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Rise of the Slaya 2020

In 2019 I Competed in April, then a few months after reached my peak strength where i Front squatted 150kg, it all went down from there when something in my psoas area/left hip flexor/left glute got all stuffed up over time then i came last in my second comp later in the year. I had planned on reaching states but that didnt happen, anyways i started boxing and got real skinny and depressed about strongman so im going to fix this injury, Get back into strongman and continue boxing. I did graduate school in 2019 though. Anyways The goal this year is to have a boxing fight, Fix my injury, set up my career and make money, and Reach States in strongman. Welcome to the new log fam


Good luck on your rehab journey my friend. I’m at the back end of my 8 month-ish back injury rehab and rebuild so I can relate I think.

How’s it gone so far for you?

Pretty terrible, has probably gotten worse since not lifting. How about you?

Man prepare for story time:

April 2019 ~ Original snap city

Thought a passive approach would work: Took time off squats/deads but still lifted upper body. Was not cool cool cool with every day activities.

June 2019 ~ Re-Snap City

Tried some Squats/Deads at 50-60% 1RM flared up the back again bad. Needed a more active approach because just resting wasn’t doing anything.

Read up on Dr Stuart McGills back pain/rehab books and looked into pain management strats. Started with low level core stability because I’d long since lost confidence and pain pathways were sensitised. Progressed these to everyday and began looking at other contributing factors: poor movement biomechanics + glute weakness/imbalance.

September 2019 ~ Rehab

Everyday activities felt good. Started squats and deads again with just the bar. Continued to work on contributing factors and did low frequency/volume to minimise back flare ups and irritation. Did not know if I would be able to lift heavy again but resolved to try and do it properly. I wouldn’t be satisfied with pain free everyday activity unless I have lifting a solid go again.

Not much in the way of set backs so kept progressing. Built up much resilience against.

November 2019 ~ Rebuild

Weights getting heavy enough that they offer a training effect in my detrained state. 40-60% previous1RM. Nervous because this weight fucked me up last time I tried. Ended up no back problems. Unfortunately picked up quad tendinitis from pushing into squats again too much. Worked around that to start building some strength again while continuing to progress my back.

Jan 2020 - Finishing the Rebuild

Deadlift came back fast. Squats slower with the knee issue. I’m not too far off full strength on DL and a bit more to go on Squats but I’m confident I’ll get there. Patient, disciplined, thoughtful approach to rehab took a while but can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyways man don’t be giving up or some bullshit like that. Read up/research or get help and get on the right plan. Then just focus on sticking to it 100% and follow the process. It may take a while but ur young. What is a few months to a few decades of being active.


This is awesome news man

No giving up here! I did quit for a while though which was shitty

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Along for the ride duke.

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That’s it man. One step at a time. One day at a time.

greetings and my wishes for a happy new year

I’m in for the log

Welcome to the new log guys

Monday 6th of jan
Am run 20 mins… i died. There is a big park and a footy oval near my house. I made a track where you run around the park through to the footy oval, do a lap then back to the start of the park is one lap. I did one lap then one lap of the park. I hate running :rofl:

Will update this later to include lower body Pm. schedule is 3× a week lifting, 2×boxing and 2× running. Lots of stretching and mobility and only healthy foods but a cheeky snacc every now and then like pizza if i feel like it :eyes::wink:

Being in the country most my life i hardly ever ate pizza because i didnt have access but man is pizza amazing now that i live in the city


In fo lyfe



Yeah boii

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Running… bruh

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Good stuff mate, keen to see what you can do

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You know I’m in brother

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Ngl i dont hate any physical activity more than running. 20 mins feels like 2 hours

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Thanks guys lets goo

Monday 6th jan
Pm lifting (well couldnt make it to gym so did some rehab stuff at home)

2×10 hip aeroplanes
1×30 sec single arm dumbell overhead walk
Some curls :rofl:
Starting some rehab work to fix this body, got some solid tips from @j4gga2

Also have an abscess that has to be drained tomorrow, hopefully i wont be in hospital for a day but the wait is 4 hours apparently. If i dont get the abscess drained within like a week itl be to late then its goodbye to me lol


Hey Duke, I remember you used grippers a lot in the past. I have been looking into getting a CoC but don’t really know with which to start or how to train. Any tips?