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Rise Of The Slaya- Strongman Edition



In some ways i guess but i’d rather be lifting lol. I know what ur saying tho



Look like a bodybuilder and be as versatile and conditioned as a strongman - that’s where it’s at


Thats my ideal result in future! Be a jacked bodybuilder looking strongman.


Basically @flipcollar, yeah?


Yeah pretty much - just less lean… dont think i would be able to get to flips leanness level and maintain it. (like bodybuilders stepping on stage,they dont stay stage ready year round)

Flips just a beast with awesome genetics for being lean and lots of hard work/time under the bar.

To get the Physique/strength level i want is going to take 10-15 years i think.


aw, shucks guys. Thanks!

Ya know, something to keep in mind, Duke. You’re still really, really young, and it’s actually still pretty hard to know how your genetics will be expressed as an adult. You may find it easier and easier to get/ stay lean as you mature. Obviously no guarantee of that, but the fact that you’re pushing yourself in the gym so young and putting in some effort in diet will bode well for you long-term.

I think it’s awesome that you’re already taking an interest in strongman. It’s SUCH a better path to take early than, say, powerlifting. I think it’s very short sighted for most people to go all-in on powerlifting early in life, unless they’re just absolute beasts in the sport. Powerlifiting, for most people, essentially guarantees pain and imbalance. Strongman is such a better sport for overall athleticism, aesthetics, posture, ‘real’ strength. It’s great man.


I was really skinny right up until about 8, pretty chubby 8 till 13-14 and now im not skinny nor chubby (top two abs show, so not very lean but with a bit of chub and no veins etc)

It’s interesting to think about now that you pointed it out! hopefully i get another growth spurt in years to come as well. (only 5’8) lol.

Thanks flip!

Strongman has always appealed alot more to me than powerlifting. ( I think powerlifting is kinda boring) When i watched a strongman comp last november i kinda fell in love with it!

When i think of being strong, lifting big weights on Deadlift,squat and bench doesnt appeal to me like pressing heavy things overhead or any of the various other strongman events do.

So yeah i’m looking forward to competing one day!




I’m speaking from experience, fwiw. And I can elaborate. Powerlifting doesn’t HAVE to fuck up your mobility or athleticism. Most people just end up that way because they don’t do proper ancillary work. Chris Duffin is a great example of someone who has put an emphasis on mobility while still mostly practicing the powerlifting lifts. He is THE guy I would tell young lifters to pay attention to and try to emulate if they really want to pursue powerlifting.

I didn’t follow a duffin-like path. I avoided movement. I didn’t stretch, I didn’t do mobility work. I barely overhead pressed. And it was a mistake.


I’m with you on that, Duke. I’ve always thought powerlifting was dull.


I liked it, for years, because it was so simple and so concrete. I knew EXACTLY where I stood as far as my personal goals went, how I stacked up against friends, and how I stacked up against the rest of the world. And I knew those things just from the gym. With strongman, you just don’t know until you show up to compete, which is thrilling in a very different way. It’s fierce, man. I won my first comp by 1 rep on the last event of the day, and the emotional high was like nothing else I’ve gone through in my life.


I’m speaking purely from the perspective of a spectator, and powerlifting really isn’t very much fun to watch. Only so many times you can watch some fat dude in a monolift squatting before you get bored of it.

Strongman, on the other hand, is way more interesting. Some of the shit those big dudes do is just so cool. I saw on WSM one year they had to flip a car up and down a track. Imagine being able to do that!


That was pretty much me, made the switch to strongman last year and I love it. So much more satisfying and the completions are so much entertaining as a spectator and a competitor.


oh for sure, I’m with you. I could never watch a full PL meet. I can watch entire strongman shows. And that, by the way, is why they call them ‘meets’ vs ‘shows’ lol. Strongman’s origins are in the circus. It’s always been about the show first, it’s only in the last few decades that it’s become competitive.


yeah it’s cool, and you can really see how it evolved from that.

You need to learn to do the old school stuff like ripping a pack of cards or straightening a horseshoe


In highschool we had some Russian strongman come in, guy ripped a phone book in half. Also looked kind of like Steven Seagal.


CoC work
CoC trainer 3×15 with 5 assisted closes.

70 second iso old (PR)

Lots of hand band expansions.


Still on vacay?


Yeah until the 1st


Death By Conditioning
Decided to do some conditioning. Went out and got the biggest log i could find, made a DIY sandbag with a bag i found 2/3 full of sheep shit and added some sand and tied with some cable ties.

Warmed up with the light log then Was supposed to zercher the heavy log but i couldnt stand up with it so i bear hug walked it instead. Sandbag carry and log bear hug were done for max distance. (Bear hug walking then immediately after go back to the sandbag and run with it for max distance)

Managed three rounds and almost puked and passed out lol. Forearms almost started bleeding from the log so i suppose i should wear something long sleeved next time. You would love this @danteism

This was a bitch effort compared to stuff @T3hPwnisher @danteism or anyone else around here does on the regular lol. I obviously have a long way to improve. Also I can’t do this workout while im at the college but i can on the farm when i’m home.

This really sucked and hope for more than only 3 rounds next time. In hindsight i probably would’ve managed a few more if i wasnt going so hard but thats a good thing.

To make it worse you could add a lighter object so you would have the heavy log, medium to heavyish sandbag and then a lighter car tire perhaps.