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Rise Of The Slaya 2019

Confession: I f*cking hate beer, but I’m quickly developing a love for whiskey and dark rum

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8 Hill sprints
@60% intensity all under 12 seconds
Best time 10.16.

2 minutes 30 minutes

Plan is to reduce rest time eventually to 0 and make all runs under 10 seconds. (Training for ADF beep test, Going to add in some normal runs but want 10.1+ a.k.a elite score


Todays training
Axle push press
60kg×6 PR couple reps in tank
60kg overhead hold till failure
Discovered I like a looser belt for overhead so used my pioneer 10mm

Farmers holds
105kg per hand ×15 secs
Comp weight. Not too heavy. Awesome in my 13mm Cerberus Infinity Lever

2 minute pr
1 minute 10kg
1 minute 10 secs 10kg


did u clock?

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About 40 seconds, I’m a big fan of holds and paused reps etc

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Have you tried barbell waiter’s carries? Moving while holding overhead is a pretty awesome core workout.

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I’ve done them with a kettlebell a few times for some light activation, Next push press session I have Holds Programmed again (Next friday, I have 2 press sessions next week) Il try them then.

If you can do a nice long hold at 60 Kg, I’d start with the bar for a warm-up set, then jump to 40 Kg, then 60 depending how 40 feels. Of course, I’m old, so I need a lot more warm-up than you youngsters. :slight_smile:

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It depends on how i feel really, Some days if I feel utter garbage Il do lots of warmup sets and that helps and others just a couple

You’re not from Australia. You’re a typical Texan.

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I’m guessing it’s alot harder to hold once you’re moving with it.

Texas is basically American Australia


Australia is Oceanic Texas.


Australia and Texas are really just spicy, dry Germany

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They are both frontier lands so can see why they are similar. Our crocs are bigger though !!

Todays training
Front squat
3×1 paused 70kg
3×1 paused 80kg
80kg Amrap
10 pr
+2 from last week and what I had planned for today. 3-4 reps in the tank!!

Lunges 3×10

Good sesh.



My buddy hitting 161kg for a double on axle clean and press. Can’t wait to see the wr get broken comp day !!


You reckon for the clean and press event if lifters can jerk it instead of press that they will perform better? I mean weightlifters get the most weight locked out overhead no?

Definitely. Then again you don’t see guys like Big z Split jerking the world record or even the Axle wr and I think that’s due to their size and mobility issues. But then that argument is contradicted by Rob Kearney lol:

I is confusion. But yeah i definitely think the jerk adds alot of kg

Rob Kearney started split jerking right away when he started strongman and has been doing so for a decade. He knew that was his best path and its worked out great for him. Most of the other guys would get weaker trying to split jerk