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Rise Of The Slaya 2019

Wow… My cousins life is ruined. Basically a girl was in love with him and he rejected her so she Got him charged for some made up shit and hes facing 14 years.

And he has no representation?

He had a trash lawyer. The girl also got her friend involved to testify against him. It’s so messed up man!

That sucks. He should get a better lawyer

Too late now. He’s already been sentenced and just got imprisoned

Holly shit… what were the charges?

You’re kidding. There may still be hope if he can appeal his case.

Sexual assault. An underage girl (Who charged him along with her friend) is in love with my cousin, he rejected her so she ruined his life. She also get her friend to say he sexually assaulted her as well.

I don’t know man, So far it seems like his life is ruined

Todays training

180kg for a few runs. Trash as usual, bad footwork etc. Sick of this bullshit, can’t wait to get online programming after comp.

Atlas stones
100kg over bar 1.3 metres
Missed every rep apart from one which made me happy

110kg fail. Yeah this comp prep is horrible, Doing deep water to improve your 1 rep maxes doesnt really work. For upper body I feel it works well e.g volume but I don’t think sets of 20 on deadlift add any kgs.

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While it might not be great for adding KG’s to your max, strongman isn’t all about your Max. This program has probably taken your conditioning to a different level. So you will have advantage over most with superior recovery between events. Not to mention gradual fatigue plays a big roll in a program. You could def hit some good PR’s after a deload. Deepwater also forces you to push your bodies limits (A big decider in most rep events, pushing your body past what you think you can do)

Also regarding your Yoke. Don’t wait for that online coaching, crack down on that shit and fix it as fast as you humanly can. Footwork drills, analyze the living shit out of your technique and find it’s deficiencies and address them. You’ve got this duke.


Yeah, I didn’t really deload properly after the beginner program. I am super fatigued. Those are valid points, I do not regret deep water, I am glad to have been doing it.

Thanks brother. I just don’t know where to start and what type of footwork drills, I’m waiting on my new Belt (Got it but sent back for a size up) so i can get alot tighter. I would crumple under the 275kg yoke at comp with my current belt (Loose even on the tightest hole) so I feel il add alot of weight when I can get super tight.

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Simple Ladder drills helped a lot with me just speed wise. But for legit footwork under load, I suggest 5-step drills with yoke. Pick it up, take five steps and accelerate as fast as you can while keeping your form clean.
The 5-step drills helped me hammer my form in. Gonna do some this weekend actually. It’s basically the yokes equivalent to 10x1 speed deads or squats. Low volume and fast movement.


We talking light weight here 50-70%. ?

Hmmm. I think il do these every training day as my warmup (Included). Definitely after comp my biggest Goals are to put as much muscle on as possible to my Legs, Arms and shoulders and Drastically better Technique. Also get my left hip and left shoulder healthy and improve posture

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Really I’ve done this with anywhere from 50-85% Heavier helped me with form break down under heavy load and lighter helped me with acceleration and drilling my foot movement.
With the heavier weights you won’t be able to get as many runs in but it helps with breakdown under heavy weights. With the lighter you can get more runs thus improving your foot work.

What was the cases/evidence presented by each side? Is there some evidence of messages from that chick + him rejecting her? Does he have an alibi or someone to vouch for him not being there and doing alleged things?

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Jesus Christ. I’m sorry to hear that. But what evidence are they going off? It’s just a he-said, she-said debate.

Just remember that your breathing is super critical when doing yoke, so don’t do it too tight or you won’t be able to get a breath in

Thanks man!

Don’t know man, Will try find out more information

I’ll find out

Whilst yoke or any other carry I find I have to hold my breath. I can’t stay tight and breathe otherwise I lose all my brace, has been discussion on here a few times but I can’t figure it out at all.

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Here I am trying to break 100kg in the other direction. Take my calories Duke.

Seriously though any time you’re bored, even a little bit… eat. Buy some mixed nuts (even the ones with oil on them if your stomach can handle it, otherwise eat plain). Put them in sandwich bags and have them on you at all times. Eat them whenever possible.

You could easily add 1000 calories per day this way without even noticing.

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