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Rise Of The Slaya 2019

How? Like repeat mantras and stuff

Todays training
5×20 axle press 35kg

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Nah, just focus on positive things. When faced with a problem focus on the solution not the problem. I don’t remember how old I was but I realized that dwelling on all the crap that was wrong with life just made me unhappy. Why not ignore that crap and enjoy all the good things life offers. First thing I’d do is identify the main positive things in your life and do more of them. Then take a look at the people. If you have people in your life that suck the life out of you get rid of them. Surround yourself with things and people that build you up rather than tear you down.

@jackolee is right on about what you focus on totally affecting your outlook. I’ll add a caveat, that sometimes you’ll have to be around crap people or in crap situations where you can’t extricate yourself, at least not immediately. Being stuck with a bad teacher is an example I think you’re having to live with. You can burn a lot of emotional energy being pissed at them or the situation, or you can look past it to the time when you’re done with it. Look at it as a challenge, and chance to exercise your patience muscles and self-control muscles. Make a mental game out of it. That’s how I got through boot camp, by realizing that all the bullshit was mind games and I could play my own internal mind games to make it tolerable.

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I often take the approach of putting myself in their shoes too. Who knows what crap their dealing with in their life. Maybe despite their faults that drive you nuts you can be a positive light for them. Then in turn it very well might change their attitude about you. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy

Start every day a little earlier when it is quiet. While you drink your first coffee or water speak or write 10 things you’re thankful for. They can be profound or silly. Your mom, your house, burritos, the popularity of women in yoga pants. Doesn’t matter. This would be a good time to pray if you’re into that sort of thing. It really centers you that we live in a really awesome time as humans and nearly every single problem in our daily grind is a first world problem.

I know positivity stuff sounds hokey, especially when you feel like garbage 24/7. I’m a misanthropic constantly aggravated bastard. These techniques are very helpful for me.

Yeah I do have some toxic people I’ve just got rid of

My patience muscles are weak Lol! Got to build those up…

How long have you been doing this for? It’s a good technique. I’ll give it a shot

Step 1 Get slow wifi. Step 2 do things. Profit

Since I started my new job in January. Learned from the book Atomic Habits that the easiest way to start a new habit is to link it to a preexisting one. So I drink water and coffee first thing every morning without fail already (hell I NEED to lol). So I added the mindset routine stuff to what I’m already doing anyway. Pretty slick hack.


I never used to drink coffee but now I don’t understand how people survive without it

This may be partially why you’re having ao much more anxiety and issues with recovery and such. Drinking too much caffeine, especially as a teen, can have a lot of side effects like anxiety, restlessness, and affect your ability to concentrate. Add in your other factors such as the ADD and being on the spectrum and it would make sense that coffee or stimulants may affect you much more than others. Just throwing out anything that might help you out young Duke.

Ughh lol. I’ve drunk coffee once in the past week. It’s not so much it like gives an energy boost but it tastes good. I used to hate it. If I have coffee I have 1 in the morning and that’s it

Thanks man

163kg axle clean… look at that fucking power and explosiveness. Insane. He’s going for setting a new world record axle clean and press at the comp I’m doing in the u90kg division. (One of the events) and the current wr is 165kg.


Now I want to lift with Khal Drogo!


I was just thinking about finding inner peace:

My ideal of a perfect life is moving to another country where its mainly cold with a few months of warmth but not too hot, live in a forest alone and have a nice Gym setup in my cottage. Away from people and the stress of life. Go into town when I need food supplies but otherwise that spend my time with nature and animals and sit out in the cold Enjoying the sun.


You can live any life you want Duke. Do it. Sounds alot like Bob Peoples.



Nothing wrong with that as a life goal, just need to start figuring out what it will take to get you there.

As far as caffeine goes, a lot of older people who were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD later in life have been found to be managing their symptoms and self-medicating with caffeine. That’s one telltale that someone actually has ADD or ADHD, that stimulants can actually have a calming or moderating effect on them. Most prescriptions for them are stimulants of some form.

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What a guy!

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Can stimulants include other things like lifting? Lifting stimulates the brain. Food too?

E.g lifting weights releases endorphins and I feel
better from training. I also am alot more depressed/angry/anxiety etc when I don’t train.

I think that’s a common effect regardless, but I suppose it’s possible. I know quite a bit about medical conditions I’ve had to deal with so I had to educate myself, like ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum, type I diabetes, some neuromuscular issues, but I don’t have a breadth of general knowledge beyond that. There are several actual MDs who post regularly who could probably tell you more.

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