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Rise Of The Slaya 2019

A smart course of action. I may do that myself…I will get to go to college for free. I can get my engineering degree, be a veteran, and get out of the military at 22 ready for work. No bullshit student loans, no rejection from jobs because I lack what they deem to be necessary experience. Also, I can put my money towards a house/car/family rather than towards a ridiculous loan. Did I mention I don’t like loans?

I got a 1440/1600 on my SAT. I’m planning on upping my score to above a 1500 so I can get as much money as possible to go to college, but the harsh reality of the matter is that because I’m a white male who is not living in a dilapidated urban community, I will not get financial aid. I will have to rely entirely on merit-based scholarships/possible government grants to go to school, because I have no college fund. I’m pretty broke, as are my parents. We pay through the nose for the medical bills of myself and my brother, and as a result things are tight.

Taking out a huge loan is like gambling. Sure, you MIGHT get a six-figure starting salary and be able to pay it off in no time flat; but the odds dictate that this won’t happen – mainly because someone better always exists to replace you, and those companies that are paying you a six-figure salary to start off with are looking for the best of the best. This is a category that 99.99% of us DON’T fall into. I’d rather not take the risk. I’ve never been much of a risk-taker.

Not sure if I’m your generation or not but close enough. Kinda makes you lose hope when you see stupid shit going on. When I started up here at uni I was kinda surprised to see such a strong socialist/Marxist group.

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Yeah duh, it’s Melbourne


Also, the Marxist group at UQ are campaigning against the uni setting up a centre for studies of Western Civilization, funded by the private sector.

“Unmoderated perpetuated of a western, white-centric society with minimal input from other cultures.”

No shit, it’s a centre for western civilisation

Apparently come election time they go into over drive and harass people in the main bit of Uni. I’ll do what I always do and ignore people lol


I’m rather proud of the fact that it is in fact, this cold where I live. We are often the coldest place in the world, and pretty frequently beat Alaska anyways. This winter we had 3 straight weeks where it didn’t get above negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Also had close to 100 inches of snow (for the winter), which isn’t that unusual either. I deliver newspapers in the morning, have since I was 12 years old, and when S.D. and 8 other states canceled the postal service for 2-3 days in January because of the negative 70(!!!) degree weather, we still had to deliver newspapers.

Sorry guys, not to brag, but if anybody really wants to experience cold, come check us out.:laughing:

I’ve been considering moving here someday.

Do it man, I’ve realised its clearly the smartest point of action I could take

Loans are stupid man…

Start prepping for your application then bro

Been away from you log for about 36 hours and posts are piling up Young Duke.

Navy sounds like a great idea, but as it has been stated, you really don’t tolerate authorities very well. You’ll have to bite your tongue more than once.

However if you can get through the first shitty part of it, I’m sure you’ll find the Navy to be a place where you’ll thrive.

If you want ba idea about the military training then just ask @Irishman92

My first day of testing is first of may:

  • Complete a medical questionnaire and tests
  • Take an aptitude test
  • Talk to a Careers Coach about the service and role(s) you are considering


Attend Assessment Session

Once through your YOU Session and having submitted your application documents, you will be invited to an Assessment Session for:

  • A medical assessment
  • A psychological interview
  • An ADF interview


Take a fitness test

During the Pre-entry Fitness Assessment (PFA) you will need to show us you can:

  • Do push ups (6 for females, 15 for males)
  • Do 20 sit ups
  • Complete a shuttle run at Level 6.1


Attend Enlistment / Appointment Day

If successful, at your local Defence Force Recruiting Centre you will:

  • Have a final medical check
  • Join family and friends for the ceremony
  • Head straight to Initial Military Training as an official member of the Navy

Bam in the navy

I’m excited! Also My best mate is joining with me.

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IIRC some things to think about would be:

BMI because ur a fat cunt
Get some team sports on your CV
Less about not being mentally/emotionally stable the better
Maybe some leadership roles if you wanna be an officer

I’ll tag @Irishman92 too for when he gets time

If you are interested in any particular degrees/careers during and after your time with the ADF you can look into sponsorships. Only certain degrees are eligible.

e.g. if you fancy engineering you can study for the degree and apply for a sponsorship where the ADF pays for the degree as well as a generous salary and when you graduate you gotta join up for however many years (May be specific jobs depending on your degree)

If you gonna join anyways may as well get a free degree and plenty of cash while you’re at it with a job at the end of it.

ADFA is worth a look at too.

They said exceptions are made for people who lift. Checked my BMI and its under so im allgood.

That’s what I’ve been told, You want to write down things they wanna hear lol

Yah, The plan is Marine Technician, then after work on the mines with my cousin whos a supervisor and earn 120-180k per year eventually topping out at 200k as my goal. Buy house and sexy car and yeah buy multiple houses e.g invest in realestate, Stock market etc and get rich as fuck.

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Bruh you gotta to become the man they want :sunglasses:

And if you want that degree you actually need to get in on your own merit first and do well for at least first year

Good luck with that man. I think the Tesla Roadster will be out by then or whatever you fancy.

Thanks man. I want a Camaro ss1967-69 then a recent camaro. Both In Bumblebee style


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Todays training
“Heavier week before comp”
Front squats in my new 13mm Cerberus Infinity lever. Awesome belt and awesome to have one that fits!

5 pr
8 rep pr massive

Barbell lunges 3×20


U a basic bitch lol

I’m not really into cars and would rather spend the money on other things but I must admit it would be fun to jump in a roadster and launch from 0-100 in 2 seconds. Fuck me that’d be exhilarating

Itl be fucking sick. Lol I wish I could drop millions on a car like it was buying the groceries

It’s actually 200k. So like a small home loan lol

Oh yeah I mean like a bugatti Veyron or lamborghini

But Roadster is faster though?