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Rise Of The Slaya 2019

Looking good mate. Considering how fast you packed on the weight, that’s a pretty solid looking 90+kg


87kg right now sadly :frowning: I was really pissed off that I haven’t gained weight in months. Once I dropped the creatine my weight dropped a few kg. I’m entering ultra bulk mode because I’m sick of not gaining weight.

Going to hit 100kg this year.

Thanks man!


How tall are you, Duke? I’m 5’7" and the most I could get up to was about 96kg, and I had to force feed myself for that. I would guess @MarkKO is who you want to talk to for professional bulking advice.

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About 5’8-9. This is what i ate yesterday:

2 large containers of meat rice and veg with spaghetti sauce. 2 pieces of buttered bread
2litres milk with 10 cookies
2 bowls of oats, Bowl of cereal
1 chicken breast,1 Sausage, Some veggies
1 protein shake

Indeed. I’m sick of not gaining weight

You don’t need to gain weight though, you’re big already. In the last year we have switched roles! Remember…you’re doing strongman events. You need to be somewhat conditioned as well as large and strong.

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Not big enough lol. But thanks man

To put muscle on you need to be in a surplus which means gaining weight yes?

That’s true

Yes, but there comes a point where getting too big fucks the hell out of your leverages. If you get too fat, your deadlift will go down. I guarantee it.

I guess. But it would be very hard for me to get overly fat. I can eat pizza, Donuts whatever and not gain a single kilo. Besides, I’ve been sitting at the same weight for at least 4-5 months. I was a couple of kg heavier when on creatine though. I would like to Get to 90 atleast (No creatine weight) And evaluate from there.

If you want to gain weight, take my diet.

  • 5 cups raw cashews
  • purple sweet potatoes mixed with guacamole until head falls off
  • chicken and veggies in excess

Easy. Just eat until you can’t.

I don’t like potato and I can’t afford lots of nuts lol. How do you handle all the nuts? Id have the runs.

Nuts don’t give me the runs. I blend them into a pudding, and i add coconut oil for consistency. I cannot handle beans, however. Learn to like potatoes…just binge on chips and guacamole for a meal.

Nice. How’s it taste

Yeah I like chips. I do like mashed potatoes but not really a fan of sweet potato


Baked potatoes work fine too. I cut them up into fries, throw some olive oil and salt on, and bake them at 450 for 40 minutes. They come out great and don’t irritate my gut. I mix that with guacamole (3 huge avocados, lime, tomatoes, and salt) and I have myself a meal.

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This sounds yum

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Todays training deep water week 5 w2
Axle push press in a s few sets as possible 40kg
5×20. That was stuffed

Jiu jitsu 1jr 30

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Belt came today. Too small so getting a size up sent and sending mine back

Matt is retiring from Strongman.He’s leaving the gym too and starting a new job. An awesome guy and someone I look up to. He gave me his Arnold’s 2019 trophy and said “Get yourself a bigger one.” Which will stick with me for a long time. You can bet I Will!!


What an honor. And he sees the potential


Plot twist you stole it



Lmao. Duketheslaya :heavy_multiplication_x: DuketheTrophyThief :heavy_check_mark: :joy:

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