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Rise Of The Slaya 2019

Thankyou I Will!

It’s expensive but I’m gonna start doing this. Just got to make sure I eat alot of bananas as well so I don’t get the runs

Do you have aldi’s or Costco/Sam’s warehouse stores where you live. I buy a 2lb container of mixed nuts (no oil added) for $9 I think at Costco.

Probably some of the cheapest calories per $ I can snack on (so I can’t eat them now haha). 180 cals per ounce which is just short of 205 cals per ounce for butter.

Peanut butter is cheaper than nuts right?

Yeah but it gets stuck in my mouth lol

Yeah I have Aldi. I used to shop there regularly… I need to start that again.

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Important post
Training drains the hell out of me, The recovery needed plus school and the little sleep i get is making school even more miserable than it normally is and I don’t want to fail. After comp im going to be doing more mma training and less Lifting. I’m thinking 3 days a week lifting, Or 4 days but easier sessions and push weight/Reps on exercises.


3 days per week can work, or even 2 days per week if you switch to a whole body routine.

I’m saying this because I want to see you suceed Duke, but you need to toughen the fuck up. You’re in your teenage years. You can literally recover from anything. Majority of guys I lifted with when I was younger did nothing but eat shit, barely sleep and work a job or two because I lived in a country area where poverty was high, and they all still lifted. Most of the time we all lifted for hours a day doing a bunch of bullshit because we had shit Internet or no internet at all and we all worked out 5-7 days a week. There are tons of guys and gals (probably on here as well) that work a stressful job (or 2) with a family, barely eat all day, sleep only comes in 1-2 hour naps throughout the night and still get it done.


Mix it with chocolate protein powder and make some high calorie snacks

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indeed. i’m contemplating doing early morning lifting so that i will feel better at school. after training i feel good and i think it will help me focus. i think training in the pm take sup time that i need as well, and perhaps training affects me getting to sleep.

School for me is a living hell, to get through it takes all the willpower i have and then some (scroll upwards for big post describing). i need all the energy i have and right now training is consuming energy i need for school. so i need to train less because school is the most important. i used to live on a farm, and trust me when i say i have more energy shovelling sheep shit for 10 hours in 40 degrees celcius then i do after a day of school.

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So we talking physical mental or emotional energy or lack of? To be fair the lines blur quite a bit and one will affect the others

Hang in there man. School will be done soon…

All of them combine I guess.

Il try man

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I can relate a bit. I’ve had times in my own life not too long ago where I wasn’t doing too well in a lot of ways.

If you aren’t coping now it’s probably best to get help. If things aren’t getting better by themselves what’s going to change with just more time toughing it out? I ain’t that much older than you lol but I’ll say all them memes about adulting aren’t too far off. Doesn’t get easier maybe more opportunity freedom and purpose but plenty of stress and pressures.

Anything will help if you think you aren’t coping well and are willing to take an active role in helping yourself. There’s plenty of stuff from free services offered by schools or community organisations to relatively expensive (even with Medicare help) professional options such as psychology.

If you aren’t coping by yourself it might be time to get some help. I’m no professional but I know there’s so many strategies to help in all kinds of ways. For example a mindset change is a great one (haven’t been to successful myself because one’s nature is a bit hard to break) like shifting from a problem focus where the emphasis is placed upon how bad your current situation is and how bad it’s been to a solution focused mindset where one thinks in terms of what goes well, helps one cope or solves problems i.e only productive thoughts towards solutions instead of dwelling on the negative


I guess, But the stresses of looking after myself isnt that bad. I like looking after myself. It’s just school is well… fucked. I can’t say that it’s purely school, because I do have a bunch of mental health issues but I’m certainly better off when I’m not at school.

I think I can get counselling for free at school. I have a meeting with them tomorrow because they’ve picked up that my performance has dropped and stuff.

I’ve never been able to do that, I don’t really dwell on stuff either. I just feel like shit most of the time lol.

Sounds like a good idea brother. A bulk billing GP may be a good idea too to screen for all kinds of stuff and because they are like the gate keepers to most things and can refer you on if in their professional assessment it’d be good for ya


Everyone has a different situation going on (me being different from you it seems for example) but most likely there’s been enough similar people in the past to you that there’s well established stuff to help you out

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Hey Young Duke you’re doing good mate.
You know school is a priority, and you want to do something about it.
You know you suck at concentrating and listening in a class room.
Now you’ve been called to a meeting, and if you probably yet again tells them what’s going on, you might be given some counselling.

So keep up the good work, dig deep in school, not too long until you’ll finish the damn thing.

One piece of advice though: for the rest of the year, if you’ve got the guts and I think you have, you speak out at least once every class you enter, either with an answer or an intelligent question. That way you will participate in the class, you’ll be a bit more alert, because you know you have to say something.


Yeah man

Definitely, Have had counselling and psychiatrist off an on through the years

I’m always asking for help! Especially maths lol

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I see… um so we can say maybe it wasn’t super success but what helped/was good? What did you come out of those sessions with? What could be done to make it more effective in future? Like more consistency or longer term sessions. For myself taking an active role and doing the “homework” and looking up things myself was when it really made a difference.

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How are you at remembering your weights, sets reps in your program or last workout. Mathematics is just something that takes practice and a bit of memory.

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