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Rise Of The Slaya 2019

they don’t really help much, i mean talking to people doesnt solve my problems

good, i’m not bad at maths, i just have to ask alot of questions because it goes into detail alot haha

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Hmm did they offer you any advice or suggest you do things? Did you action those? What do you think would help? Practical solutions? Other kinds of support or guidance?

usually they just try to shove pills down my throat… not physically of course

Honestly nothing

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Ok let’s psychology this shit up. If you don’t wanna just say so no worries

How about have their been any times when have things been slightly not as bad even a bit or even slightly better? Why/how? Can we get more of this going?

Lots of mental health issues, Always tired And never get enough sleep, My mum Abusing me my whole life sucked shit, got bullied through most of school , My dad’s a cunt etc, moved to my aunties which was good but got kicked out and blah blah my dad took me against my will to his house from my best mates, got beat up, went back to my mum’s and then had to go to boarding school which was trash and then living at my best mates which is alot better but school is shit as hell, Then got bullied by 30 people at once dnd that really made me snap and turn more angry/Violent (Was already angry and could be violent), But now I have Daily Violent tendencies/Thoughts against them Lots more but can’t remember a time of my life that was good or i wanted to be here, I think when schools over That’s when my life will begin

If I keep going to school im going to end up in prison

I think we missed the point of that my friend.

What I was trying to get at was like say on a scale 0-10 ten being the best even if you are pretty consistently 3 there will be times that you are a 4 or 5. What makes it a 4 on those days e.g. hanging out with mates, exercise, a good study sesh (lol) etc. So we run with that are do more of it. That’s what I was trying to get at anyway lol.

Focusing on solutions instead of getting bogged down in problems present/history. It works for me at least trying to only think productive thoughts. If I catch myself with thoughts that aren’t useful I can bio them in the bud because they do me no good like wanting to murder dem cunts who stole shit out my car and revenge and shit but that’s just a waste of time that makes me feel bad

Insert at least I tried meme here

Ohhh ok. Yeah Hanging with mates/Family would be a 6, Eating I love because I don’t think or feel bad I’m just eating lol. Eatings like a 6, Trainings like a 7,Reading is a a solid 8 because I get absorbed into the book and being drunk is a 10 because I feel Superhuman and don’t think of anything or feel bad. (Don’t get drunk much) but I understand why my dad’s an alcoholic lol.

How can I focus on solutions when I don’t know any?

Like I said there’s professionals who do this properly because I don’t think I can carry it through to the end

But my 2 cents: like you said before it’s about coping until you can leave this school or environment. The way I see it the “solution” right now is to take steps towards that. You are revealing solutions or at least a general idea of where to go to yourself by answering these questions. For example: Make it a point to read. Make it a habit. Make it a entire fucking series.

I’m no professional and I don’t trust myself to truly guide others but I know that there are many out there who can so even if it doesn’t work out with one person and you have to go through a dozen different practioners it’s worth

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Trust me, I work in this field, it does help. Its just a process that you have to stick with, finding the right therapist and the right medications can take a while, but once you find the once that work it makes a world of difference. Dont give up on it yet, there are professionals who care and would want to help you.

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There are certain drugs like benzos that I really don’t like, or believe help much, but I’ve been on an antidepressant since late October and have had a lot of success with it. Sleeping much better and feeling a lot less irritable. If I forget to refill it when I run out, I (and those around me) immediately notice that I’m quick to snap at others and get angry quickly. 2-3 days after taking it again I’m good.

I have no idea how to fix your problems, and believe me, I am typically very against the common solution of medicating to fix every problem, and also have a lot of experience with loved ones abusing drugs, but I’ve had success with this. Not every pill is bad. They don’t all serve to get high on.

Thanks man!

Thankyou guys

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Deep water intermediate workout 1 week 6
100kg deadlift 5×20
Box jumps 5×10
No reverse hyper :frowning: It was Matt’s and he took it with him.
3× plank to failure


So… ur a drug dealer then. Hook me up with the good stuff

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Only if you pay the shipping cost to kangaroo island

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If it gets seized by customs will you send again?

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We will have to meet halfway if that happens

Back extensions?

It’s in another room lol

I get it that having mental health issues complicates things greatly, but being proactive and solution focused is a skill just like weight lifting or strong man. If you place your focus here and practice you will improve just like with anything else. Give it a try for a bit and see if you can shift your focus to a generally more positive one. Your gonna get better at whatever you focus on