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Rise Of The Slaya- Strongman Edition



Stab him in his balls, Duke. It’s the only language these people understand.


Yeah i’ll just take him down and put him in side control where he can’t do shit and i’ll tell him “I am the Alpha”

Joking but i don’t know if theres cameras or not, however i’m sure someone would video record it (thats the trend with fights these days)

Not really: most people don’t respond to his bullying and he keeps going anyway because it generates a laugh out of his friends regardless.

Have you ever read the Eragon series? When a dwarf clan attempts to take Eragons life, the other dwarf clans shun them and ignore their existence.

I dont really care about the punishments, i just wish there was no such things as bullies. I’m going to do my best to avoid the situation.

if you let them up they are most likely to try strike you anyway.

I watched this bully fight someone and the guy was a dude from MMA, MMA dude didnt want to fight but bully persisted anyway, MMA dude took bully to the ground and once bully calmed down he let him up but bully of course started to fight again.

So then you’re really just going to get in trouble either way, you can end the fight on the ground or just let them get up where they’ll just fight you anyway. There’s a chance they will stop though of course.

Or this can work too :joy:


Well good luck then.

Never read Eragon.


Years ago, School teachers would just give two students a pair of boxing gloves and tell them to fight it out. Nowadays that would result in the teacher being fired.


Years ago, infant mortality rate was pretty high and you didn’t name a kid until after their first birthday, since you didn’t want to get too attached.


Physique update for the T-Ransformation challenge @Chris_Colucci

January 1st:

May 18th :

So what have i done? Well, in the first photo i was about 80ish and now i’m sitting at a leaner 85 with less muscle. (haven’t been able to lift in the gym for 4 months except like 2 weeks in february, but i’ve played sports and started MMA and BJJ)

It’s really weird that i’m at my heaviest so i think i have had a growth spurt.

Official 2018 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Captains of crush work
Got my new stuff ( wrist roller, fat gripz and plate loading pin)

2×10 trainer
No.1 1×50 seconds iso hold PR
2×35 overcrushes PR although these dont really matter just adding volume each week and sets etc

Wrist roller 1×5 2.5kg(going up and down 5 times with no rest)

Holy shit. I started off real light but even so I can hardly type this because my forearms are that toasted. Wrist roller = :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

Hand bands 3×15 yellow level 3 band.


Wrist rollers give you the sickest forearm pumps imaginable, I made one myself a few years back from wood and twine, it’s great.


Biggest forearm pump i’ve ever had. Do you still use it?


I haven’t used it in a while but I’m planning to dig it out and start using it on the bulk


Nice. How do you like to program it/ implement it?


I like to use it on upper body days at a point where I dint have anything involving forearms left (so really the only thing I’d do after it is neck work)

In terms of progression, it can be treated like any other exercise, say 3-5 sets of 6-10. Here one rep means going all the way up and down. That works for some time but after a while you’ll run into the problem of just having too much weight to effectively do the exercise.

But you can impliment it with a time-based scheme, and personally I like it more as it makes it more of a challenge and it eliminates the problem of too much weight. So for example, max number of reps in 10 minutes, and when you get 15-20% more than the first time you used the weight add weight and start again. Kind of the same as EDT.

Or you can do timed sets, for example 3 sets of 2 minutes of constantly going up and down with 1 minute rest periods. I guarantee you a hellish pump if you do that.


Yeah you wouldn’t want to toast your forearms with the wrist roller mid session.

Thanks man! I’ll start off with simple progressive overload then move on to the timed sets and reps for time.


Sounds good!


The reason i got a wrist roller is to get some nice hypertrophy gains in the forearms. Sure, Grippers will build them to a point but grippers are more suited for strength. Also grippers dont build all the muscles in the forearms.

The correlation between big forearms and a strong grip isn’t really that much from what i’ve read/observed. I know people with skinny as heck forearms who somehow have a super strong grip or others with big forearms and a weak grip.

However if you have massive forearms and start training for a strong grip, perhaps having more muscle to recruit will allow you to be stronger than the strong dude with small forearms. So i think hypertrophy work in conjuction with strength will yield better results. Kinda like how you can’t deadlift 900 pounds without having a strong, muscled posterior chain.


Good thinking man, that sounds like something I would write, so obviously I think it’s brilliant.

And yes, generally a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle when we are talking about the same person.

Also, big forearms are something that will surely get you some stares and attention - big, veiny forearms really change your physique.



Holy forearms!

Thanks for that video. It’s going to come in handy.

That means alot coming from you. You’re really smart and knowledgeable!

Big forearms will be awesome.


Thanks man, I’m glad to see that you are listening to the stuff people say here and picking up on stuff that works

Gonna build meat hooks like Frank McGrath?

I’ve got to level up my forearm game on the bulk to keep up with you!


There’s so much to learn. I’ve really only picked up the basics of some things.

Even if i can’t get them that big, i’ll be satisfied when i get a super strong grip too.

Your grip is way strong closing the no.2 first try and doing weighted fat gripz pullups. What the heck!!