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Rise Of The Slaya- Strongman Edition



What’s GPP stand for?


I was doing one arm hangs the other day. So fun! Tree pullups will be awesome for grip. I’ll try some out and let you know how they go.


Okay, forget the bodyweight squats since you keep bringing that up. Calisthenics will strengthen you - there are no two ways about it, it’s just a fact. If you don’t wanna do them, that’s totally cool, but you saying they’re not gonna help you is 100% wrong, no matter what your fitness goals are.

On the other hand, I’ll certainly stick around to see you enter the world of strongman competition and wish you luck!


GPP general physical preparedness- basically building up a good level of physical strength and conditioning. An example would be off season training for a footy player.


I’m sorry if i came off rude, i was kind of in a shitty mood and thats no excuse anyway, you were just giving me advice.

I was thinking about it and you’re right, me thinking Just because i already do a bunch of conditioning doesnt mean i can’t do calisthenics. No i wont squat 300kg from doing bodyweight exercises, but I’ll be stronger than if i didn’t do them. Just maybe i wont do bodyweight squats lol

Haha i havent scared you off?

Thanks for joining my log man, you seem like a nice dude and I’ve read some of your log and your food looks awesome. I’ll be sticking around in there too


Ohhh Cheers simo


Hey young duke :slight_smile:

You’re one hell of a stubborn youngster :slight_smile: I like you.

What sets you apart from all the others is that you actually have a goal and want it badly. You have your own way of doing things and you do them heads down not looking back. I like it.

But what I really like is that you’re not that stubborn, you listen and if what’s said makes sense you change things up.

Keep it up young Duke, you’re special :slight_smile:


Thanks so much mort! Yeah i am pretty stubborn. I like to read back through old threads and posts and advice other people have given me because it makes sense after a while. When im in the moment it’s hard for it to click instantly but upon thinking about it for a bit/reflecting it sets in.

The reality is that i only know the basics of things and i have alot to learn so the best thing i can do is take in what people say and listen to you smarter, more experienced people.

Haha thanks, it’s only really the start of this year and late last year where it clicked what i wanted to do, i always had a sort of basic thought to what it was but didn’t see the full picture of my goals. I’m sure being stubborn and doing things my way alot is a bad thing because the things i do may not be the best way of doing it but that’s how you learn. So it’s also good.


For strongman training with no equipment whatsoever you could always throw in odd object training. Just deadlift/ shoulder/ clean & press/ front squat some rocks.


I was thinking weekends since im doing stuff all on sundays to throw in an outdoors day, go lift some rocks, Climb some trees, do some bodyweight stuff


Not a bad idea, remember with bodyweight stuff, doing them often with some sort of progression will give best results. Just climbing a few trees is great for fun and letting off steam but won’t see big strength improvements. Doing multiple sets of pull ups, multiple times a day every day and you will see real progress.




well the thing is pullups use your grip, i want my grip to be fresh for captains of crush sessions so i don’t know where to put them in


BJJ thursday
2 hours. just really going over techniques from the last few weeks and stuff we’ll use for the tournament tomorrow. Bit of rolling at the end.


3-5 pull ups x multiple times a day (5-10 times) shouldn’t effect your grip too much. At your age you will adapt quickly anyway.


true. if i start off low like 1-2 a set i can add reps week to week.


You will be surprised how quick you can progress, they key is spreading the volume accross the day


BJJ tournament

Well where do i start, It was awesome!

My instructor took me and we got there before it started and everyone who was there early helped set up. Started at 10 and finished around 2:20.

All around awesome effort from everyone and great sportsmanship even from the younger kids.

First off before the Round was the movements. This is to see what we’ve learnt so far.

Forward and back rolls

Shrimping & Reverse shrimping

Egg rolls

A couple of other fundamental jiu jitsu movements.

Now the Grappling. One 5 minute round with a point scoring system basically whoever gets the most submissions and if you stay in mount for over 10 seconds you get points too.

My first opponent for my first round was a guy thats been training a couple of years. I made alot of mistakes and this was my shittiest round especially since something happened 20 minutes prior ( got a phonecall) with some shitty news and i got really angry and almost withdrew from the tournament ( didn’t want to verse someone whilst I’m really mad), i went to the toilet and calmed down a bit. Anyways during my round i wasnt focused or relaxed and i didnt use any techniques whatsoever instead i relied on strength and made stupid choices and over exerted myself. Got submitted 4 times. Anddd moving on.

Round 2
I got put against a lady that goes to the same jiu jitsu and it was a bit weird.

It would be a useless experience if i just totally dominated or if i let her win so i chose inbetween. First up i got her into a rear naked choke and submitted her and i decided that was it for the submissions because that’s all i needed to win and i didnt want to totally dominate. After that i gave her opportunity to try take me down and then i went to establish side control and she was really quick and that failed so i just gained mount for a while and then round was pretty much over.

Round 3: I was supposed to verse someone else ( i was meant to verse this person at the start but the order got fucked up) and I’m annoyed because it would have been a good matchup. They have been going a few months more than me but what i lack in the technique they have i have bodyweight and strength.

They had to leave so i versed the same dude from round 1 and it was muchhh better. I wasn’t angry by then and i was calm and used techniques alot more and didnt over exert myself or rely on strength so they really had to fight to submit me. Still got submitted twice but i shrimped and bridged alot and escaped alot of their pressure and nearly got a kamura in. Very pleased with this.

It was a good learning experience. Really Great day.


Why do all BJJ moves sound like something you’d have for lunch? lol
Sounds like you did pretty well and had a mad as time, sounds awesome


I don’t know but it makes me hungry lol

Yeah it was pretty cool! Glad i went. Learned alot and it will help with training.

I’m glad i have an awesome BJJ instructor too.