level. Can you imagine how much negativity I got from people before that? When I was busting my ass in the gym and working towards these goals, but this level was years away? People around me thought the things I’m doing today were a pipe dream. That this was a nice hobby, but I shouldn’t take it so seriously. That I was beating my body up for nothing.

Rise above all that, my man. Start living your truth NOW. Every day you spend sorting things out, trying to get your feels in order, is a day you aren’t chasing dreams. ‘One day at a time’ is something we say over and over again in AA. There was a time when I was 1 day sober. 1 fucking day. Then 2 days, then 3… a week… a month… I picked up my 1 year chip… I picked up my 2 year chip… and my life got better, because I stayed committed to self improvement, literally every single day. I made each day count. I do drink alcohol now, but I am 13 years sober from drugs. You know how I could end that 13 year streak? One bad decision. Just one, and it’s all gone. So I have to be vigilant, and take care of myself, do the best things for myself, every day of my life. You should do the same.

Keep pushing in the right direction, I promise things will get better.


Not to be all mushy, but you put that message out in a great way.

And you are absolutely right. That is exactly how my life turned around and has continued to get better too.


Thankyou man! I’ll keep pushing. I know i can do this because well I can’t waste my life being fucked up and unhappy. I need to make it better, it goes by quick. And I think it’s awesome what you’ve done for yourself and that you keep going, it actually inspires me


Hey Young Duke
Hope things will turn out right and go your way.
You deserve it.
What are you going to do now?
Have you found a school in Perth to attend?
Good luck with the new path you’re about to wander


Thanks man. I’ve got a school in mind that some of my friends go to and apparently it’s really good. I’m going to work part time after school and weekends and If i don’t go back to school I’ll be working full time, and I’ll be doing tafe ( if not at school) then getting my cert 3&4 to be a trainer.


Sorry not my main language, what’s tafe?
And you attend school young duke, ya’ hear :slight_smile:

If you need a year off, it wont hurt you.
I don’t know how it’s down under, but here you can get through life without education, but you can’t expect to earn the big money.


Tafe’s where you can do a bunch of certificate courses and vocational training.

If i take the year off it means I’ll have to repeat year 11, if i take off next term i can still complete year 11. they’ll just base my grades off of one term ( term 4 if/when i go back to school) since i moved.


Grip training
Warmup forearm stretches, hand bands, trainer and no.1

3 sets of negatives with the 2

Lots of hand bands.


Thank you man!


Grip training
Got hell sick so grip hasnt really been up to it last few days.

Warmup with hand bands, Trainer and 1

4 sets of negatives on the 2
Found out a new technique which i think will be useful, assist with the other hand a little bit to keep the gripper almost closed longer, when you do the negatives (with negatives I overcrush the gripper closed then let go so I’m only using one hand, and i keep it as closed as i can and when it starts opening rep is over)

@danteism how are the forearm gainz going?


More vascularity by the day, man, they’ve also grown like 3/4 of an inch.

And really, three way wrist curls, weighted stretches and hammer/reverse curls are 95% of everything I’ve done for them.



What do you do for weighted forearm stretch?


Grip training
Warmup with hand bands, forearm stretches and reps with the trainer and 1

Max attempt close on the 2:
I was literally like millimetres away from closing it. Like shit i thought i did close it but i realised i never heard the sound of it closing so I’ll just presume it wasn’t closed for now. Anyways it means I’m very very close and i’m going to close it this week.

Another max attempt

3 sets of negatives

30 second hold with no.1

Bunch of hand bands