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Rise Of The Slaya- Strongman Edition



Nah, but they’ll more than likely be unsuccessful morons in life. They’ll feel like their boss treats them unfairly (if they even have a job) but in reality the boss just realizes they’re useless idiots.


Consider why you would want to risk your future to teach an idiot respect. Why are you so concerned about this idiot knowing respect.

Be truthful here: you aren’t interested in making him a better human: you just want him to respect YOU. Which again, is silly, since he is an idiot. Generally, if you don’t have the respect of idiots, you are doing good for yourself.

I once boarded a bus in Portland OR. When I got on, there was a grown man with a pacifier in his mouth. As I was sitting there with the girl that would one day be my wife, apparently this man began launching a verbal tirade against me from his seat on the bus. He called my wife a bitch and made fun of my clothes and said other things intending to wound my pride.

My wife, knowing my proclivity for violence (this was back when I fought) got nervous and asked me “Are you going to do anything?” I said “about what?” That is because, as soon as I saw he was a grown man on public transit with a pacifier in his mouth, my brain made him invisible. He did not matter to me. His existence and opinion were of no consequence. Having his respect was of no value. My wife had to actually tell me all the things he said, because I heard none of them.

Let someone ELSE get expelled and go to jail for beating up your pacifer man. You should just ride the bus home and have sex with your girlfriend.


I don’t want the respect of idiots. I just dont like people being dickheads towards me. I just want to be left alone and not be provoked.

How do you just make them invisible? I dont know how to do that with my kind of temper


I don’t want to advocate misanthrophy at such a young age, but that is what does it for me. You won’t care about the respect of someone or something you consider apart from you. I held his opinion of me in no higher regard than I would the opinion of a fish or a houseplant.


I’ll try to view idiots in this perspective, then it wont stress me out as much. Like little flies that just fly around doing nothing but waste oxygen


Next training cycle update
Ditching bench on thursdays. I was just thinking how much i hate bench and how useless it is considering its the same as my axle press strength, so i may as well not do it. I was benching to build the chest and triceps. Chest size for a better shelf to sit on and tricep strength for lockout. I realised I’d be better served doing shoulders instead and focusing on my upper chest for log.


Quite possible the best bit of advice you will ever get for free. Do this.


Yep, stuff Bench! More OH press!


Yeah screw bench!


Oh yeah i thought of something i used to do when i was younger which helps a shit tonne. Id always get my sister to walk up and down my back and jump on certain areas and it would pop my back and stuff and it would make it feel way better (Messed up my back when i was little…) before i started lifting id get back pain every now and then from certain things but since my back has strenghtened i never get pain,just tightness and knots.

Anyway Got my mate to do it and there was a few pops going on and it got rid of alot of tightness and knots in my back. It sounds weird i know but it works.


People beat and killed others for “disrespecting” them since the beginning of mankind. Strangely enough, people still keep on disrespecting others.


Not when they get killed though lol


One would think that knowing someone got killed for being disrespectful would at least get people to have second thoughts about being disrespectful.


Literally make them invisible by not being anywhere near people.

Be a recluse. Difficult to do when you’re still in school but quite easy once you’re an adult.


well it would be the smart thing to do


Sometimes to calm my anxiety when around lots of people i just pretend im the only one there. I could do that at school and pretend like they don’t exist


That would be a wise thing to try, get the head down, learn stuff, do homework. Get it over with. When you’re finished and start at something new, all the stupid ones won’t be there, at least not for long.


Yeah man. I dont think I’ll ever not get angry over stuff but i can atleast try to not get so angry


Hey Young Duke, you’re adapting to almost be an adult.
You can’t stop being angry, but when you can suppress it, you’ve come a long way.
You’re still young and should reap all the benefits and faults of being young.
Go have fun, laugh and love somebody.


Wow… a brother can not be more proud lol. My sister joined the gym. The very first gym i went to. It’s that small ass gym that had a smith machine instead of a barbell in my old town but I’ll always remember it. :slight_smile: